How to Fix Wrist Pain | Working Out (6 WAYS!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I want to talk about wrist pain. By far, one of the most common areas that
you can suffer from some discomfort, and if you’re trying to lift around it I can tell
you this: it’s probably going to make it very difficult, if not impossible. So what we want to do is, show you some ways
that you can fix it – depending upon where it is in the first place – and then secondly,
take some of those more popular exercises that it occurs with and show you what to do
about it. So first of all, if I come over here, the
thing I want to look at is “Where am I feeling the pain when my wrist is moving?” Do I get it directly in the wrist, or do I
get it more into the forearm here?” If you’re feeling front side forearm pain,
down here, when you’re doing something with your wrist and your wrist is bending back,
then likely you’re looking at some sort of a restriction in the tissue and muscles on
this side of the forearm, and means that may need to be addressed. One of the easiest and quickest ways you can
do that is, if you’re getting that discomfort when you bend your wrist back, it’s probably
some flexibility, or mobility issues in those tissues, as I said. So you can take your forearm, put it up against
a squat rack, just like this, and find the sore spot. Once I find that sore spot there, then what
I want to do is compress it, and then use my wrist to just move it around, and basically
floss those muscles up against that. So if I have that tight, sore spot there with
compression and I do this – even if I just do back and forth with my wrist – you can
see that those muscles are basically running up and down, contracting, and extending, up
and underneath this compressed area. So I get some of that relief in there. You should feel it be a little bit sore, but
then when I come out of there and start pressing there should be a little bit of relief. The second most popular area that you’re going
to feel some discomfort is actually in the wrist itself, in the carpal bones when I bend
my wrist backward. That’s where you’re going to have most of
the issues. One of the things you can do there, as I’ve
shown before – I’ll show you again because it kind of works right away – is self-mobilization. So you can take your wrist, and you realize
that the radius is going to be longer than the ulna. The two bones here that make up the forearm. So if this is longer, what we do is take our
thumb and our finger, we go right around it. Right above those bones you’ll see there’s
a shelf that you can literally rest your fingers in. What you’re going to do is distract the wrist
bones themselves by squeezing. When I squeeze here you’ll feel a little distraction. In other words you’ll create some space between
the end of these two bones and the wrist bones themselves. So now with this distraction, realizing that
the angle is going to be a little bit upward, because we know that the radius is longer,
we do this, we pull this way. So I’m sliding with this finger up, in this
direction. So squeeze, and then slide up here. Now I’ve created a little bit of room, and
I come here, and I just lean into the wrist. Then reset. Squeeze, slide up, and then lean into extension. You’ll see that you instantly get more extension. If I was only going this far, then I could
go about that far. It’s a mobilization you can do right before
you do what I’m going to show you now so you have some extra room. The last place that you get soreness is on
the underside of the wrist here, and that’s more of a cartilage issue that’s coming from
pinching on curls, and I’ll show you what you do about it. But now the popular solutions, the things
that you can instantly pay attention to. On a bar, when you do a bench press, people
complain of wrist pain. Why? It’s where they’re holding the bar. So if I were to get down here, and I were
to hold the bar in my fingers, like this, watch what happens when I go, and I lift out. If it’s in my fingers it’s going to roll back
and push all the way down into my wrist, into extension there. You can see that’s a lot of stress, even just
to hold this thing now is a lot. So what you want to do is, you want to grip
from the thumbs down. Don’t grip from the fingers. Grip from underneath with the thumbs. So now what I do is, I come underneath here. Now the bar is all the way in the bottom half. I wrap around that way and I come up out of
there. Now look at the neutral position of the wrist. You see, it’s much more lined up straight
here. This way like that, flat, then it was way
back here. So that’s the first thing you want to do. The second thing, if you’re doing pushups,
when I come down to the ground, if I were to do a pushup I have a problem. Why? Because when I come down here look at the
position already. I’m getting that pinching. Again, this is more common that you feel it
here, but you could feel it on the other side. So you do both things that I showed you right
off at the start of the video. But if I’m here and I’m getting all this discomfort
the thing I can do is, number one, if I have strong enough hands I can just do them on
my knuckles. Instantly, now I’m going into that flat position. I’m getting rid of all that extension, and
