How to Handstand Walk! (WODprep Progression)

– Hey this is Ben from WODprep and today we’re going to talk about how to get your handstand walk. I’m going to talk about
the few things that I did that helped take me from
zero handstand walks to now being able to
walk across the gym, do zig-zags,
even knock out some freestanding
handstand push-ups. But before we get into that, I just released my first ever ebook. It’s called, As Rx’d: The How-To Guide
To Take Your Training To The Next Level. So if you want your
completely free copy, all you have to do is go to and enter your name
and email address and I will send you that
ebook right away. I’ve gotten some really
good response so I’ve decided to spread the word
and get it out there. Alright, so let’s dig right in. Handstand Walk Progressions. Number one: You need to ask yourself, are you ready to do
handstand walks. Most people in CrossFit
have a tendency to want to do all
these fancy movements before they’re ready. A lot of people want to do
kipping muscle-ups, kipping pull-ups
before they even have strict muscle-ups
or strict pull-ups. And to me, that is nothing more
than asking for injury. So, don’t try handstand
walking until you have at least a strict
handstand push-up, okay. At least one. Or 30 seconds of nose-to-wall
handstand hold. You’ll see in this picture,
I’m about to overlay, my nose is facing the wall, I’m all the way up
against it. My core is tight, I’m keeping a nice hollow
body position. If you can hold that position
for 30 seconds unbroken, then that’s going to tell me that you have the
shoulder strength, the core stability to
at least start playing around with being
able to walk on your hands. Alright, next. My favorite drills are
called Wall Drills. Shoulder taps and hip touches. A shoulder tap is where,
again, I get up nose-to-wall,
on the wall and then I shift my weight
from my left hand to my right hand,
picking up my opposite hand to touch the opposite shoulder. So you’ll see in this video,
I’m doing shoulder taps. I’m taking my right hand,
lifting it up to touch my left shoulder
and then vice versa. What this teaches you, is it teaches you how to
transfer your weight from hand to the next. Whenever you’re doing
a handstand walk, it’s all about keeping balance and being able to transfer
your weight from one hand to the next. So, the shoulder taps teach you
how to do that. They teach you to shift your weight
but not too much so that you fall over,
but obviously, your feet are anchored
to the wall so they give you a little
bit of stability. Next, we have hip touches. This is like the Rx plus version
of shoulder taps. So instead of just lifting
your hand really quick to touch your
opposite shoulder, this time, you’re lifting
your hand all the way up to touch your hip
that’s on the same side. So, I’m taking my right hand
all the way to my right hip and then I transfer left hand
all the way to my left hip. It is tough but if you can
master doing these two drills, it is really really going
to pay dividends for walking across the
gym on your hands. I know the first time I
ever practiced these drills, I literally, someone
taught them to me, I tried them and
then later that day, I walked for the first time
ever on my hands. So it’s amazing how
well these work. If you’re looking for some
ways to implement these in your training, I recommend
hitting some EMOMs. So a simple, nothing but shoulder
and hip touch work out could be 10 minutes
every minute on the minute, you’re doing 20 shoulder taps
and then 10 hip touches. Obviously, alternating each time. If you can do that, even just
for a couple minutes, chances are, you’re going
to be ready to move on to the next level which is… Walk Aways. So, the same format, you’re going to have
your nose to the wall, up on the wall. First you’re going to try
just kicking your feet, kicking your toes away
from the wall and doing a handstand hold. What’s great about having the
wall right behind you is even if you fail,
even if you fall back down, you don’t have to kick
all the way back up. The wall is there
to catch you. You can reposition yourself
and get right back up. So once you’ve kind of
gotten the hang of holding yourself in
a freestanding handstand, with that wall
as an assistant, then you’re going to
try walk aways. And all that is, is instead of
just kicking away from the wall and holding it, you’re kicking
away from the wall, getting past that tipping point and then letting the
momentum pull you forward. As you’ll see in this video,
I kick away from the wall, I let my let my legs
fold over my body, keeping a tight core, I slowly but surely
walk away from the wall. What’s cool is that
even if you do fail, you are going to fall back, your feet are going
to touch the wall, you won’t necessarily have to
kick all the way back up every single time. The wall just offers some
excellent, excellent support instead of just having
a spotter onhand. Another thing you can do
with the walk aways, if you’re too afraid
to fall forward, just have someone
stick out their hand and make sure that if you
do fall too far forward, they’re there to catch you. So, these drills, although
they’re very very simple, I assure you,
once you master them, once you practice
these walk aways, you are going to be
on your way to absolutely crushing
handstand walks. Alright, again, if you want
to learn more on how to take your training
to the next level, get more videos like these, make sure you go to enter your name
and email address and I’ll send you all kinds
of good stuff, including that new
ebook that I wrote. Thank you so much. Go out and crush it this week.

47 Replies to “How to Handstand Walk! (WODprep Progression)”

  1. Brilliant! Best tips I've had yet. Just downloaded the book Ben and looking forward to progressing. Keep em vids and instruction coming…

  2. 30 second N2W is harder than I thought. Going to keep practicing. I also downloaded the book. Thank you so much!

  3. This is lovely but what about falling forwards doing the holds. That's what I am always scared of, and do often.

  4. Great drills, Ben. Had a break through recently and got 24' but I'll certainly add your 10 EMOM to my mix, thanks!

  5. Hey Ben, thanks for the video – i'll definitely be sure to try these progressions out.
    I recently started a CrossFit Beginner VLOG and your content has definitely been helping me out with different movements and ways to progress. I'll be sure to give your channel a shoutout on my next Vlog. Thanks again bro!

  6. Holy shit I thought holding the stand on the wall for 30 seconds would be easy but my butt makes it harder as I feel like it's going to make me fall back 🙁 help

  7. OMG! Thank you so mch! This worked like a pro, and I totally got it! Downloaded the eBook as well! (Best part is : I CAN DO IT ON A BEAM!) thx so so mchh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Best tips ive ever seen! Ive been trying to walk on my hands for a while but couldn't find the best tutorial. Now i found it!!!🌸

  9. I am having a bit of a problem. I can easily do a couple of stric hspu and some shoulder taps, but i cant put myself handstand in a single movement. I dont really know how to explain this jajaja. For me to go handstand, i have to put my head on the floor, go handstand, and then press my way up. Any idea to fix this? Thank you!

  10. Do you want to improve your scores & "Rx" workouts? Get our FREE Training programs here – 😃

  11. Did the EMOM for 8 mins (20 shoulder 10 hip), I'm dead… My cardio is in the shitters.
    I can hold a freestanding hs for 2 mins but can't walk yet (I fall backwards after two steps), I don't have room to walk around at home safely. Need to go out moar ;s

  12. Great video! I am excited to work on these, I have only been doing crossfit for about six months now. It's amazing as when I started I was scared to just do wall walks, and now I am able to kick up and do HSPU. The next step is to work on the drills and learn to do handstand walks. I agree with you and think that if you master the drills then the movement will not only be safer, you will also have better performance.

  13. Hey! I did this yesterday!!!! I was able to do both, the shoulder taps and the hip taps!!! Okay, today I am so sore!! All across the top of my back and into my upper traps. The caps of my shoulders are less sore but I can feel some soreness. Is the expected for the first time doing this drill!!!???? I did 10 mins and 20 reps on the minute. Thanks in advance 🙂

  14. Crossfit is such a hard sport to get good at .. just when you think you’re getting good they make you walk on your hands lol

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