How To Get Defined Abs

– What’s up elite Thenx athletes? I’m Arica Sky and today I’m gonna show you how to get defined abs. (mellow electronic music) Now before we get into this workout, if you want defined and shredded abs you have to make sure that your body fat is low enough for those abs to be visible. And there are many different
ways of dieting and eating to maintain a low body fat percentage. And for today’s workout we’re going to use the new Thenx ankle weights in order to add resistance
to this ab routine. (mellow electronic music) The benefits of weighted ab workouts are to be able to increase the strength and definition of the abdominal muscles. It also tremendously
increases your core strength and then when you take them off you’re able to increase all of your reps on each workout. These Thenx ankle weights
are 2.5 pounds each and they really help to
engage all of your core and make sure to make this
ab routine more difficult. All right, we’re gonna go
ahead and start this workout. For our first movement we’re
gonna do weighted high knees for 45 seconds, this is really good to warm up, get that heart rate up
and get everything engaged so we can get right into the workout, let’s go. (mellow electronic music) Whew! Your heart rate should definitely be up. Our next movement that we’re gonna go into is 15 standing side crunch. Let’s go. Really squeeze at the top. (mellow electronic music) All right, to the next side. Slow and steady and really squeeze. Four more. By standing on one leg for
each of these exercises it causes you to really engage your core because you’re having
to maintain the balance the whole, entire time. With that being said, we’re gonna do another
standing ab movement and it’s gonna be
alternating side crunches. Here we go. (mellow electronic music) Really squeeze in and elongate out. 15 reps. Other side. That movement is really, really
great for your side obliques and make sure on each contraction you’re really squeezing and
elongating for each rep. All right, the next
movement we’re gonna do is going to be Russian
twist for 15 each side, so a total of 30 reps. Grab a mat and let’s go. Again, slow and controlled. (mellow electronic music) In order to make that more challenging you can definitely straighten your legs and in order to make it easier you can go ahead and bend them. And by adding these ankle weights it’s really going to challenge your core and make sure that you’re engaging all of your stabilization muscles. All right, our next
movement is going to be plank knees to elbow and we’re gonna do 10 reps on each side. (mellow electronic music) These are really good for your obliques but by being in that plank position you’re really engaging all of your core. Make sure on each rep you’re
really emphasizing that squeeze each time that your leg hits your elbow. The next movement that we’re gonna do is gonna be seated in and
outs for 15 reps, let’s go. (mellow electronic music) On each rep, as you extend your legs you’re really gonna feel that extra weight and really, really contract those abs. And our last movement is gonna
be alternating star crunches, 10 reps each side. Let’s go. (mellow electronic music) Other leg, really reach. All right, that completes
round one of today’s workout. If you are a beginner you can go ahead and keep the ankle weights
on and adjust the weight to make it a little bit less difficult. And we have three more rounds to go to complete this ab workout which is really gonna define those abs. Thank you so much for watching, and if you enjoyed this video make sure you smash that like button and share with friends or family to get more defined abs. To get this workout and
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out, @arica_sky on IG. We’ll see you next Sunday. (percussive electronic music)

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  1. hey guys i know this is gonna get lost in the comments but everyone here seems so supportive. i'm 15 and i've only been working out for a short period of time and i was wondering if u guys would like to follow me on my journey to being a full fitness guru and learning and helping others. follow my instagram @officialanix

  2. 1. High Knee Taps – 45 sec
    2. Standing side crunches – 15 reps (each side)
    3. Alternaring side crunches – 15 reps (each side)
    4. Russian twists – 15 reps (each side)
    5. Plank knees to elbow – 10 reps (each side)
    6. Seated in and outs – 15 reps
    7. Alternaring star crunches – 10 reps (each side)
    Repeat 4x

  3. 1.high knee taps – 45 seconds
    2.standing side crunches -15 (each side)
    3.Alternate side crunches-15(each side)
    4.russian twist (30)
    5. Plank knees to elbow -10 (each side )
    6.seated in n outs (15)
    7.Alternating star crunches ( 10 each side)

  4. I’m gonna be trying the workout and update y’all everyday( if you’re curious come along with me to my journey if not then feel free to scroll down)

    Day 1:walked a lap around my nearest park ( 3/4 of a mile = 1 lap) and I ran two.I did the workout once when I got home and I lifted 10 pound weights (20 reps on each arm) starting off easy since this is my first day , I’ll keep y’all updated 🙂 ( as of now I weigh 144 pounds)

  5. Erica: makes this video
    Every Muay Thai fighter with a bowl of noodles and chicken:
    "Nice Warmup. Now what is the workout?"

  6. Alright, if I get 25 LIKES, I’ll do this workout for a week
    AND if I get 50 LIKES, I’ll do this workout for 2 weeks with a daily dairy update.

    I give you my word, I swear!
    Only if you guys give me the support, enthusiasm and motivation TO DO MORE. 👍

  7. Any of y'all know if this will help with flattening out a stomach in general or will I need to burn it off in other ways

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