How To: Rope Push-Down

What’s going on Nation? I’m going to show you guys how to do a rope pull down This is a great exercise for you tricep what you want to do is get a rope and attach it to a cable Make sure the cables all the way up put the weight on a weight that you can do for multiple repetitions And what you’re going to do is grab the rope put your hands towards the butt ends of the bottom like this You’re gonna take a step back chest up shoulders blades together keep your elbows in nice and tight Maintain a neutral spine and then bring it straight down Fully extend your arms. Come up slow to a 90 degrees breathe out on the way down Breathe in on the way up breathe out on the way down Make sure you’re fully extending guys okay? Make sure you’re keeping those shoulder blades nice and tight making sure you’re keeping your core nice and tight push straight down 90 degrees straight down 90 degrees Straight down That’s how you do rope extensions. Hope you guys like this video because there’s always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  1. I have a problem, after tricep-pushdowns (bar) I always have problems with hemorrids, where I'm wrong? Anybody can help? Spine position is neutral and knees are a little bit flexed. Tnx!

  2. I have a huge problem with this exercise. I can only do 40lbs and I've been doing it for over 2 months now and I can't move on to heavier weights. What really frustrates me is that me and my friend started at the same time with the same weigh, but he is now able to do 90lbs without any problem and I'm still stuck at 40 and can't go higher. My form is good but I get tired after only 2 sets and my arms are unable to continue extending fully because of all the pain I get on the elbows. Now before you say I'm not strong enough, I've improved on every other triceps exercise like skull crushers where I don't get this pain at all as well as dips it's just this exercise that kills me and I can't do nothing about it to improve.

  3. Why You say 90 degrees u have to look how the triceps looks in the body the anatomic so you see it's more useful to use the full range of motion go as high as you can and go down

  4. Thank you man , I've been watching your tutorials so I can pull these exercises off correctly . Today's my first day at the gym 😅

  5. Just what I was looking for!! exactly like the comment below – short and sweet, all the info needed – got. Great. Thanks!!

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