How To Do More Push Ups (Do It Right)

– What’s up, Elite ThenX athletes? It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another
video of Official ThenX. Today I’m gonna be showing you how to do more pushups. But more importantly, how to do it right. Let’s get started. (upbeat electronic music) Alright, so let’s get started. The pushup is the introduction exercise as well as the fundamental to all upper body pushing exercises. The pushup is a basic movement that all beginners need to have mastered, as it will translate to
all other pushing exercises for the rest of your fitness journey. And that’s why it’s so important to master the pushup from the very beginning. Learning how to engage the right muscles and the proper pushing motion, and once you’ve mastered that, all other pushing exercises will be a lot more effective, because they all stem from this motion, because you’re doing it the right way. It’s gonna demand more from your muscles, and give you a great muscle contraction. Which is gonna give you better results, and make you a lot stronger, a lot faster. For example, five perfect pushups are a lot more demanding
than 10 sloppy pushups. The 10 pushups are gonna be a lot easier because you’re engaging
less of your muscles, which gives less of a resistance and less of an overload
on to your muscle fibers. And when you’re doing it sloppy, you’re also assisting with other muscles to complete that motion. Versus doing it with perfect form, where you’re adding more of a resistance and overload onto the main muscles that are supposed to be engaged when doing a pushing
motion, chest and triceps. Making the exercise a lot harder, but a lot more effective. Remember, it’s not how many reps you do, but the quality within your reps. There’s no magic number
that’s gonna take you to a fitness level or status. Your body doesn’t know once
you’ve done 10 or 100 pushups. All it knows is how well it engages while doing this motion. For example, just doing one pushup for a duration of a whole minute is gonna be a lot harder
than doing 20 pushups. Alright, so let me show you guys what a pushup should look like. (steady electronic music) Alright, so there we have the pushup. There’s many different variations, but that’s gonna be your standard pushup. Remember when doing pushups, you’re mainly trying to
engage your chest and triceps. So it’s really important to make a mind-muscle connection to really try to focus on engaging those particular muscles. But while doing a pushup, there are other muscles that will be supporting this movement, like your core and your shoulders. But remember, these other muscles only support this movement, and the main motion is done with your chest and your triceps. And you want to keep that in mind with every single rep to
not break that engagement. Remember, when you stop engaging and stop using perfect form, that’s when you’re gonna start using other muscles to help with this movement. Especially when you’re
trying to complete more reps, and that’s why it’s important to stay in perfect form as long as possible, to be engaging the proper muscles. The main goal is you want to be using and emphasizing as much on your chest and triceps as possible. And the way you’re gonna do that is with your body alignment.
(whooshing) If your body is in perfect alignment, the motion is gonna be more effective on your chest and your triceps. So to be in perfect alignment, you want to make sure that
you’re in a straight line from your heels, all
the way up to your chin. Creating a full body contraction, starting from your calves to your quads, glutes, core, chest, shoulders, down to your triceps and your arms, down to your forearms, down to your grip on the floor. If you’re in this perfect body alignment and you’re squeezing your glutes and engaging your core, then your hips shouldn’t
be too high or too low. They should be right
directly in the middle. If your hips are too high, you’re gonna be emphasizing more of the pushing motion
onto your shoulders. And if your hips are too low, you’re reducing your range of motion when completing a pushing exercise. And with perfect body alignment, you need the proper hand placement. It’s the first point of
contact to the floor. So you want to make sure that you have a solid grip on the ground. Now there’s a lot of
different pushup variations, and your hand placement is actually what determines what muscles
you’re emphasizing more on while doing the pushing motion. For example, the closer
your hands are together while you’re pushing, the more you’re working your inner chest, and the wider apart they are, the more you’re working
your outer chest and spread. And if your hands are
supinated while pushing, then you’re working more
of your long head tricep. If your hands are pronated while pushing, then you’re working more of
your triceps brachii and medial. And this is why you want to be doing different pushup variations with different hand placements. To be hitting all the
muscles within your chest and your triceps. But for the standard pushup, you want to have your
hands shoulder width apart, and your thumbs right under your chest. Having your elbows out in
the shape of an airplane, not straight out, and
not tucked too tight in, but relaxed to your side,
slightly at an angle. You should feel comfortable
going up and down with this hand placement and position. When your hands are placed
right under your chest, that’s gonna allow you to push with the correct alignment. Ending with your arms straight perfectly aligned at
the top of your pushup with your palm lining up to your chest, and your fingertips lining
up right to you shoulders. If your hands are a little too high or a little too low
when you get to the top, your hand placement could
be a little bit off. And for your pushup to
be really effective, you need to be doing them
(whooshing) with full range of motion. When you’re not using
full range of motion, you’re restricting the
amount of muscle engagement that you can be using. The only thing that you’re strengthening is a small portion of that motion. For example, if you’ve
ever seen half rep pushups, you’ll see that you’re only engaging a small portion of your chest, and a small portion of your triceps. You’ll be able to do a lot more reps, but you’re actually limiting the amount of strength
