How to Get the Most from Exercise Bike | Gym Workout

Hi, guys. This is Max Happer for Howcast. What we’re going to go over today is how to
get the best use out of an exercise bike in the gym. Exercise bike is one of my favorite pieces
of equipment that I love to use for myself and also my clients. Other than just getting a great cardiovascular
burn, this is an awesome exercise to build the leg muscles up on somebody that maybe
has a knee injury or has some type of issue like that because there’s no impact. That’s the awesome thing about this. Let me show you how we actually do it. On this bike, like any other piece of cardiovascular
equipment, there’s going to be a lot of different programs. Some of the programs are fat burn, cardio,
zone training, personal training, hill plus, or manual. Many different programs that you can use to
get a different type of cardiovascular workout. One thing I love to do on the bike is I love
to turn the intensity as high as I can go, sometimes about 20, 24. I will just pedal it even if it’s slow, I’ll
pedal it out just like I was doing a muscular workout for about 20 minutes. What that does is it builds the leg muscles
without having to put the impact that you would get from running. The bike is very variable. You can do many different things with it. You can change it up to suit whatever your
goal is, and honestly I think everybody should jump on it and have a good time. Guys, get out there. If your goal is to burn fat, your goal is
to build bigger leg muscles, whatever it is, this can be an excellent piece of equipment
for you.

23 Replies to “How to Get the Most from Exercise Bike | Gym Workout”

  1. This guy's sik but apart from telling you that you ought to put it on high intensity to get somewhere (well duh),there's nothing really of any use

  2. I m a soccer player and does cycling improve my stamina? and i have a slight tummy and does it helps to flatten it? how long it takes to have a flat tummy? coz a year ago i have a knee problem and i couldnt run on treadmill , does this machine improve my knee problem ?

  3. He literally sat there, and said "Use an Exercise Bike" … Only other thing he said was "I like to put it on the highest settings" That isn't getting the most from your exercise bike, that's how to get knee injuries unless you're in similar shape.

  4. i want to start cycling so i can get slimmer thighs, not to build muscle and make it look even more bulky. I am worried now

  5. Seems like a nice guy at least even though he didn't actually teach us anything. He'd make a good kindergarten teacher.

  6. What really perplexes me is that the ONLY exercise bike company I know of that manufactures "hybrid" bikes — bikes that are in-beween being upright and recumbant and that have wide seats and backrests — is Matrix. I absolutely LOVE Matrix's hybrid bikes and would really like to buy one for my home but they're quite expensive. Hopefully someday other exercise bike manufacturers will begin offering such hybrid bikes for people who want the comfort of a recumbent bike with the more upright seating position of an upright.

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