How to Get Rid of Man bOObs FAST | how to lose man boobs (Chest Fat) | Get rid of Gynecomastia Gyno

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  1. Hi I was 130 kg last year then I started to go the gym now I'm 91 kg right now. but probably I have those things I'm not sure they're fat or gyno but since last week I've been doing some exercises about chest but I have no idea about the diet. Could you give an advice or tips about diet?


  2. I had them when I was 14 then started doing push-ups and after a year I got lazy and they came back and now I'm 17 and they're bigger than what they originally were.. will they go away if I did push-ups and other exercises?

  3. Hey everyone, the best results that I have had was by using the Wilfs Remedy Answer (i found it on google) – I found it the most useful info i've followed.

  4. This guy is absolutely right.  I took injectable steroids when I was in high school.  I am 44 now and have tits like Pamela Anderson.

  5. Hi i m 13 but how do i really know i have gyno can you give me à few tests were i can see it of not
    Because in de video for me is it unclearly

  6. I'm a 27 year old male that works out drink a lot of water and I'm still suffering with gyno can fried foods be the cause of this and once I go for surgery will there be a possibility after surgery that the gyno can reappear again in the future?

  7. Hey, I'm 16 and currently losing weight, I can see it clearly. I am watching my food intake and exercising every day. I have man boobs that can be pointy one day and relaxed another. Im using dumbbell exercises for my chest, To build up muscle to lose fat. To be honest its my second day doing it so i should be patient. Should I continue doing this or try something else? Thanks.

  8. Hello sir.. I'm facing the same problem.. I'm 17 and my body fat % is 22. The question is, is it gyno or just fat. If its just fat so will they disappear if i reduce my body fat to 15%. And if its gyno will the problem be solved after I cross my 18?

  9. Thanks Max for the intellectual & no nonsense tips, I will be trying the stuff that you said in your other videos later in the gym.

  10. I'm 18, I started dieting and have lost about 40 lbs it also seems that my moobs have reduced and all my close family members have said they have reduced. So do you guys think i have anything to worry about?

  11. When I was 20-30 lbs  over weightI had bitch tits & was embarrassed to be shirtless, even after losing a third of the weight didn't help so I dreaded it was Gynecomastia. But now my fears are laid to rest because it disappeared after getting in shape & cutting body fat to 15%, glad it was only chest fat.

  12. Hey man !! HUGE FAN I SUBSCRIBED TODAY. I'm a pretty dude. And I wanna do a calorie deficit. I just want to know what are good supplements to give me that small edge in burning fat and gaining muscle? I hope you reply!!!

  13. soo, i have the hard feeling around my nips. i went to the doctor about it, and they said i dont have gyno, so what do i have? i dont understand.

  14. Gynecomastia and Chest Fat/ Man boobs as you mention I can see this many people have even those do not have fat in the body. pls provide some more videos .

  15. im a transboy and this is actually super helpful. Losing chest fat is going to make me a lot more confident and happy

  16. i need help . cause my chest same as picture that you show in this video . can someone solve my problem ? help needed !!

  17. I am 13,5 years old. I'm preety tall (about 176-177 cm) and I weight about 75 kg. I'm neither fat nor slim, preety average. I have man boobs so should I be worried ?

  18. I have this problem in my chest ,but while exercising,my chest become flat ,round enough.But after 30 min workout my area around nipple started sagging .. may I know what can I do in this .Yeah while having sex my chest get round and flate shape .. mostly while resting I feel this …what's the problem with my chest may I know it??

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  21. ill be damned if im part of that 25% minority….

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  22. I Had a back injury for about 15 yrs. During that time i was on alot of Beta blockers that prevented my body from making its own testosterone. After many yrs. of this i've gained 150 more pounds of fat to my frame, and now have Gynecomastia Gyno. I have so far in the last 5 months i lost 60 pounds, but what should i do about the Gyno problem? Is surgery my best bet, and since this was a work comp. injury are they responsible for the surgery? Please help?

  23. I’m 16 years old 5 foot 9 and 210 pounds and I got man boobs. Do you think it has to do with my age or something else?

  24. Actually by exercise+diet, which will naturally balance the hormone imbalance, the problem will get solved, but in a slow pace.
    Bottom line: get lean and build muscle

  25. I’m 11 I have moobs and I try doing push ups i try cutting down on sugar but nothings changing, it also makes me really upset that no one likes me cos they show up on my clothes 😢😢😢

  26. Hey how's it going? have you seen Baker Henistole's website? It’s very eye opening. Doesn't matter how big or saggy you think your chest is, there's a very simple method you can put to use right away to get rid of them within 30 days. It's not for everybody, but you should google it if you're curious.

  27. Damn man I’m not even gonna lie I’m 16 and I weigh around 168, and I do have some bigger looking chest bumps, really glad I heard about that it happens during puberty I go to the gym to so I’m not just waiting for 18 for them to start to fade away

  28. I am almost 14 years old and had gyno starting since i was 12 an a half now I am really strict to myself but also scared if they are alwys gonna be by my side .-.

  29. I’m 16 360 pounds and 6’4 if I get to 250 pounds I’ll looks good I been working out and eating less and idk my weight rn but my source of confidence is the feeling of not being embarrassed to run when I lose weight just think how happy you’ll be

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