How to Learn Pull Ups for Beginners

I know that for the most of you doing a pull up is easy even if you don’t trainat all. But there’s a lot people who struggle to do even one rep and it’s nothing unusual. Here, I’m going to tell you how to build up strength to do your first pull ups. Before we even get to the exercises, let’s mention the grip. Pull up is an exercise, that requires very strong grip, so if you can’t hang from the bar for at least 10 seconds, then be sure to build up your grip strength first. Just do 5 sets of max hanging every day until you can do it for 10 or even better 15 seconds. Generally every strength skill is learned with the same set of rules. You have to practice doing either a part of the skill or doing its easier variation. In this regard pull up is no different, so let’s explore the possibilities. Doing only a part of the skill means that you have to divide the move into separate parts. In case of pull up, it consists of pulling youself up and then lowering yourself down. Both of these moves can be used to build strength for the full exercise, but the latter is much easier, so it’s more useful in this case. Lowering your body is called a negative and this is the first exercise that can be used to learn the pull up. Get on a chair or a stool, so your chin is over the bar. Then transfer you weight onto your arms and slowly lower your body all the way down. The motion should last at least 2 seconds and be uniform. That means the same speed troughout whole exercise. The common mistake is that you do it very slow at the begining, but then start to increase the speed as you get tired. Be sure to keep the velocity constant. Alternatively you can jump to get your chin over the bar and then do the negative in the same manner. The second group of the exercises is easier variations. Here, you have a few options. First, you can do inclined pull ups. This is a type of pull up where you keep your feet on the ground and tilt your body. It can be done using a lower bar, rings or a TRX straps. This exercise has its pros and cons. It’s good, because the difficulty can be adjusted accordingly to any strength level, by chaning your inclination. The problem is, that this is slightly different movement, because you don’t pull from over you head, but from the front of you chest. However you use mostly the same muscles in both cases, so it is a good way to strengthen them. Next, we have an assisted pull up. This can be done using a resistance band, which pulls you upward and helps you to do the exercise. The best way to do it is to attach the band to the bar like this, and put your feet inside it. Doing pull ups with rubber band is very beneficial, because you do the same exact move, in the same exact range of motion, but you can do more reps. This way you can learn to use proper muscles and get used to the move. I feel like the best band for pull ups is the purple one. However if you only have wider resistance band then you can try putting your knees inside it, this way it will help you less. You can find the details on the bands I’m using in the description. My last proposition is also a type of assisted pull up, but requiring a little more strict setup and some pike flexibility. You need a lower pull up bar and a stool, where you can lay your feet. This way some of your weight is supported by feet and it makes pulling yourself up easier. Just keep you hips under the bar. Don’t push them forward, because the exercise will become just like inclined pull ups. Oh, umm, and I’ve got one more proposition, but it’s more for a goof than an useful option, even though technically it’s the same move and with an adjustable difficulty. Just hang head down from a bar, grab some weights in your hands and start pulling up. Each of those exercises can be done individually, or combined with others. Just do 5 sets of max reps of chosen variation, 3 or 4 times a week. After a month of doing this you should feel a big difference in strength and be able to perform a few pull ups. If you want to get chin up, not the pull up the same exercises can be used. Just change the grip and you’re good to go.

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