100 Replies to “How To Dragon Flag | 2018”

  1. There are real sound issues on this video, stefan’s sound is way to low so the music becomes to loud…

  2. I love the Dragon Flag aha, I can hold static for about 20 seconds. The Human Flag is what's next on my list for sure.

  3. OMFG THIS channel is a blessing guys im 15 and very fit for my age and have more muscle definition than most kids my age but i hit a pitfall and lost alittle motivation and then i wasnt even able to do diamond push ups but after watching his 100 push ups a day video and the way chris did those push ups made me feel like i cant do anything so it motivated me and i decided to start lifting with dumbells combined with resistance bands and i have gotten crazy strength gains in only a week and now i can do atleast 25 diamonds in a row which is crazy in a week! i guess chris really hit me and forced me to tap my body back into its fullest potential thx so much and you too stefan for this video 😉

  4. hello can you help me know what that vests he uses for training is called or where can I get one of those thanks

  5. So I got your app and idk where to start. Do I do the programs first to learn form and stuff? Or do I just go straight for daily workouts? Idk if I’m thinking to hard about it but yeah if someone could tell me that be great thx 👍🏼

  6. nice & clear instructions, (the music unfortunately drowned out the voice a bit between 6-7 minutes) all in all great video though 🙂

  7. Hey boss, my straight bar dips are not too bad and my pullups are also not too hard to complete, however when doing a muscle up i really struggle on the point where you change from pulling to pushing, how can i improve my strength on that particular movement? thanks in advance.

  8. i didn't understand why perform the hard exercises first before the easy one.

    Someone could explain it to me, please?

  9. Yo chris, I hope you read this, can you do a workout routine for core workout without weights and bar? I go to the gym to do weighted workout but I would like to do some core workout at home when I don't at the gym.

  10. Hey, I have a question: I just get my first muscle-up yesterday and did it everywhere I could possibli do it but today I can't do it propperly. Is it from overtraining or what?

    PS: I'd like more videos with Steff

  11. Please make a video on how to complete your programs … Like how and when to repeat the parts if I don't complete that part

  12. I would love to see more leg excercises !! My weakness as a tall guy who's 6'2 really need to strengthen my legs as well as my core!

  13. shouldn't your hands be lower? the way you do this looks like you pull yourself up towards that pole with your arms instead of just core. i maybe wrong but still it looks like it. if your hands would be on your head level that exercise would be hell out harder.

  14. You and your brother have a similar body hygiene, a good body shape, but quite the opposite energy, maybe earlier you had to control it, it's explosive and you're very reserved person ..🔥 😆👍

  15. Hey, I want to buy the black jogger II, but cant decide which size is better for me, im 6'0 (183cm) and 160 lb (73kg), Small or Medium?

  16. How safe is the dragon flag for the shoulders? Can it cause shoulder impingement, considering the pulling position of the arms?

  17. Should this kill your abs after a set. Like I feel like I'm doing them right but my abs felt like they were being ripped apart. Were sore all day haha

  18. My core is engaged while watching this video. It seems like I feel the movement 🙂
    Thanks for the variations of this skill!

  19. Music is by far too loud around ~6:40, impossible to understand the instructions. But the exercises look great…

  20. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but how exactly do you raise and lower yourself? Do you… A) keep a stiff straight lower body, while your arms and lats do the raising and lowering (kind of like a lat pulldown where your lower body is the weight) and your upper back "rolls" back and forth across the ground, or B) keep a stiff upper body, i.e your lats and arms are there to just keep a stable base, and your core is doing the lowering and raising while trying to keep your lower body straight, and your upper back doesn't shift at all?

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