How To: Smith Machine- Inverted Row

What’s going on nation? I’m going to show you how to do an inverted row Using a Smith machine now if you’re using a Smith machine It means that the bar can move so put weights on it to hold it down, okay? What you want to do is put the bar low enough so that when you hang off of it like this Your body’s not touching the ground I usually put my hands right on the lines About shoulder length apart a little wider than shoulder length apart, okay now what you’re going to do keep your wrist straight Get your heels and dug really nice and tight into the ground Keep your body straight as a plank makes it a neutral spine you pull yourself up to your chest hits the bar Just like that Breathe all the way up Now if that’s too hard for you, and you want to work up to it Just slide yourself back a little more like this the more you slide back the easier it’s going to be The lower you go the harder it’s going to be So that’s the inverted row give it a shot. Let me know how you like it, but as always more good stuff coming soon See you guys

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