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Hey, guys, my name
is Tim Schmoyer. And just like we
do every Wednesday, it’s time for some YouTube tips,
ideas, suggestions, and advice. What we’re going to do
today is feature one of you guys from the
video creators community. I love it when we
get to do this. Today, JJ Johnson from the
Reality Survival YouTube channel is going to show
you how to make a YouTube thumbnail that’s properly
sized and ready for the site, using only online free tools. That’s coming up. OK, so the first thing that
you’re going to want to do is go to And that is www. I-P-I-C-C-Y .com. Hit Enter. And then hit Start Editing. OK, it’s going to pull you up. And what you’re going
to need to do first is you’re going to need
to create a template. So what I do is go here
and Create New Image. Now, you want the image
to be 1280 by 720. 1280 by 720. That’s the right
size for YouTube so that it’s going to fit
appropriately in the space that they give you. OK, now I’m just going to go
ahead and give it a background color. I’m going to use black for mine. You can obviously pick
whatever you want. Go up here and get a shape. I’m just going to
get a rectangle. Let’s see. Yep, that’s good. Now I’m going to size
this out just a little bit past the border. That way I know
it’s all filled in. Good. And then I will color
it black just like that. OK, so now what
I want to do is I can go ahead and put in any
text or anything like that that I want to be
on the template. So this would be
the text that will be on every single one
of your thumbnails. So mine’s just going to
be Reality and Survival. I’m going to stretch
that out, with a color. And we’ll make it
about that big. And really this is–
this is where there’s going to be a custom
aspect of it for you. I’ll change the font,
make it something a little bit cooler and a
little bit more noticeable. Now, I’m kind of doing
this on the rush here, so if it’s not perfect,
then forgive me. All right, now I’ll give
it a second– second word. It’s going to go vertical
along the left side. It’ll be Survival. Give it another color. We’ll throw it up here and
stretch this out as well. So once you get this
all finished up– change to the same font. Make it about the same size. OK, good. Now, if I wanted to import
a little logo or something like that into the corner,
I could do that as well. All I’ve got to do
is just go here. And this is one that I’ve
already kind of pre-loaded up just to save a
little bit of time. We’ll size that down. Kind of throw that in there,
just help with the branding and that kind of
thing a little bit. And that’s pretty
much our template. So what I’m going to do now is
I’m just going to hit the check mark over here, say that’s good. I’m going to save it. And let’s call that Test 2. And let’s save it to our
computer on our desktop, and that’ll be good. Now what you want to do is
you can close that photo. You can come in here and
you can go to Upload Photo. And you want to just go
ahead and upload the test that you just made. And click Open. Now you can see that
you’ve got it right here. So now whenever you
do a video and you’re ready to make your
thumbnail afterwards, then all you’ve got to
do is come to iPiccy, and you’ll have
these uploads in here that you’ve done previously. So this will be the start of
how to make each thumbnail after your template’s done. So we can go ahead
and open this up. So now what we’re going
to do is click Layer. And we’ll go to Layers. And we’re going
to add a picture. So for the picture, what
we’re going to need to do is upload a screenshot. All right? So we’re going to
add a photo to it. And this is a screen shot
that I pulled from a video on my channel. Let’s see if we
can get that going. Oops, sorry about that. All right, and hit
Upload Photos right here. Now, this is a screenshot that
I had already ready to go. There we go. And we’ll open that up. And now we can see that we’ve
got that thumbnail up here. So I’m going to pull
that into my space right here and resize it. And that’s going to be good. Now I’m going to add a
little bit of text to it. How to build an evasion shelter. All right. Now if I want to
center that up, I can just go ahead and
hit Center right there. We’ll change the color to
make it stand out a little bit better and change the
font to the same font as the other stuff. And then we’ll go ahead
and stretch this out. All right, there we go. So that looks pretty good. Now I’m going to go
ahead and save it. Combine the layers. Call it Evasion Shelter. And we will save that. OK, so we’ve got that
saved to the desktop. Now what I want to do is, if I’m
ready to upload on my channel, I’ll go to the video
that I was going to need the thumbnail for. And I will just click
on Custom Thumbnail. I’ll go to my desktop. And I will find the thumbnail. Here it is. And I’ll click it. And then it will upload it. And as you can see,
it’s perfectly sized so that it fits in
the window correctly. And it should be all good to go. That is just how I make the
thumbnails for my videos. A couple things to remember
is you need a correct size, so that 1280 by 720. Then you also want to try to
have something that stands out. So, you know, the colors that
you use need to be bright. You need to try to incorporate
the branding for your channel. And then go ahead
and put something that is related to the
title and the description and the content of the video
as well on the thumbnail. So if you do all
those things, you should have a good,
successful thumbnail. You’ll have a template to
make it really quick and easy. All you’ve got to do is get
a screenshot from the video that you want, slap it
right into your thumbnail, add a little bit of text,
and you’re good to go.

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