How to make an iPad Treadmill Holder – DIY Now

Morning! I am at the gym right now and I
want to share with you the solution that I came up with to created and iPad holder for a stationary bicycle, treadmill or stair master. If you’re like me, I’d like to preoccupy my mind when I’m
at the gym during my cardio sessions every morning and I used like to read the newspaper
but I stop the newspaper once my wife got me this iPad because I said, I just gotta start
watching videos and reading magazines and even the paper and consuming digital content with this instead but as you can see I’m here on the treadmill I liked to go on a very steep incline and I can’t really hold this and
hold the iPad at the same time. Now some gyms have that great little
plastic holder where you can slot it in for a magazine or book but this gym didn’t, I couldn’t find any in Singapore. So the situation I face was how can I
come up with this iPad holder using just the things that I bring to the gym
which is this water botter which conveniently has this clip on the end and my
iPad. So I realize that my first gen iPad is rather heavy but it’s pretty much the same weight as this
water bottle and if there was some way I could attach the water
bottle to the other hand, I could just fold this over on the treadmill or stationary bike display console and it would balance and then my hand would be free to slide on the iPad or just swing when I workout, whatever. So I went to Daiso which is a two dollar store here in Singapore. They have dollar stores in the States and even in China they have ten Renminbi stores so you can find stationary things really cheaply. I went to the stationary area in Daiso
and found this brown book end that conveniently has these two holes here and it slides right into where the paper can go in the iPod. Then I found these
rings in the other part of the stationary area
and these rings, just slot them into the holes, I just use three of them. I got the size that was big enough to where I could create a sort-of triangular system because I want the water bottle to
be weighted in the very center of the iPad so it would be nice and balance and wallah! One thing to note is I like you to do my half hour cardio sessions without taking any water during them and then at
the end, reward myself and have my water then. Quite convenient, you can watch videos, read then have your hands free. Hopefully you have
found this video useful. If you have any questions whatsoever, just comment and I’ll go ahead and respond back and if you have a
solution other than this, I’d love to see it, do a video response.
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14 Replies to “How to make an iPad Treadmill Holder – DIY Now”

  1. Great machine. It folds up easily!>>> It works just the ones at the gym. One small thing–it only counts distance in tenths of a mile, so I can't do sprints for any less than that. Just something to get used to, as the gym has it broken down into hundredths.

  2. You don't need the clip on the water bottle. You can connect the ring in the middle to the water bottle as long as there is a hole like his water bottle.

  3. Actually, buying exercise equipment with iPad holder will be easy and fast. You can see this one:

  4. I am trying to figure out how to do something similar with my cell phone, so this video was helpful. Thanks! 🙂

  5. I don't own an IPad but after watching your video I started brainstorming on how I could watch a youtube treatmill video. I had the same problem to solve as you except that my treadmill is in the same room as my router so I could use wireless and a plug in speaker to get sound. I discovered that my 7 inch Kindle Fire with kickstand cover fit perfectly on top of my treadmill without covering anything. Thanks for the inspiration.

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