How to Get A Bigger Chest Fast (#1 CHEST EXERCISE YOU’RE SKIPPING)

What’s up Champ! I’m Vince Del Monte of In this video I want to show you guys how to build your chest faster. Alright, we’re going to ignore a lot of the popular chest exercises we’ve been told are the “key” exercises to building your chest. So we’re going to look at some of their limitations and then we’re going to teach you guys why the exercise I want you to start doing is considered the most efficient. So why is it the most efficient? It’s very simple. Because it actually works with two of the main functions of the PEC which is internal rotation of the PEC and adduction of the humerus. Alright. So when we’re picking our chest exercises, we want to always ask ourselves what’s the most efficient way to fatigue the entire chest. Alright. We can’t influence whether we put muscle here or here or here or here. That’s going to be based on origin, insertion point, the depth of your clavicle, um just the way your genetics are. You can’t influence that. What you can influence is how short you get the muscle, how lengthen you get the muscle, how much you can contract the muscle. Those are the things that we do have control of in the gym. So we never start with the question how do I target my inner pecs, or my lower pecs, or what are the best exercises for the upper pecs. It’s all it’s the wrong question. It’s what’s the most efficient way to train my pecs. It’s to look at things that help us get the PEC internally rotated, and to get the elbow across the body which immediately rules out a lot of barbell exercises which have very little adduction of the humours and no internal rotation. And you can see this like if if you just look in the mirror and you start looking at where your chest is pumped up the most compared to up here or in here or in here. It’s always when you’re getting your elbows closer to your body as opposed to here. Like you see as soon as I pull everything in, you can see all this stuff shorten and tighten. You can see more detail come in so that brings us to this exercise that I want you to start playing with. Alright. The decline dumbbell chest press. So I’m just going to demonstrate here. You guys can see what I’m doing here. I’m not using a lot of weight right now but one of the first things you want to figure out is the height of the bench. And I’ll just give you guys some generalities here. Generally speaking, the bigger your ribcage, the less decline you need to activate the majority of the chest. Alright. The smaller your ribcage, the more decline you’re going to need, but you’re not going to go into one of these like crazy crazy declines where you’re almost upside down and you really are not using your chest anymore. You’re just using kind of shoulders and triceps. You don’t want to go that far. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to play with it. You’re going to play with the decline angle until you find your chest activated the most. You’re going to find the position that you can get your elbows across your body the most and that’s where you’re going to start adding load to. That’s the start position and position that you’re going to work through and you’re not going to be thinking about pushing the weights up and down alright. It’s a big mistake. People think about when they’re training they’re like how do I get this thing from point A to point B. They lift like football players and they just move shit instead of actually contracting and squeezing stuff alright. So that’s what we want to think about. Start playing with this exercise, the dumbbell decline chest press. You’re going to feel a lot more chest being activated simply because you’re now working with the function of the chest and you can eliminate a lot of other exercises you’re likely doing that are missing out on other parts of the chest just because you know someone said that you need to do this one this one and this one. Not necessarily. You could do them but it’s not efficient if you have to spend 30 sets training your chest. You have to ask yourself I don’t care if you’re an advanced guy you have to ask yourself how well am I contracting the muscle. It’s like I have to run 20 miles to improve my endurance a bit. Well no. If you just run 5 miles really hard you’ll get a better return you know what I’m saying. So it’s all about quality not quantity. Alright. So I’m going to wrap this video up. I don’t want to drag on too long but I wanted to give you that exercise that’s going to help you build your chest faster simply because you’re actually using the function of the chest efficiently all in one move. Alright. So we’re not looking at individual sections of the chest that we’re trying to target. It doesn’t work like that. You’re either using all the muscle or none of the muscle. Alright. And if you’re working with the right effort, you’re going to activate all those fibers so you can start throwing out all those silly questions like how do I target the inner, how do I target the upper, how do I target the the middle right part. [LAUGH] It’s um… it’s all bro myths alright. It’s just from the whole… anyways…. I’ve said enough. You get the point. Thank you so much for watching. Let me know what other body parts you want me to help you bring up. Let me know what other exercises you want to kind to deconstruct or have me take a look at for you and let me know in the comments section below. Lastly guys I just want to give you guys a resource to help you start working with your muscle fiber type because a lot of you want to know how many sets and reps and rest periods and I’ll be honest, that stuff needs to be customized to you. You know one of the biggest questions I get is, is it better to do heavy weights and low reps or higher reps and lighter weights. And that’s a fantastic question. It’s a really good question to ask and it’s going to be dictated based on how you’re built which is why I spent a lot of time researching the subject matter of training for your fiber type. I created this quiz. You can click the link above me. You can take it, you can find out what your fiber type is. If you don’t know, it’s critical information that will help you and if you’re on your mobile, click the first link and then you’re in. You’re in the description box. There’s light shining in my eye and you’ll be able to find out what your fiber type is as well and you can start to then figuring out how to customize your reps and sets, and if you should be a guy who trains heavy more of the time or if you’re a guy that trains lighter more of the time, because there is a right answer but the right answer is based on what your fiber type is. So I can’t just tell you what to do or else I’m just making a guess alright. And that’s not how you build your body. Alright. You don’t guess your way to a great physique. We take what we have. We acknowledge what we are working with and then we work with it not against it. Alright. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed it, you know what to do. Give this video a like. Be sure to comment. I love hearing your feedback and if you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet, you can click this button over here over here wherever we stick it and subscribe to the channel so you’re notified first when we upload the next video. Peace out.

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  1. I don't disagree much with videos but you can work and target the upper chest and lower chest separately. They both have different innervations (nerves that stimulate them). Upper chest is innervated by the lateral pectoral nerve (C5, C6, C7) whereas the lower chest is innervated by the medial pectoral nerve (C8, T1). The upper chest can flex the shoulder (raise the arm up) and the lower chest can extend the shoulder from a flexed position (bring the arm down).

  2. hi sir thanks a lot for the explanation and I really want to build my chest but from begging I was working every day up to 3 months and it's still small so I asked one guy who has a good body so he said that he doesn't work every day but I need an your experience please anybody helps me

  3. hey Vince, I just started watching your videos recently and they're filled with great advice that I've been putting to use. I was wondering what your thoughts are on expanding the rib cage with pullovers? do you think it works and are pullovers beneficial?

  4. I love my upper body I have no issues training that and my shoulders are developing really well, I'm assessing my bi's and tri's which are getting there but my forearms are shit. I've looked into some exercises and trying weighted chin ups etc but they are still relatively small. any tips on working them?

  5. yo vince help me out, every time i do chest i feel it waay more in my front delts. fix my form champ. les go champ.

  6. U sexy to give good head and probably have a good hole cuz I would definitely eat ur ass for hours and hours but you not strong enough to talk about getting big chest tbh baby.

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