Hi, guys! I’m trainer Amy Jo, with ATHLEANXX for Women,
and today we’re doing a breast lift workout. Join me, and let’s go! So our first one is using a bench and a plate. I have a 25lb plate here. You’re going to lay it all the way down on
the bench, or even on the ground, which works as well. You’re going to press your hands on the outer
side of the plate, bringing the elbows down, plate barely touches the chest, and then press
back up again. This is a great one for the chest. It’s already contracting the muscles as you
push against the plate, and then you add the press in. it’s a nice, double whammy. So I’m doing 12 here. Six, five, four. Squeeze at the top. Three. Squeeze at the top. Two, and then I’m going to come down, and
then I’m going to pulse it out. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four,
three, two, and one. So that’s the plate press. That’s your very first exercise. Then the second one is a decline pushup. So your toes are going to go on the bench,
hands are going to be out, on the floor, and you want to be nice, and wide for this exercise. Hands are wide, abs are tight, toes are up,
and hit it. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four,
three. Two more. Two. Deep as you can. One. Excellent. So the higher you go with your feet there,
creates more force into the chest, and makes it more difficult. The lower the bench, the easier it is. All right, on our bench we’re going to take
this up to an incline. Now I’m going to grab a little bit lighter
weight, and these are flys. So you’re kind of anchored down using the
bench. Chest is lifted, I start out wide, and I’m
coming up together. So kind of make a “V” with the dumbbell at
the top. Let’s do 10. Ten, nine, eight. Come down slowly. Seven, six, five, four, three. Think about the muscle group you’re working. Two. Upper chest. And one. Nice. Great job. Then you’re going to flip over. Hang onto those dumbbells, and for the very
last one, push the dumbbells together. You’re going wide, and narrow. So it’s a narrow press, and then at the top,
take it wide. Come back to the center, narrow press, and
then take it wide. So we’re doing 10 here. That’s two. Narrow, and wide. Narrow, and wide. There’s four. Push the weights together. Five. Press up. Hit it wide. There’s six, and seven. Keep that chest out. Roll the shoulders back so it isolates the
chest. Good. Let’s go two more. Here’s nine, and our very last one. Narrow, take it wide, and press. Great job. All right. There you have it. A great breast lift workout. Four great exercises. I would probably do four rounds for that,
and increase weight if you need to. Decrease weight if you feel like it’s too
heavy. You can’t have proper form. Remember as well, when you’re pressing you
want to roll those shoulder blades out. Chest is out so you can really isolate the
muscle group that you’re working. Give me a thumbs up, comment below. Let us know more of what you guys want to
see, more of what can help you get results, and thanks for joining me, and I’ll see you
next time.

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