How To Planche – Beginner Tutorial

Welcome to Calisthenic Movement. My name is Alex. And in today’s video, I will show you how to start training for the planche, as a beginner. The hardest part in the beginning is to get into the tucked planche position. Once you’re able to hold the tucked planche for a bit, you can go on with training the usual progressions. Beside the tucked planche there are the following progressions. The Advanced Tucked Planche. The One Leg Planche. The Straddle Planche. And the Full Planche. We recommend you to the able to hold a progression for at least 30 seconds, before you go on to the next progression. In this video, we are focusing on how you can achieve the ability to hold the tucked planche progression and strengthening. Before you start with the planche training, you will need a minimal basic strength. If you can do more than 30 narrow push-ups, 20 dips and 60 seconds handstand on the wall, you can start with the regularly planche training. To be able to reach the tucked planche position it’s very important that you concentrate on completely straight arms every time you train. Imagine how you push your shoulder blades forward and push with straight arms against the ground. In this way you stabilize your shoulder joints and activate the muscles that are necessary to hold a planche one day. All right. Let’s go to the exercises. A good exercise to start is the Planche Lean. With that you can get closer to the right position step by step. The more you lean forward, the harder this exercise gets. Now your shoulder girdle gets more load, because the shoulder is not right above the wrist but it’s placed in front of them. The Frog-stand and the Advanced Frog-stand are some more good exercises for the beginning. When doing the Frog-stand, your inner thighs are placed onto the elbows, and arms might be bent slightly. When you do the advanced Frog-stand, your arms have to be straight, and you lean your knees against your lower arms. The next exercise is the Straddle-sit. Here you’re also allowed to rest your inner thighs on the arms a bit. As soon as you feel comfortable in this position, you can start trying to lean forward with your upper body and release your thighs from your arms. Another in this time dynamic exercise is the Tucked Planche Swings. Here you go to the tucked planche position by swingings likely into it. When your body gets used to that, you try to eliminate the swing step by step. And perform the movements slower and slower, and more controlled. Finally we show you another exercise from the hand-stand. This exercise is similar to a planche lean. You are in a handstand position with your belly facing the wall and start walking forwards in your hands. When you reach a certain point, you start leaning forward and hold the position. Lean only as much forward as you are able to hold this position for a few seconds. And avoid to fall down after seconds. Integrate 1 – 2 of those exercises into your training to reach a tucked planche. We recommend you to train those exercise at least 3 times a week. Thank you for watching this video. We are happy about your subscriptions and likes. If you have questions, just leave the comment below.

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  1. I tried doing planche without those things i did it in a floor
    I forgot to pit a pillow incase if i hit my nose and then i hit my nose
    Second thing i noticed my lips popped haha and bleeding..

  2. my arms grow up tucked, they dont streitch !! the most high i cant streitch is 150º I can't 180º , my question is : Can I do the full planche with my arms like that? when I streich then I feel the preasure in the mid. what u say!

  3. I started to train for the elbow lever and I can do it after two days but I can only hold it for 20 seconds. Gonna start training for this now. Wish me luck!

  4. Man I have low body fat good muscular chest I’m light why I can’t even tuck planche dude leave a like if you’re like me

  5. Man I have low body fat good muscular chest I’m light why I can’t even tuck planche dude leave a like if you’re like me

  6. i sprained my wrist so it really hurts to put my whole hand down, is it ok if i use my fists when doing this or should i still practise my hands?

  7. Also important thing for the health of the shoulder is that ur elbows should point backwards and thereby external rotate your arm

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  9. Thanks for the tutorial. I am going to start the progression in a few days. How many reps per set do i need to do for each exercise? Thanks

  10. Wow, nice! I’m doing the same thing, training for the planche everyday and recording the results on my channel. Just finished month 1 ☺️

  11. Awesome but the requirements meant to do one after the other with no rest or even maybe different days? just because dip after pushups is harder

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  14. The 3 basic requirements, do you mean doing those consecutively? Or individually? After doing 30 narrow push ups, I can only do 14 dips, and 50sec wall handstand. But after some rest, I can do 60sec wall hand stand, and then 20 dips. Just not all those things right after another. I also need to work on losing my belly fat, and strengthening my core.

  15. Thank you so much I’m 13 and now I can hold the advanced frog stand for a long time 😀😀👍👍 I’m just starting calisthenics

  16. Everytime I try it, my legs want to go high in the air as if I'm going to do a handstand.

  17. This is a really super video and it helped me a lot to start the training for this diffecould exercise. I have one question. I started a long time ago with powerlifting and now I am an ultra runner. I always thought training with bodyweight would not be hard enough for me BUT as a runner I do not need to work with weights. No I have the experience that "only" making 20 pushups and do them 3x 20, I feel like I never did a training ad all! The only exercise that is not a problem for me is to do squats. Normal squats I can do over 40 slow and without problems. Jumped squats "only" 20 of them I feel like I have to die 🙂 Is that experience normal and is it enough to hold my strengh with squats without weight or should I use weights for squatting? For all other exercises (big 6) Leg Raise, Pushups, Pullups, Bridge, Handstand I do not miss weight at all. Hope you will answer me and thank you for this great exercise and video. Harry

  18. The next workout, I will start doing it, we will se what will be, I can already hold handstand perfect form for 1min, and tucked planche for few secs

  19. Well I can de the frog stance… Yay xD But I also have a feeling that my core is far too weak to hold my body like that

  20. what if instead of integrating 1-2 of them i base my entire workout routine on these 7 exercises? would it be helpful or useless?

  21. I don't have the strength to keep my arms straight and my wrists won't bend that far (without bars) what can I do?

  22. I can 60-70 narrow push ups , over 40 dips and stay all day long on wall handstand yet no where near doing a planche or any calithstethic shit… i’m so mad

  23. I meet strength requirements but it feels like my arms are to short to do tucked planche without my knees touching the ground

  24. Saw the basic strength requirements: Thought "oh crap". Tried if I could get em, surprised I got them all 3 full clean reps!

  25. Hey Guys,
    I was wondering whether it was normal to get sore lats from planche training. I practiced tuck planche for the first time yesterday (it isn't clean yet, my knees are still pretty close to the ground) and now my lats are really sore (more than they are after pullups or tuck front lever/tuck front lever pullups) and I really feel it when trying to do tuck planche or even just pushups (which I've never had before since pushups have nothing to do with lats).
    Would really appreciate some advise😊

  26. I’m 43, unfit, but just had someone pass away so re evaluating my health choices. I want to be around for my kids and be out there with them as well.
    I need to get some direction and ability to move and I believe Calisthenics will get me there.
    There is so much information on it though, makes it hard to focus on what I should do with zero abilities

  27. I need som help. I started practicing planches and now my forearms get a very sharp pain when I stop or lift even light things.
    It feels like scar tissue from when I punched something a long time ago.
    Does anyone have any tips please? I’d really appreciate it.

  28. Thank you for the great advice; I'll be adding this to my workout tomorrow. Right now I do 5 sets of 10 narrow push-ups but I think if I try I'll be able to do 20 in a row. I also jump rope and do shadow boxing amongst other ab workouts that I don't know the name of (also some yoga) and a bunch of other calisthenic exercises but I will add the dips and handstand to my routine to build up the muscles I need.

  29. HELP
    i can do tuck planche but everytime i do them the sides of my glutes cramp up. I feel like i could do tuck planche for much longer if i wasnt limited by this cramping. It occurs within a few seconds of getting in tuck planche position

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