How To Find The Best Gym Buddy?

welcome back lovely people of YouTube
it’s great to see you guys all smiling again today I’m sure you guys are
smiling on the other side of this video looking at me looking at you so today’s
topic is a gym buddy your partner good for you has it been efficient for you I
thought I’d take this topic off because every single time that I see a news
resolution that’s coming up people will be always looking hey is there a gym
person that wants to train with me I’m looking for a gym buddy etc etc it’s
almost as though that your own success in general your own progress your own
goals is completely dependent on somebody else you’re too afraid or too
scared to go in it by yourself and you always put it off because you don’t have
a gym buddy to train so I’m just here to touch the topic of why I believe it’s
good to have a gym buddy and why it is not so good to have a gym buddy so let’s
get straight into it but before I start just a quick reminder if you’re visiting
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videos like this anyway straight into it so the first key
thing for having a gym partner which I believe is really positive really
positive that the works if you are able to find somebody to train with and
they’re gonna go on the exact same time is you’re gonna go they’re gonna train
it the same intensity there’s you gonna train they’re gonna be the same fitness
level as you are and they’re gonna turn up every single time every single day
that you’re gonna show up in a perfect world that will work completely fine
then that way you are on your way to hitting your goal that you have set for
the new year or just hitting your goal in general now
the downside to that is it’s very difficult to find someone that as just
as committed to you as their it’s very difficult to find somebody who’s gonna
come on the exact same day is in the exact same times as you and it’s very
difficult to find someone that is that the exact same fitness that will or will
be lifting same it’s doing the same amount of cardio as
you there’s similar goals too this is why I am most at a time prefer to Train
alone there is one early other guy that I
usually train with as you probably seen him in my previous videos if you haven’t
seen him click this card icon over here he is
good at covering all camera angles so just click this video and you’ll know
what I mean so that’s not really God that I trained
with because he is at the same fitness level as me and he lives somewhat same
weights as me or sometimes even greater actually he lives than me
which is really good it pushes me to motivate to stay motivated and to break
those personal best barriers as well now the other downside to having a gym
partner is that sometimes what happens is that you’re really pumped up Yuli
amped to go hit that lick session or you really pumped to just go gym and workout
get that cardio and to do all the things that you want to do that day and next
thing you know you get a text from your partner or something hey man something’s
come up Hebert I can’t make it today hey man I’m
not really feeling well I’m feeling sick that is the time that hits you the most
your motivation goes from being here crashing all the way down and that’s
when you feel low you might go to the gym and work out but it just won’t feel
the same because you’re feeling bummed out about why your gym buddy didn’t turn
up or you might not even go gym at all cuz you gonna be ok if he’s not coming
or if she’s not coming then I’m not gonna go as well now if you didn’t have
a gym partner if you just had the mindset of getting it done yourself you
will be able to go to the gym and just get your thing done and get out of there
and that’s it that way you feel better about your something yes you went to the
gym and worked out and you do some exercise to keep on top of your health
and your fitness goals so those are the key differences that I feel that if you
do have a gym partner that’s good but you’re gonna find all those things
within a gym partner gym buddy and if you train alarm it’s you’re gonna find
the motivation yourself you’re gonna find all the drive yourself you gotta
push yourself you know state focus yourself and but the thing is when
you get a go get it done you do it on your own terms and you don’t have to be
dependent on anyone well that’s my take on having a gym buddy guys if you like
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12 Replies to “How To Find The Best Gym Buddy?”

  1. Hey, great video man, the value of a good gym buddy is worth more than gold!
    I just started lifting myself and am covering the progress. When I just started my form was pretty weak, now a month later I believe it's almost on point. My gym buddy has been filming my sets so I could later analyze the videos.
    This has helped me so tremendously. Again, Great video!

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