How to Exercise Biceps : Dumbbell Hammer Curl Weightlifting Exercise for Biceps

The next exercise I’m going to demonstrate
for you is a dumbbell hammer curl. I am going to grab hold of the dumbbells, keeping them
by your side, feet are going to come at least hip width apart, slight bend your knees standing
up nice and tall. Pull your navel onto your spine, your palms are going to continue to
face inside and with both arms, you are going to exhale as you curl up, keeping your joints
in one line so your shoulders elbows and wrists are going to stay in one line, inhale, exhale
as you lift, inhale as you lower… perfect. Inhale and exhale… perfect… and exhale,
fully extend those arms exhale lift good and exhale, inhale very good and lower, excellent.

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