How To: Dumbbell Deadlift

What’s going on nation? Today I’m going to demonstrate for you guys how to do a dumbbell deadlift now This is a great exercise for overall power and your strength. It’s also great if you’re going to switch it up If you’ve been doing a lot of barbell deadlifting in you’re lifting routines now you might notice with the dumbbells a few different things Okay Number one you’re going to stand with your feet while shoulder length apart pointing toes out a little bit and when you hold the dumbbells you’re not necessarily holding them in front of you like this like you would hold the barbell you can hold a little bit off to the side What that actually might help you with is keeping your shoulder blades pinched now for this Exercise what you’re going to do is going to keep your shoulder blades pinched The whole time keep your core nice and tight Gonna keep your chest up and as you come down you want to try and keep your heels under your hips okay you want to Push through the heels and as you come up you want to thrust up with the hips okay? So let me demonstrate for you how it’s done. You get down just like this is the starting position Chest up shoulder blades together, okay? Breathe out on the way up. See how my hips are nice and deep I’m kind of sitting straight up like this I’m gonna breathe out Push the hips forward keep the shoulder blades pinched come down breathe in See how the dumbbells are off to the side, they’re not back here They’re still kind of forward but not directly in front like this. It’s hanging off the sides of my knees Let’s do a couple more down. Down one more That’s how you do a dumbbell deadlift. Hope you guys enjoyed this demonstration video and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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    Sometimes you won't have access to a barbell, but you really want to deadlift… that's where this comes in handy 🙂

  2. 1:21 release excess pressure from air brakes complete.
    haha seriously though, great video. Regardless of whether or not this is a squat/deadlift- it's an excellent fully body move 🙂 Thank you for the form tips!

  3. this is right in between a deadlift and a hack squat. if you want to work deadlift form with dumbells, start with one so all the weight is in front of you as in deadlifting. nothing wrong with this exercise but he kind of turned it into its own thing.

  4. I understand that he is using dumbbells but it doesn’t look like the same mechanics used for a deadlift. See here

  5. For everybody who is asking if this isnt a squat, when the dumbels start from a dead position (the floor) its called a deadlift, when he isnt touching the floor its more a squat, and often times the dumbel squat is performed with the dumbels more on the side then in front of your body

  6. Looks like your right Max Med glute/VMO is weak. look at your last rep – right knee moves inward. You should check out Lateral mini band walks. And yes this is a squat.

  7. Maybe this is why I usually do Farmer Squats instead for alternative since I only have dumbbells to make do with for the time being.

  8. I'm no expert, so please don't shoot me down, but I'm looking for an alternative to barbell deadlifting because I believe it's doing my back in (I'm 55), my gym used to have a trap bar and I believe that that is better way for me to deadlift (I had no back problems with the trap bar). However, that piece of kit is no longer available, so was looking for the alternative using dumbells. What I don't get is, why not simply put the dumbells to your side and then you'd have the best of both worlds ?

  9. This is a pointless half-assed video that teaches nothing basically. For a much better dumbbell deadlift tutorial look at the one by Fit Father Project

  10. Great demo!!! I much prefer dumbbells over the barbell and that is a great way to do the deadlift !! Thanks.Donnie

  11. 7 years ago and it's the best example video I found. Know why? Because its 2 minutes, straight and to the point. I don't need a 15 minute video explaining this, well done Scott!! Thank you sir!

  12. I had a friend who never did deadlifts on barbells. Rather, he would take a heavy dumbbell, tie his towel to it, and lift it up from the ground in front of him with two hands in deadlift form. I always thought it was more practical for real life situations, and also, he could wrap his hands in the towel and not worry about losing his grip. Same went for bent over rows, Romanians, etc…

  13. Another divot puffing like a train…this really does everybody's head in when at the gym, breathe normally.

  14. These are gonna be tough for a lot of people, a good form deep bw squat is a prereq to even pick up the weight.

  15. I tried this and it only worked out my upper leg/thighs rather than back. I've never worked out my upper legs before = extremely sore.

  16. these are squats, not deadlifts. scooby1961 has a video demonstrating how to actually do dumbbell deadlifts.

  17. I always thought Deadlifts were what they are called… Deadlifts… the weight should start at on the ground ( dead) and should end up on the ground.. and lift with your back without engaging the legs…and butt wink is a must with a nice & tight core….is the reason why you are not letting the weight touch the ground is to keep constant tension on the muscle or is there something I am missing ?

  18. that looks like dumbbell squats to me. I don't bend my knees that much when I do dumbbell dead lifts. Maybe I've been doing them wrong.

  19. If you've never went that low on a deadlift then try deficit deadlifts, it's pretty much the same. The size of the plates does not allow you to go lower than you could with dumbbells.. or a deficit deadlift. This this does not seem to be an exercise you should do with dumbbells. Chest press – maybe, but not squatting and deadlifting, you need a bar for these



    SQUAT / DEADLIFT squadlift

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