How to Fix Your Posture (NO MORE ROUNDED SHOULDERS!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. A little viewer participation in today’s video.
I want you, right now, to stand up and put your arms at your sides, and I want to see
how you’re standing, ok. So, arms at your side, standing up. Now, what
direction are your thumbs pointing? Are they pointing towards each other? Or are they pointing
straight ahead? Now, most guys, I’d say 90 percent of the
guys, especially if you lift, your thumb’s are going to be pointing towards each other. Or at least they’re not straight ahead. And
the problem is, guys, too much internal rotation at our shoulders. What causes that? A lot of the lifting and concentrating on
all the muscles in front of us with an inattention to the muscles in the back. Now, I’m not saying
you’re not training your back. I’m saying you’re not training your rhomboids
and interscapular muscles enough to counteract all that heavy work that you’re doing in front
of you. So, how’s it supposed to feel? Well, the way it’s supposed to feel, we can
do that with a band. So you take one of the ATHLEAN ELAST-S Bands. You’re just going to twist one end over the
other so you’ve basically got a little figure 8 here, ok. Then you pull the band in half, so essentially
we’ve just doubled it up. Now, this is where it gets a little tricky, and I definitely
recommend you do this with a shirt on. I want to show you what the difference is
so you can see what’s going on. So, I’ll have mine off and I’ll take the beating. You put it over one shoulder. Let’s put it
this way. It’s actually my better shoulder. So, put it over one shoulder, ok. Now, you’re going to reach back and through
here and get your arm all the way around, ok, so you’re kind of wearing it almost like
a backpack. Now from here, again, I would recommend it
in a t-shirt, but for here you can see right away, it’s really corrected my posture. Chest is out. Shoulders are back. And if I
rest my hands down, they naturally want to rest now with my thumbs pointing forward. This feels great! Unfortunately, I don’t walk
around this way, ok. So, the problem is by me not walking around this way with my shoulders
in the right position, they have a lot of impact on what we do when
we train. If your shoulders are rounded forward, I already showed you a past video, that’s going to limit the mobility, literally
bone on bone mobility preventing you from getting your shoulders fully up over your
head. It’s also therefore, going to drag down. If
your upper spine is kyphotic and rounded forward, that means that your mid spine is going to
be kyphotic and rounded forward too because it’s all connected, and you’re going
to start walking around with worse and worse posture. It’s going to have an effect on your abs.
It’s going to tighten your hip flexors, and a lot of things that cascade off of not being
able to stay in the right posture. So, what do we do? Well first thing is I’ve
got to get myself out of this friggin’ band to show you and whip myself on the way out
of it. You take this same band, and you do band Pull-Aparts,
and they’re really simple. You dictate your own resistance by just grabbing on, ok, taking your thumbs, pointing them towards
each other, and then pulling them apart and rotating your thumbs back and out. So, you’re not just getting a Pull Apart here,
and I’ll show you what it looks like again when I do it, you’re not just getting scapular
retraction, you’re getting external rotation because you’re
moving your thumbs towards the back behind you. You’re turning them back behind you. You’re
rotating up through the shoulder. So, again, if I want to start really easy, I just grab
the band about shoulder-width. I pull it apart, and I pull my thumbs back
and apart. They’re pointing towards each other. They’re pointing back behind me, ok. So, again, pointing towards each other, pointing
back behind me. Towards each other, back behind me. When I actually come in, I’m decelerating
this. I’m not just letting it snap. Then there’s no eccentric contraction of those same muscles
that we’re trying to develop. We actually squeeze them back and then we
decelerate them in. We squeeze them back, and then we decelerate them in. Here’s the recommendation in terms of volume.
You didn’t get this way overnight. It took you a long time and a lot of reps to get here. These muscles are more postural in nature.
I told you before about ab training. More frequency is going to benefit you more than
trying to do low volume and going really intense. So, I recommend you get a band and you carry
it with you. And you make it become a bit of a habit. Especially if you’re already struggling from
this and you know you have bad posture. Do this a few times at work. Bang out 50 reps in the morning. Bang out
50 reps on your lunch. Do it when you’re just thinking. Try to work on that posture. I’m telling you. The volume, the lower intensity
with the volume is going to really, really help to start counteracting what’s going on,
alright. So, a very simple tip for you guys, but you
can see the importance of getting it right. I talk about it all the time, guys. If you want to look like an athlete, you got
to train like an athlete. That means, it’s not just everything we do here. And it doesn’t even mean you have to be playing
a sport. It means you have to start paying attention to the small things. You have to start realizing that everything
matters when your body’s a kinetic chain. And you have to function, whether it be athletically
or just function in the real world. You have to make sure that everything in that
kinetic chain is working, and you can’t ignore one thing over the other. Sure we all want bigger biceps, bigger chest,
but you can’t ignore the other things because eventually that’s going to carry over to those
things as well and bring you down. If you want a complete training program that
addresses everything and overlooks nothing, then head to ATHLEANX.COM right now and grab
our 90-Day Trainig program. If you found this tip helpful, make sure you
give it a try, tell me, admit it if your thumbs are pointing towards each other, and let me know what else you’d like to see
and I’ll make sure I do that. Alright, guys, we’ll be back here again in
just a couple days.

