How to make barbell weights at home (With Summer-Winter tire machine)

so when you don’t know what to do with the winter tire change take your tires for tires yeah yeah do it do it now just do it get four to two roads ten diameter you take also eight washes eight locking nut you need also a long pipe for our guests because it’s more sturdy yeah then a long piece of wood ten for ten you submerge again this is it this is the same okay okay just kidding this is the real one so in the first place take some measures course you take a diameter of tire and the distance of screw and take it well so okay this is great now we are ready to the next phase and the next phase is to cap of course after putting a sign of it [Music] yeah sign add well [Music] you [Music] of course you must cut four pieces of wood so I cut it to forty nine centimeters and then you put another sign on it for drill so you put on it a free science for two screws and one pipe next base a next place is to drill it [Music] [Music] as you see I’m doing two small force and now I will do big one individual for the bike [Music] [Music] so when we done with the holes we are ready to oscillate the thing so I continue to use the gloves because the tire are pretty dirty so you can also watch the tires but I didn’t do it how you see I am putting the pieces of wood for the first so then I’m going with the tires so I’m putting two tires on the side also of course you can put more tires on the side but you must buy a bigger and long pipe and it cost so this is a low-budget tutorial so now you must do the same thing on the other side and piece of wood tires and piece of wood [Music] now I’m taking the long screw you must push it harder so the scream mask face from one piece of wood to other piece of wood and also must face from one tire to second tire and this is the same you must use some hover for push the screw because they are pretty tough to get it in and nothing in the camera yeah so now you can put the washers and so you put the thing this order washers when you put to block and then we put out a blocked nuts and nothing after we can use electric drill to help us with the thing and this is the important thing on the one side you must go a little nap because on the other side you must put Palo not and we put the knot and there you finish to put para but a this is not a auto block that why because you must cap the screw and after cutting the screw you must take off the nut and so it’s better to put a normal knot on it and after you go with the same order washer three lakh and autoblog nap [Music] you [Music] [Music] so we do the same thing for our screws [Music] [Music] move [Music] so here I’m putting some sign of the on the pipe and on the wood and I will explain you after why we take a drill and we do a hole in the wood [Music] feeling like a beer so have you see the next phase is to drill the pipe on the both side [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] so after that we need to take the pipe and we put it again into the tyres so in the next place I’m taking the screw and I drive it into the wood and into the pipe then you make it paste between all of them so you do the same thing like before you put the washer the out looking thing and [Music] after reboot the not auto lock nut so why I’m using auto locking nut and city and cetera and because when you use this barbell especially when you perform a deadlift it not make a screw off and it’s not a nice thing so this is only for the security and nothing security [Music] so in this place and cleaning and with rival alcohol after that I have put some PVC tape because because the PVC type improve your grip and have a cool look so put it on and for you it may be out the satisfying view so also there is a one little tip I can give you you can put some rubber on pipe and after that you can put the type into the wood so because of rubber when you throw the barber or I don’t know and it make us up some shocks and the barber we have more durability at the time so guys this video is going to end and I’m going to wash my hand because I did not use the cloth it’s pretty funny and nothing please watch other videos and subscribe if you want to subscribe also I will put the video with the explication on how to use this bubble with dead lifts on the with the plank and with a lot of it [Music] you [Music]

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  2. gяєαт νιɗєσ му fяιєηɗ ι Ɩιкє уσυя cнαηηєƖ α-Ɩσт 🙂 ι нανє ѕυввєɗ αηɗ Ɩιкєɗ αηɗ тυяηєɗ тнє вєƖƖ ση :ρ ιf уσυ ɗσ тнє ѕαмє ωє cσυƖɗ вσтн ѕтαу αcтινє 🙂 αηɗ ѕυρρσят σηє αησтнєя

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