How to do the STEP UP: technique and common mistakes

Hi there and welcome to this Get Exercise
Confident video. Today I’m with Rivan and we’re going to show you how to do the step
up, which is a great exercise for your lower limbs, in particular, your quads, your hamstrings,
your glutes, and also it’s going to really engage your core. So to begin with Rivan’s
just going to show you the exercise, and then we’re going to break it down into its three
key segments and then we’re going to talk about some of the common mistakes people often
make with the step up. So to start of Rivan.. Excellent. So first we’re going to talk about
the starting position. So to begin with he’s standing about hip width apart with his toes
pointing forwards. And when we look sideways on, we see there’s a couple of inches between
the step and the front of his feet. So then he’s going to lift one of his feet and put
if onto the step. He makes sure that the whole foot is on the step, so the heel is not hanging
off, so the whole foot is there, and that’s very important. Then from front on what we’ll
see is his hip, knee and ankle are all aligned, so they’re in a straight line like this. That’s
really good, so that’s the start position. Then for going up he’s going to use his front
leg to drive him to go up, whilst keeping his body in an upright position. So what we
see here is his body’s still in a really good posture. And one more time, brilliant. Once
up, he’s going to put the foot that has just come up down, and then lower himself in a
controlled way with really good posture. That’s really good. So now we’re going to talk about
some of the common mistakes you often see with the step up. So the first one, if you
put your foot on, is losing this alignment. So you loose the hip, knee, ankle alignment,
so the knee comes in. And that can be at any point of the exercise. And we want to avoid
this, because it’s going to put excess stress on the inside of the knee and also it won’t
engage the glute properly. So we want to make sure this is a nice straight line. So that’s
the first mistake we often see. The second one, is as people push up, they use their
back leg rather than their front leg. Where as what we want to see is all the work coming
from the front leg, so now show one correctly. Brilliant. So the back leg is not doing anything,
it’s all from the front leg. Now the other common mistake we often see, best seen again
side on, is that people rock forwards to help them get up, rather than using their legs.
So here, Rivan is going to show it incorrectly. Where as what we want is the body to stay
upright as he goes up. Excellent. So that’s the step up, a really good exercise for your
lower body. Once you’ve mastered that you can add some weight. So you can either hold
some dumbbells or put a barbell on your back, but the key is quality go movement. Hope you
enjoyed this Get Exercise Confident video.

4 Replies to “How to do the STEP UP: technique and common mistakes”

  1. Re. whole foot on platform. Don't just tell me something is important. Tell me why it's important. Otherwise you have no use to the viewer.

  2. When we use barbell wid heavy weights , while going upwards we need to bend forward (hip hinge) for maintaining proper balance and load on subtaler bone

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