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  1. this totally helps! I had huge knots in my upper back and shoulder pain from not only working out a lot, but also sitting at a desk all day. Wearing the band like the back back immediately helped. been wearing it (while working) and doing the band pulls with deceleration return for a week now and already feeling better. Thanks Jeff!

  2. I just keep digging through the archives and keep discovering hints that really help. I'm 17 months out after breaking my neck and my back, and I'm now way better than I was before I got hurt. Thanks for all of the tips.

  3. Or you could give this video a try instead of using a bloody shoulder bracer.

  4. Hi, my left shoulder is rolled forward and my left side is rotated forward. The left scapula is also in a different position than the other scapula.
    I tried a lot but i am rather unsure and getting despair.
    Do you have any Ideas how i can get rid of it?

  5. Like the kinetic chain idea. Posture does express your feeling as does a lot of things. I've let myself get into bad shape a few times because of injury and illness and but this time it's the longest road back but most enjoyable (7 months in) as I'm chipping away at it day by day and notice my posture starting to correct itself again. Thank you for your tutorials and videos Jeff.
    Top bloke

  6. Me found your videos is like Columbus found new continent. I have all the problems you mentioned in your video (rounded shoulders, back tilt etc) I am a Chinese and I found so many Chinese have these posture problems due to heavy homework during teenage time. I wish you could speak Chinese so that much more people can benefit from this.

  7. I bought one from macroducts and it’s a total game changer. I lift 5 days a week and didn’t think my back was outta wack until I put one on. Could actually feel the muscles burning in the back.

  8. Would there be logic doing the band stretch while having another band strapped on on you? Will the straped band and intensity?

  9. Thanks. I am fighting muilty issues with my posture , giving me.muilty issues with life. I need this more than most would comprehend .

  10. Just tried this. It feels like a lot of pressure on C7/T1 as well as the axilla. Does the band just need to break in some?

  11. Having 14 shoulder dislocations over the years and a surgery that has made training like I used to near impossible, I truly appreciate these insightful videos. They have made a difference in the little time I've been following and using them. Good work!!

  12. Wouldn’t this hurt? On bare skin I think this would hurt. Is there any difference between the band and one of those ‘posture corrector back braces’ on amazon?