you’ll be able to utilize in the full range of motion. For example, you definitely won’t be able to do the same amount of reps if you’re doing them all the way up, and all the way down. Your muscles haven’t been
trained and strengthened to reach full extension. So you’ll be very strong here, but very weak when it comes to extending the top portion of your repetitions. And of course you want to have the same consistency and strength when it comes to your entire rep range. This is only gonna benefit you when you move on to harder, more demanding pushing exercises. And what makes your full
range of motion strength even more effective
(whooshing) is your scapula activation. Being able to protract
and retract your scapulas with every rep plays a big role in all upper body exercises. So once you’re in pushup position, and your body is engaged, the first thing you want to
activate are your shoulders. Starting off with your
shoulders protracted before you begin to come down. That’s gonna give you the maximum full range of motion. Once you’re ready to start descending, you’re first gonna start
retracting your scapulas. That’s gonna put more of
an emphasis on your chest and triceps to engage more muscles as you go through the pushing motion. You want to keep as much as
that engagement as possible, and contract your chest
as you start to come down. And keep in mind, as you’re coming down, your elbows should not be too far back or too far forward. Your forearms should actually be in a straight vertical line. And your chest should reach
all the way to the ground. At least that’s the goal. And once you finally reach the bottom, you really want to engage in your grip and your hands as well. That’s gonna give you the foundation in your contraction and your technique to be able to push right back up. And remember when you
get to the top again, you want to push all the
way through your body, protracting your scapulas, and engaging your chest all the way. And that’s how to do
pushups with proper form to make them the most effective and start seeing results
from doing pushups. And one more tip to make sure that you’re doing it as
effective as possible, and something that I don’t see a lot of people doing
(whooshing) is to make sure that you’re working the eccentric motion just as hard as you’re working the
concentric motion of the pushup. When you’re descending and you’re engaging in the eccentric portion of the pushup, you’re creating an
overload and resistance, and firing up your muscle fibers just like you would do when you’re doing the concentric portion of
this movement, pushing up. So just imagine, if you’re not engaging when you’re coming down, and you’re only engaging to push up, then you’re leaving half of the rep, making it twice as long to build strength and see progress. So if you want the fastest, best results, you need to be working
the negative portion of the exercise just as
much as the concentric. When you’re coming down, try to give as much
resistance as possible, and go as slow as possible. And when you’re coming up, try to push and be as
explosive as possible to give it even more resistance. Once you get stronger in the concentric and eccentric part of the motion, you’re gonna do a lot more reps, and the pushing motion in general is gonna be a lot more effortless. You’re gonna get better at this motion as an actual skill, versus just using it to
train your chest and triceps. And that will translate into
all other pushing exercises. So once you’ve mastered your pushup, increasing your repetitions
is actually very simple. The way you increase your repetitions is by training your
pushup in a drop set style structured routine. You want to start with
the hardest progression of a pushup that you can
do with perfect form, and max that out. Whether that’s one pushup, 10 pushups, or 10 weighted pushups. You want to completely max out your hardest pushup capability. And once you’ve done that, you immediately go into the
next hardest progression. So if you’re just starting off on pushups, you would max out your pushups, then going to the next hardest regression, which would be explosive knee pushups, maxing those out, moving
down to knee pushups, maxing those out. And then finally finishing
off with incline pushups. And the way that this works is that you continue the time under tension, and you continue to work past your normal point of fatigue by reducing the overload and continuing to work your muscles when you would otherwise just normally have stopped once you’ve fatigued and couldn’t do any normal pushups. Training like this is gonna
push you a lot further, and it’s gonna increase
your repetitions like crazy. I apply this specifically to all exercises that I’m trying to
increase my repetitions on. Whether it be one arm
pull-ups, muscle up, plants, this is the main technique that I use to increase my repetitions
when I find a move is very difficult. And what I also supplement
with this method is using the different
hand placements and grips. Because like I mentioned before, the different hand placements and grips emphasizes more on a particular part of the muscle you’re trying to engage. So the more well rounded
a particular muscle is, the better it’s gonna perform, the stronger it’s gonna be. Which will definitely increase your reps. Another method that I like to incorporate is to do the specific exercise that you’re trying to get better at every minute on the minute for a specific amount of time. And of course you can play with that time, depending on how difficult it is. You could do it every 30 seconds, or maybe every two minutes, depending on how demanding this exercise is gonna be on your body. For example, if you can
only do one perfect pushup, then just do one pushup, wait 30 seconds, and do another one, every 30 seconds, for a whole hour straight. Eventually, that one perfect pushup is gonna turn into two
consecutive perfect pushups. Then you’re gonna do two perfect pushups every 30 seconds for an hour straight. And you get the idea,
eventually that grows, and that’s how you basically increase your repetitions, not just for pushups, but
for all other exercises. And that’s actually gonna wrap up how to do more pushups, and how to do ’em right. So thank you guys so much for watching. I actually put together
a proper structured workout routine that you can do anywhere multiple times a week, that’s gonna increase
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