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  1. I placed my order for the "Thenx Wrist Wraps" last Saturday and I got them in the mail today (just a couple of business days) I am amazed with the service from THENX website!! Thanks for your videos and workouts! You are an inspiration for me.

  2. Being able to do this is one achievement. Being able to do it on both sides is a whole other achievement. Muscle balances and imbalances for sure.

  3. Amazing tutorial. Best line though: "You don't want to be that guy that can only do a flag on one side…that's not that cool"

  4. funny how the flag looked the hardest yet i manged to learn it in a month. The front lever on the other hand … my word 3 months and i can only hold for a second

  5. How long does it take on average to learn this if you're already in decent shape? (Can do 20+ pull ups in a set and 8-10 muscle ups to give an indication of my level right now)

  6. great video. i did alot of the bounce strategy, and also regular pullups and dips helped build strenght. but i still was suffering abit then boom i begun to cut, then i was able to do it. so reducing body fat also helps but first get strenght..

  7. more practice yet I can hold my body up to 2 seconds and I dont think Im strong enough to not master it I have trust on my strength

  8. Sorry but i didn't get what's the difference between the negatives and the raises ? Thank you if you have any answer ^^

  9. 4:50 You chose the perfect music for the part when you pull yourself up 🙌🏼❤️
    Learned so much from this! 🤗

  10. Yo, people throw dirt on you for your past. But idc bout all that, everyone does something foul in there life eventually. Your stuff is good, and its legit. It all works for me, salute

  11. can you make another video of this please?

    and can someone help me becouase when i do it i get higher than the normal flag but then lose height and fall do i just need to train more or i am just doing something wrong?

  12. Hey officialthenx I feel like I can do it but the bar I try it on is too wide in diameter for me to grip, does this matter or is my grip too weak?

  13. yo chris i looked up for ur techniques & tips in THENX app but after 3rd progression,their is a lock…the only way to unlock that progression is to pay 90$…. dude wtf… u are giving all that knowledge & providing information for FREE on youtube…so why u did this in your application???

  14. great tutorial! I use to be able to do the handstand a couple of years ago but if you don’t use it you lose it… this helped me build up the strength again and be a human flag.

  15. Chris please release the first track on this video next, I think it’s the most bad ass track I’ve heard in a while.

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