  13. nice were can get one of the bands for my back please tell us or send us the link so we can buy them and thank you

  14. I have really bad rounded shoulders , my small ass disappeared after an injury to my knee and not working out like i used to. Lets always feel like they need to be streched and always hamstrings are really super tight. I feel im losing all my sexiness

  15. Ahh! Thank you for this info. I have one shoulder that rolls definitely a lot further than the other. But when you talked about the cascade of problems originating from rolled shoulders, it just clicked. I've been working on correcting a my pelvic tilt, too, and I really struggle getting my arms far above my head. All connected. Thanks for connecting the dots for me! Any chance my knee problems are from my posture too? Lolol.

  16. Thanks for all the info you provide sir. Would you recommend wearing that band around my shoulders all day long? So would that help train for better posture or would that make my shoulders lazy?
    Thanks Dan

  17. Help my shoulder joint always gets pinched even when Im externally rotated! It hurts and it interferes with my workout! I tried to lower the weight but it still persists!

  18. hello Jeff, i have this problem that i can't hold the bar behind my head to perform squad, my arms don't go back enough to grip the bar with my hands properly, i am new to gym, i don't have fat, except a little on my aps, i am slim and seeking some muscle growth, and a good body shape. Many thanks for the videos you make, i find it very helpful

  19. This guy is awesome for showing people these things where as he could just be a greedy bastard and not show anyone anything unless you pay. He’s helped me with tons of shit as I’m sure he’s done for tons of other people. You’re the man Jeff! Thanks. God bless you bro!

  20. I’ve been wanting to do this but I didn’t know what I should use, looking at this video I’ve started to use my band for it 🙂 so thanks, I feel I’ve been getting hunched over the past few months and I gotta get my posture fixed, I do have to ask is there something I can use like this for my pelvic tilt?? I’d like to know that as well thanks 🙂

  21. For me it was so tight and was hurting my skin almost.. i found a actual posture corrector and it has worked for me so far haha www.mybodyaid(dot)com

  22. Was wondering if I could benefit doing this without the band at first and work up to using the band. Multiple shoulder dislocations 10 years ago. Just wondering any feed back would be nice thank you

  23. Ok you know all of those annoying ads that pop up on Instagram for those posture fixer things that show people wearing it when at their computer/desk? Should I wear my resistance band as i work at my desk? I realize wearing it as I walk around will weaken my posture since it’ll replace my back muscles, but i feel like I’m better off wearing the band at my desk than i am slouching the whole time…

  24. I've been trying to walk with good posture to fix my rounded shoulders. Is it normal for those muscles between your shoulder blades to ache and burn for the first couple weeks or am I doing something wrong?

  25. can i ask one thing? my muscle between my shoulder and chest always getting painful like. i just want to know what workout would you suggest. thanks

  26. It's truely effective, I've been doing this exercise for 3 days & my posture has become noticable Better.

  27. Thank you so much Jeff recently found out i have carpal tunnel on both arms/wrists and even more recently found out that bad posture plays a huge role in getting carpal tunnel. This has given me so much effing relief! Thank you so much! You are my favorite person in the world besides my girlfriend at this point. Much love!

  28. Would it be beneficial to wear a posture corrector/strap throughout the day?? I sit at a desk for 11 hours…

  29. I used to play games and sit on the computer for many years, and my back started to arch and it was bad. But I bought a cheap posture corrector and it literally did wonders to me. Absolutely unbelievable product for such a cheap price. It was super comfortable to wear and I have had nothing but an amazing memory with it. HIGHLY recommend it! Here it is:

  30. Which kind of band is best? Do thicker ones work well/fine like the thinners? Im thinking of getting some but want to know what I should start with? Also, any recommendations of where to get some/which kind?

  31. I’ve been training by myself for three years without seeing the rounded shoulders getting corrected. Today, I watched this video, tried to put the band behind my body like that at the start of the video. After taking off that band, my posture are fixed suddenly, and I don’t feel like rounding them since then. What a miracle! Probably the only thing I lack is how to use the muscles. I suffered from this posture for years, so I will definitely keep doing correcting workout plans constantly to avoid future posture problems. Thank you, Jeff 🙂

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