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if you’re not yet an adult good news you’re still growing so watch this video
and I’m gonna give you some tips on how you can optimize your genetic potential
in terms of heights but if you’re already an adult they are a couple of
things you can do to get a few inches taller and that’s what I’m gonna break
down in this video so stick with me alright so if you’re not yet an adult
you’re still growing so just be patience but in the meantime there are a couple
of things that you can do to optimize and increase your genetic potential
number one the very first thing don’t smoke smoking stunts your growth so does
alcohol but especially smoking smoking stunts your growth so if you’re not yet
an adult and you’re still growing keep in mind men stopped growing at age
of 21 and women stopped growing around 19 or so another tip to making sure that
you reach your genetic potential is to take a lot of proteins take calcium make
sure you have a balanced diet because they’ll really aid in terms of
nourishing your body and nourishing your bones so you can grow taller now this
next tip is probably the most important tips for both teenagers and adults this
tip cannot be understated get enough sleep now check this out a lot of your
growing actually happens when you’re sleeping so making sure that you’re
getting your adequate sleep can really help you repair and optimize your growth
potential why it’s important to get your sleep especially
as a pre-adult is your human growth hormones when you’re sleeping your
pituitary gland in your brain releases the HGH once HGH is being released into
your bloodstream that helps you grow taller and makes your bones stronger the
next thing you want to do is make sure you get in a lot of exercise exercise
actually helps you grow and the sense that they stimulate the amounts of HGH
is being released into your bloodstream that helps you grow in also it’s also
great because you’re toning your muscles your stretch in and that helps you reach
your full genetic potential another tip that’s really important especially for
Millennials is to practice good posture you know we’re constantly down on our
phones we have our neck bends we’re over a desk at school making sure you
practice good posture is very important because this will help your vertebrae
get longer now for adults yes it is possible to get taller regardless of age
even if your 30s your 40s your 50s it is still possible to get taller here’s how
do yoga and do stretches regularly it’s been proven that doing yoga and
stretching regularly can actually help you gain two inches of heights so the
more yoga you do the more your muscles are stretching the more your back is
stretching your posture is getting corrected and you can actually gain two
inches of heights and we know that two inches goes a long way especially in the
modeling industry you also want to make sure as an adult that you have a
balanced diet get your proteins get your calcium just have a balanced diet
overall because this is like nourishing your body now the secret weapon to
actually gain in taller as an adults its HGH human growth hormones human growth
hormones HGH is actually released in the body naturally it’s released in the
brain from the pituitary gland HGH is actually released in men the most
between ages 15 to 19 and for women it’s released the most from 13 to 18 this is
why you see teenagers around that age they grow so rapidly as an adult HGH is
still being released but not at the full capacity as it was when you’re a
teenager so HGH is being released at a smaller doses but you can actually
increase your natural HGH or you can take supplements to increase
the level of HGH being released into your bloodstream however if you guys are
going to take supplements I highly suggest that you consult a doctor
because one there’s some side effects with taking HGH you want to make sure
you’re speaking with a doctor to make sure it doesn’t conflict or interfere
with any other medications or you might be taking another thing to keep in mind
is that if you’re an athlete as a teenager or as an adult HGH is banned in
most sports because of the unfair advantage that it gives so it helps you
increase your muscle mass rapidly your bonus again is stronger and you’re
actually growing taller and bigger so here’s the thing there are a couple of
things that you guys can do to increase your natural level of HGH and it all
starts with your sleep so the very first thing is to make sure you get an
adequate sleep because when you’re sleeping there miracles happen in your
body number one melatonin is being released
from your pineal gland now the pineal gland has a very
important role in your body it’s shaped like an almond is located in the center
of the brain right in between the eyes and above it has light receptors which
is why some people call it the third eye now the pineal gland isn’t
light-sensitive it’s very important that you sleep in the dark because when you
don’t sleep in the dark let’s say for example you sleep with the television on
or you sleep with a night lamp what happens is that the pineal gland is
actually sensing the lights around it and because of that it’s not releasing
melatonin to its full capacity so you want to make sure you try to sleep in
the dark because your pineal gland will function properly and just to help you
get enough adequate sleep another thing that helps increase your HGH is to lose
body fats something else you want to do is to take supplements natural herbs and
supplements like gaba and argan 9 I’m going to leave the links and description
box down below so make sure you guys check those outs getting exercise is
very important because exercise will help you release natural HGH now it
ultimately help you get taller so those are my tips are actually getting taller
naturally if you guys don’t feel like doing any of those things
one quick solution is to wear insoles that actually boost your Heights there’s
some really cool and clever in Seoul say you guys can slip into your
shoes that would definitely give you a boost in your Heights alright guys so
that’s it for how to get taller naturally regardless of age if you guys
have questions drop them in the comment box down below if you guys like this
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21 Replies to “How to GROW TALLER at Any AGE – (It’s POSSIBLE)”

  1. Good morning 🌞❤️
    You know my son has an extremely hard time sleeping at night in which he is very short (definitely keeping this in mind 🤔)

  2. 5ft 20yo, stopped growing when I was 12 lol
    Did ballet for almost 10 years so I definitely got my exercise and good posture from a young age.
    Gave up growing taller a long time ago, focusing on overall physique now.

  3. 1. Don’t smoke
    2. Balanced diet (take calcium and protein)
    3. Get enough sleep
    4. Exercises
    5. Practice good posture
    6. Do Yoga/Stretches Regularly
    7. Increase HGH (by taking supplements like gaba, sleeping in the dark, loosing body fats, exercising)
    8. Wear soles

  4. I'm an 18 year old girl and I want to get to 5'10 ( I'm about 5'7 rn) , I know there are different "grow taller" supplements and I was wondering if you think they would be fastly affective, then doing everything else you mentioned ( I'm very busy lol)

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