How To: Prone Leg Curl (Cybex)

Hello Everyone I’m Scott from if you’re looking for a great way to target your hamstrings in the gym We’re here at the Cybex Prone Leg curl machine now in order to use this machine you have to first make an adjustment to this pad What you want to do Is Make sure That when you lay Down This pad Is resting above your ankles right here and for me that setting Is three, now there’s a trick to adjusting this a lot of Times It’ll Feel like it’s Stuck if You Just Take your Hand and Simply put it here you you can jingle it Up and Down as you’re Twisting this and it Comes Right Loose Then you’re going to move it up to your setting, my setting’s three Then as you tighten it make sure you hold this over here so that you get a nice tight grip and you can even jiggle it as you’re tightening it next you’re Going to lay Down Adjust the weight to A weight you can do And what you want to do is put your arms on these pads. You want to Make Sure you Maintain A neutral spine don’t Have your head Down too much or up too high and then You’re Going to Make sure that your feet Stay straight during the whole Exercise you Don’t want them to go out or go in and you’re going to breathe out as you lift the weight up, cuz you Always Breathe out When you exert a force so Breathe out Come all the way Down to almost touch breathe back out Breathe in Breathe out breathe in And that’s how use the Machine for more Information Feel free to subscribe to my channel as I’ll be Putting out More Exercises All the Time. Have a great day guys!

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