How To: Flutter Kicks

What’s up guys? I’m Scott from And I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do flutter kicks flutter kicks are fun. They were my wrestling coach, Mr. Bulldduck’s favorite exercise of torture for us in high school. What you’re gonna do is you lay down on the ground take your hands put them like that like make little fists how I like to do it and then put them underneath your bum like that. So you get your body off the ground this is going to help you keep your feet off the ground so when you flutter kick you come down a little lower then you keeping your lip straight. What you’re going to do is keep your body flat the ground life your legs up to about what is that three inches? And then you’re simply going to go like this and this is a great core exercise and what you want to do is keep your stomach tight the whole time. You will lift your head off the ground kinda like I am but try to maintain a neutral spine while you do it. When you count these exercises for this exercise in particular the way we used to do it was 1 2 3 1 1 2 3 2 1 2 3 3 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 5 and you just keep going. This is something I like to do at the end of my workouts just get like a little more of a burn after I do a lot of heavier stuff for my abs. But you can do any time you can do it while you watch TV. If you’re just bored in your room if you’re at a party and no one’s doing anything. you wanna do some abs you do flutter kicks on the ground. So this is how you preform flutter kicks. For more information feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel, as I’ll be posting new stuff all the time.

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  1. 30 sit ups (reaching the knee)
    30 fluttering kicks
    20 leg raises
    60s plank
    30 cross crunches
    20 cycling crunches
    20 heel touch
    20 supermen
    is it possible to make abs with this? i do it once a day. is it effective?

  2. Does this, combined with planking, combined with a low calorie diet will get me a 6 pack in let's say 2-3 months? I already have a somewhat underaverage body fat.

  3. I have a question to ask you guys,i am currently 17 and have a 36 inch chest i want it to grow to at least 45.will it increase if i continue to workout our its just an age phenomenon and will be wider gradually as i mature like in my 20s..please help me

  4. Is this in any way helpful to lose the love handles for men? If no, then can you suggest any exercise which helps for losing the love handles cause I'm very much worried, my whole body is in perfect shape just the love handles ruin the posture! And also will working the back hide the love handles? Pls help

  5. If I everyday i run 30-40 mins, then I do
    25 crisscross
    15 crossover crunch each side
    20 crunch
    30 flutter kicks
    40 heel touch
    all of this for 5 times, it is like 600 abs or so… Does it works if I do this workout everyday? I need to reach my goal. Am I doing right?

  6. Hey scott !! I've got a concern with this excersise: when i do it i sometimes fell a strange tension on my neck, is this normal ?? or do i need to correct something ?? If you would respond i would be very grateful.

  7. This works your abs but if you are actually trying to work on your flutter kick for swimming the technique is wrong.

  8. thank you good sir. came across the expression and didn't know what it was, seems like a good exercise.


    Some of you might think this looks easy.. some might think it looks stupid.. either way, it is KILLER for your abs! Try it before you hate on it 😉

  10. Tried doing thing… in the first part of the video when he put his hangs under his butt I did the same and my freakin knuckles poped # Dying

  11. Do it without putting your arms underneath your butt! That way is harder. I do 4 series of 80 reps (1 rep counts left and right leg swing).

  12. I mixed up 2 parts ABSynth with one part biCARDIO Rum and a dash of COREdial and called it a Flutter Kick. Gets you hammered.

  13. I try to do this as fast as I can, I did it for 20 minutes because I just started tonight

    I wanna see if I can do this for 30 minutes eventually and then maybe try for an hour

    Not for exercise reasons, I'm just curious to see how fast I can go for how long

  14. I use pretty much only your channel to research how to do exercises properly. You single handedly have the largest database for explaining exercises.

  15. Came for excercise advice. Left with my mind shattered at how I never came close to thinking of flutter kicking the party to life. Subscribed

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