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  1. My favorite white noise app is called sleep bug, it has several options and you can customize them further.
    Example you can have a campfire sound and add wind and storm sounds and you can adjust the volume of those added sounds (there are more options, that’s just one of my favorite combinations)

  2. I love you guys! You’re like the two nonviolent stooges (compliment). Great advice, love the square breathing! and bonus: laughing at you has relaxed me now, and i will sleep like a baby.

  3. Very good, ´´The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials. – Chinese proverb´´

  4. I wake up on my back with arms over head grabbing the headboard. Ouch they are sore coming down but it was a good sleep

  5. BTW – count backwards from 100, 219, 379… whatever you prefer. I am gone well bef I get to 0. Seems to work for many. MAKE THAT MIND TIRED. Warm milk, melatonin, valerian root. I do all the above.

  6. I've been using a knee pillow for 15 or more years now. I thought it was silly at first, but I need it. And, I think a lot of people use them.

  7. Great advice guys I’m still laughing My cat doesn’t like me to sleep without her licking my night cream off Very painful🙀

  8. i live in apt, where my 50gl electric water heater is in my walk-in closet. i keep the door closed all the time, my heater vents are closed. it's still 5 deg warmer in my room than the front room. i finally decided to start opening the window until my thermostat reads below 65. this helps fall asleep, but the temp climbs back up during the night. if someone else has a better solution i'll gladly take it.

  9. Watching videos on my phone helps me sleep every night. Don't worry, Bob & Brad videos don't put me to sleep…

  10. Good advice. But my meds put me to sleep. White noise or relaxing music.

    No cat— they fight over me—who can want to be closest me ugh 😑

    Love your videos-just like Abbott & Costello?

  11. I work night shift so sleeping during the day has been a pain. Total Black Out Curtains and and an eye mask have helped a ton!! Have to make sure though with the curtains that you get the total blackout ones not just room darkening ones. The other thing that helps me sleep is some lavender scent chest rub.

  12. Sleeping in white noise since birth. I was born in Pakistan where majority of houses dont have central ac. We have ceiling fans. When we moved to canada we have been using pedestal fans now. I always use them tiill this day

  13. The amount of pillows you use on your side depends on shoulder width. I have kinda narrow shoulder width and use a pillow thats darn near flat. Otherwise, I wake up with a kink in my neck.

  14. Sleep on your right side so your liver is not on top of your heart, especially if you are overweight…Question??? How can you sleep if you need to sleep inclined n on my back???

  15. This is great, thanks. I just wanted to mention that I read somewhere recently, I think in the book How We Sleep, or maybe a similar type of publication, that when you do the "square" breathing, if you breathe out for more seconds, it tends to relax you, and vice versa. So if you're looking to be energized, consider breathing in for 6 seconds and out for 4. If you're looking to relax, consider breathing in for 4 seconds and out for 6 or longer. Thought I'd share that.

  16. Hey Bob and Brad, never mind the kiddies, my friend and I have a little silver canister that rotates and changes colour, it projects pictures of butterflies all around as well as stars and moons on the ceiling, but I never leave it on as I don't want to wear the batteries out! Deep breathing is always good, but I sing regulary so I do that fairly naturally. I have to sleep with a fan on as it can get quite hot, yes, room temperature is important! Another great tip is keeping your room dark and if you can't, get a comfortable eye mask, I love them, a bit uncomfortable in the summer though.Thanks xx

  17. What can I do if I like to sleep in a cooler temperature bedroom, but my my boyfriend likes to keep the space heater on 73?! That knee pillow is a great idea. I can’t sleep on my left shoulder since I had rotator cuff surgery 😟

  18. For a month now I"ve been dealing with (10 on the pain scale) Rotator Cuff Calcific Tendonitis of the R.shoulder. Received X-ray and MRI Ortho decided no surgery, he administered a Hydrocortisone shot which helped significantly. "They" really don't understand why it occurs or why some ppl have severe pain and others not much. He did say I need to wait 3 mo.aftor shot, and then if I'd like Orthoscopic surgery he will do it. Calcium deposit is still present in MRI last wk. Anyhow, I came across your you tube channel and you guys have seriously helped me with easy exercises and optimal sleep positions for what I have. Can't say it enough….THANK YOU from California. I've subscribed and have told everyone who will listen about you two!!

  19. Perfect room temp for me is between 60-64. I can always tell if it's even one degree warmer – 65 is too hot! Sounds crazy but it works for me.

  20. I've struggled with getting good sleep the last few years and have finally come up with a formula that works for me: a cold (60-64 degrees), dark room (I even cover up my clock) + ear plugs (the silicone kind). Even better if I don't drink alcohol and don't read electronics/blue light before bed. Good sleep is SO worth it!

  21. Thank you for these great tips. I will be using whatever works from your list. You two make me laugh. Keep up the good work!👍

  22. I already use several of these tips and usually sleep like a baby.I also found that those little blue lights on tech gear can keep me awake as well as being too hot. Got to remember to put my furnace on a timer. Thanks guys, you are so funny.

