How To – Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press – Hunter Labrada

Hey guys welcome to this episode. In this episode we’ll be going over the seated dumbbell shoulder press First thing that we want to keep in mind when doing this exercise Is the proper setup ie? Getting the dumbbells from your legs up into the pressing position and what position we want to start in and keep throughout the press so As far as getting the dumbbells up easiest way to do that is gonna be having them on your knees Have your butt a little off of the bench? So there’s a little angle so you have some room to actually kick up with you’re gonna kick one up And then the other once you’re here scoot back and take that big lean out of your stance okay this isn’t something you want to have a huge arch for this isn’t something once your butt like all the way off the bench because It’ll turn into more of a very high incline chest press instead of a dumbbell shoulder press so Butt pretty much all the way back into the bench not a huge arch in your back Having the dumbbells equal with your ears When performing this exercise something that I tell everyone when I teach them is pretend even though their dumbbells that it’s a bar Pretend that bar goes from that handle and connects them to Meaning you want to keep them even throughout the entire motion and you want to keep them straight You don’t want to have an extreme camber one way or the other, or letting them go in or out a lot pretend They’re attached like a bar with the added benefit of it’s not really there, so you can have a more neutral shoulder position From the start of the press you want to start from your ear And we want to press all the way up to just shy of lockout… Why just shy of lock out? Because when you lock out your arm All of the tension goes from the shoulder and the tricep to the joints being your elbow and your shoulder joint By keeping that little bit of Bend and going just shy of lockout we keep tension on the muscles We’re trying to train which is primarily our shoulders and secondarily our triceps Once you get it up there return to the starting position of handles equal with your ear, and that’s a complete rep This is definitely an exercise that I recommend you going a little higher rep on Really low reps high weight heavy weight. It’s a good way to injure yourself in this exercise I always shoot for at least eight to twelve reps on this sometimes even more Now that we went over how to do it. Let me show you what it looks like So that’s what it looks like if you enjoyed this tip be sure to check back for more like it

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