How to March in Place & High Jog | Boot Camp Workout

Marching in place or doing a high jog, is
a great way to warm up. You are literally just mimicking the movements
of running. So you are engaging a lot of the similar muscle
groups that you’d use in a run. For example, just raising one knee up and
then alternating leg. So you are getting that hip flexor action
to take place, warming up in the hip socket. You are also engaging your core. If you let the upper body move, you are gonna
start warming up in the shoulders. Great way if you can’t do a whole lot of impact,
it’ll still elevate the heart rate. And if you can take a little bit more impact,
just start picking up the pace and high jog, lifting the knees upto the chest, rolling
through the feet. You could also do it where you are not landing
with your heels, and you are just staying on the balls of your feet. Great way to prepare for some acclerations
like sprinting or doing some jumping. You could also do a butt kick variation, where
you are doing the heel to the glute, picking up the speed and making it a little bit more
high impact. And then you are gonna get some warming up
happening a little bit more deeply in that knee joint as you go through that greater
knee flexion. All different variation of marching in place,
jogging, running, again just a great way to get that heart rate up. Whether you do the lower impact variation
of the marching in place, or the higher impact variation of the high jog or the butt kicker
variation getting a litte bit more range of motion in your knee. They are all gonna be great as they tend to
mimic a movement of running mechanics preparing your body for exercise or for a run.

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