  23. I wake up every 2 hrs flipping back and forth at 57 it’s miserable when I need to care for a baby as a nanny.

  24. Is "side sleeping" ok? I've been told it's supposed to be a wrong/bad way to sleep but I've done it my whole life and have always struggled to sleep any other way.

  25. A hot glass of turmeric milk, fan on high speed, reduced temp, cooling pillow, sleep hypnosis for stress relief…bam! 😁

  26. 4:49 I put my pillow so it supports my neck, thus keeping it more aligned, so rolling it it helps to do that, same with my lower back, but sometimes I wake up with the some pillow out of bed, mattress 5 cm out, and bed looks like I have been trying to ride a mountainbike while sleeping, I don't know what I do, my hobby is probably not taking over my sleep.

    but sometimes what keeps me awake is horrible itching all over my body that travels trough my body like I have insects biting me, or have insects crawling over me, or my back or neck is too painful, or when I am sick sneezing can keep these things can keep me awake for hours.
    Also that out of the sudden I have to poop at strange hours, for some reason my pooping rhythm can go crazy or vary, It might be when I am sick, it might mess up with that, along with my sleeping rhythm, so when back,neck, being sick, happens that messes up the sleeping rhythm really bad then I just sleep as much as I can and slowly try to get to correct rhythm.
    less common but still annoying: course idiots at night doing things like drifting, No clue who or where, but I heard it, speeding motorcycles or loud cars, idiots that put on music, in a car at full blast and park it.

  27. For me the breathing techniques don't work on me, I try to relax, but problems with my body body keeps me awake some times. but when those things don't bother me I usually get to sleep well if I am actually tired, and my rhythm is good.

  28. That blue light thing usually don't do much for me if I am actually in proper sleeping rhythm. I am not sure why, I could watch stuff, no matter how action packed, drama packed, comedy packed, or how bright the monitor is, I seem to get to sleep as good as I do other wise. even I have read all of this will reduce the chance of getting to sleep. I watched most types of things without having trouble of sleeping.
    But some things I won't bother to watch if I am tired, and just staying away to just get to a better rhythm,. like detailed technical stuff or tutorials, it won't stick. but if I am not tired I can watch most things and not have trouble getting asleep.
    I don't get the heard raise, goose bumps shaking, some do when watching stuff. I doubt even a horror movie would keep me awake, not tried that one yet.
    but maybe not good idea to watch too crazy stuff to make night mares.
    But I usually don't remember my dreams, but I know I had some crazy dreams before,m they always did not make any sense.
    Not had a nightmare wake me up yet.
    but I am not a overreacting shaking crying kind of person, so not much effects me in such way some do I don't know if it's the case for sleeping too, what keeps me awake is unusually loud noises( brutal winds for example, so hard winds that trees snap or fall, and things rattle and make noise), pain.
    I have not seen a study or anyone talk about that. But I people are difference.
    and birds singing or wind blowing gently don't make me sleep faster.
    The temperature thing is quite obvious, so I try to keep temps at a good range, try to not freeze or overheat, so in the summer it can very warm so I open all windows in locked mode, and have all vents open, and don't use a duvet.

  29. the blue light thing does to seem to effect me, so is there some ways it will effect you more? is it cus my monitor has such a grey tint to it? do you know if it's different types of monitors that can do it more than others?
    my expensive smartphone with 4k monitor with great colours which is better than my pc monitor still does not seem to effect me at least to to a degree that makes much difference.
    but when I am actually very tired and need sleep looking at a monitor is not so nice for mye eyes I can feel it, it's too bright when I already have it dark and look at a phone for example that's feels bad or when I am really tired, it just does not feel right. when I am that tired no monitor can keep me awake.
    usually if I am in good rhythm it won't keep me awake, I just have to go to bed.
    but I guess not everyone are like me.

  30. good idea to not eat food just before doing to bed, that makes your stomach to work so hard you can't sleep. or eat wrong food and do all mistakes you can with food to make it painful. don't make a blockage , don't make your self poop several times, don't drink too much water.
    when you need to sleep, don't eat or drink something unusual out of the ordinary routines of yours, only eat and drink what you always did, what you know won't mess up your pooping rhythm and sleep rhythm.

  31. Good tips, thanks. I usually fall asleep easily about 10 at night, but wake up anytime between 2-4 in the night and can't get back to sleep. Will try some of these.

  32. I fight to get to sleep every night and once sleeping, I wake up every hour. I sleep semi-fetal because of injuries to my lumber discs. Surgery has been done, but still. Probably, I get a total of four hours of sleep overnight. If I keep my bedroom TV running, things are better. Yes, I keep my night time temperature down to about 60 degrees. Still I have extreme night sweats so bad that you're washing everything, everyday. Also, my body clock is at least 6 hours out of whack. Thanks for the info about watching computers. I do it for hours every night, computer I mean 🙂

  33. Good grief, I turn the heat to 54 or I can't sleep at all. Ideally I would turn it off altogether but then your pipes freeze. The joys of owning a TempurPedic mattress. But his spine was not in a line with that one single pillow. His head was too high.

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