when I’m here I come down, and it’s a lot less of a problem for me. Of course, if you wanted to – because this
is a little uncomfortable for you – just grab two dumbbells, grab them and do them
that way. You’re still going to have the same neutrality
here at the back of the wrist, which is going to be perfect. So there’s two problems. The next thing I mentioned: bicep curls. If you’re doing a bicep curl and you’re feeling
that pain on the underside, a lot of times that comes from the fact that, as you’re trying
to lift you’re kind of cheating. You’re getting your elbows underneath. The weight is heavy. You can see that with your hands in the supinated
position and getting your elbows in tight, you’re basically weighting down, right there,
the wrist into this position. Now if you want to make yourself hurt instantly,
all you’ve got to do is supinate as far as you can, and then pull down this way. Okay, supinate, and then pull on the top part
of your thumb, and pull down. You’ll feel a pinch even if your wrist doesn’t
hurt. That’s what’s being recreated there. So if you’re getting that, number one, you
can use an easy curl bar which will put your hands in this position here. It will put them less from here, and more
into this neutral position here, which will help. But if you don’t have one and you’re still
going to do a straight bar then what you want to do is, you want to try to curl almost with
the thumb and the forefinger, okay? Obviously, you’ll wrap the other ones around,
but by doing that we’re allowing ourselves to almost take a bit of a more neutral grip
instead of being all the way here. It doesn’t impact your ability to lift the
weights. Again, I squeeze as hard as I can through
these two fingers, let the third one come on and help a little bit, and then just comfortably
wrap the fourth and fifth finger around. But I’m able to curl now without having all
that stress into that bottom position. Finally, it’s not all about upper body. Your wrists can actually bother you when you’re
doing leg training. So now, let’s say I come up to the bar and
I’m going to do a front squat. If you do a front squat you know that the
demands of the wrist in this position, for this exercise are extreme. The amount of stretch that you have to be
able to get into. Again, on both this side and potentially on
the backside here. So I don’t even have the straps here to
demonstrate. I have a band. Whatever you have, if you have the straps,
or a band you literally would wrap this around, and then come up underneath here, and wrap
this around here. Again, with the straps it’s even easier, and
then wrap it around your wrist. Then when you’re up in here and you get ready
to do your front squat you’re just holding on that way. So now, when I hold, my hands are now in this
neutral position, number one, and I don’t have them bent all the way back here like
that. Now obviously, the secret to the squat – here,
the front squat – is to be keeping the elbows up, and the shoulders and the head up the
whole time anyway. But the idea is that this takes the demand
away from the wrist. Likewise, on a back squat if we take this
off, on a back squat some people say that they can’t get into that position either,
comfortably, because they feel like they have to be here, like that. But you really don’t even have to squat
that way. A lot of times people will actually coach
that with the squat, if you get your traps muscled up enough to rest them up there, even
in a back squat, a little bit lower, you could actually just push in with your wrists in
this position here. You don’t even have to be gripping the bar. You’ve basically locked it into place just
by having the high shelf, and pushing down from the forearms. That actually feels great. So you don’t have to even have the wrists
involved if that’s a problem for you. That’s something you might have to adapt to
because it’s a little bit new feeling, but it definitely will work. So there you go, guys. You now have something you could do if the
pain is on this side. If the pain is on the backside, or more importantly
up in the joint itself, you’ve got the mobilization you can do. Then of course, on some of the most popular
exercises that people complain of wrist pain on, now you’ve got a weapon and a little tweak
that you’ll want to focus on to get you through those as well. In the meantime guys, if you’re looking for
a program that doesn’t ignore things like this – because obviously our bodies need
to be working properly and able to do the exercises you want to do – as a physical
therapist it really means something to me. That’s what we put as the cornerstone of everything
we do here at ATHLEANX, including all of our programs. If you head to right now you
can get any of our ATHLEANX training programs and start training a little bit smarter to
allow you to train harder and get better results in the long wrong. In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what else it is that you’re kind
of suffering from, dealing with, issues; whatever. I’m glad to try to cover them in a future
video here, on this channel. All right, guys. See you soon.

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