How to Row on The Rowing Machine

[MUSIC PLAYING] SUBJECT: Rowing is a great form
of cardiovascular exercise. Not only is it low impact,
but it’s variable intensity. Now, it might look a
little intimidating, especially if you’ve never
actually rowed in a boat, but we’re going to show
you how in three easy steps you can get on the
rower and get started. [INAUDIBLE] going to
begin by foot placement, putting the feet in the
plates, making sure the strap is over the widest part of the
foot, lashing down the straps. He’s going to lean
forward, grasp the handles, and have the best
posture you can. It’s really, really important. So three easy steps. We’re going to drive back with
the legs, extend the knees, then hinge at the
hips, using the core, and then the last part is
actually rowing into the ribs. You reverse it to come back in. Extend, lean, bend, and row. So we’re going to push back,
drive-through the legs, hinge– use the core–
row in to the midsection, extend the arms
over straight legs, hinge forward, then bend
the knees and coming in. We put that all together and
that’s what it looks like. So think about a couple things. 60% legs, 20% core,
20% arms, and then it’s one count on the way
back, two counts on the way in. So it’s slowed on the way
back, and then take time to recover on the way in. That’s it. Good luck rowing. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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