23 Replies to “HOW TO GET SIX PACK IN 1 WEEK !”

  1. I`m 16 and I hate this belly fat so much :/ I drink 3L of water per day, I do cycle 4 hours in the morning and I do 15min abs workout everyday. I have my 6 pack but it`s under this fat.
    Can I use this fat as energy for my 6 pack become more defined ?

  2. Take my subscription master! You have the guts and i love it!.. you know that saying the truth will be the reason you wont have much viewers and likes in this video, but we apriciate that! Thanks again!

  3. I accepred a challange that I can get a sixpack in one week. I don't know if it is possible or not. I have an athletic body and not to much fat, just a little bit of bellyfat. Is it possible for me to get a sixpack in one week or did I already lost the challange?😂

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