How To Do The Bench Y Exercise – Tangelo Health

Hey Tangelinos, welcome back, this is Kyle
coming at you from our Green Lake location and I’m here to teach you how to do a bench
Y. So you’re going to want to start with a bench,
or if you don’t have a bench at home you can use a stability ball or you can use a bed
or a couch and just simply do one arm at a time. But the exercise is going to put you face
down, prone on a surface, feet planted, head off the bench, you want to make sure your
neck muscles are holding your cranium up. Then set your arms long, thumbs up and try
to keep those arms straight the whole time. Then you want to set your shoulders back and
down, which will prioritize the lower shoulder blade muscles and then slowly lift your arms
up and out in a big Y shape. Pause at the top for a few seconds and then
return back down to the start. This is an excellent exercise to train low
and mid traps and to teach us how to upwardly rotate our shoulder blades with our back muscles. Really important for good shoulder health,
throwing mechanics and those overhead squats everyone wants to do. Additionally, if you don’t have a bench, one
arm at a time on a bed or a couch is perfectly fine. Just make sure you go slow. Thanks for watching guys, see you next time.

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