How To: Smith Machine- Overhand-Grip Bent-Over Row

What’s going on nation? I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do a smith machine Over hand grip bent over row now First thing you do is find your Smith’s machine Then put some weight on the bar and put the bar about mid-thigh level that way you can grab it and get started with the exercise relatively easy now What I’m going to do is get a slightly wider and shoulder length with my feet on the ground during the whole exercise Make sure you stay on your heels now doing the overhand grip. We’re still working our lats. We’re still working our rhomboids we’re also gonna be feeling a lot more on our forearms and our biceps so Feet little wider than shoulder length apart Hands a little wider than my feet you wanna make sure when you come up you’re getting 90 degree angles with your elbows So yeah, get my grip nice and tight now. I’m not right on top of the bar I’m actually back from it a little bit so that when I do the exercise my knees don’t go past my toes But I can arch my back and stick my butt back to pull right to my bellybutton so got the bar Sit back come down. My back is arched. My butt is out. My knees don’t go past my toes, maintain neutral spine And breathe out as I pull the bar to my belly button I’m also keeping my abs nice and tight Breathe out One more and then just simply come back up and rehook That’s how you do a smith machine Overhand grip bent over row. Hope you guys enjoyed this demonstration video and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  1. @MasterOfPES In what way will this exercise cause a broken back? Please awnser that 🙂 Its safer to do with heavy weights than doing it free, again: in what way does this cause ur back to break?

  2. @kikomiko1 you breath out as you exert your energy, this allows you to tighten your abs strengthening your abs over time, provide more stability to your body and believe it or not many people hold their breath when doing weights (tires you out alot faster and i read somewhere that lack of oxygen can cause blood vessels in eyes to be damaged)

  3. @jgq85 Ahhh, but straps wont improve your grip at all….better to work through it and get stronger. Farmer Carries are really good for improving grip strength.

  4. @Jsavolainen actually, the smith machine is WORSE than a barbell because the movement pattern is dictated by the machine and not your body, if you cant move the weight properly its too heavy, period – but you are right, there is no danger to your back here, it isnt working except to stabilize during the movement. I dont know where people get this shit from-if you have irrational fears of hurting your back youll never get stronger. I mean, there are guys out there deadlifting 5-6-7-8-1000 lbs!

  5. Great exercise, Great form, And you do look awesome,

    For the naysayers. I see negative comments on every video Scott does, Why? Because some of you have nothing better to do but go through life making questionable negative comments. I realize this is how you conduct your life, but maybe it's time you step back and see the positive influences being made. I know you think your making changes in the world, but trust me, your friends and people like me don't see it that way, It gets old )

  6. All haters stop criticising sat on your arse doing nothing usefull and go and do a workout instead of doing nothing and hoping over time you'll somehow look like The Hermanator.

  7. i have a reoccurring back/neck/shoulder injury & this looks like a great alternative to the machine ii used to use with the pad on my chest that would aggravate my injury. thanks!

  8. @MasterOfPES it allows you to do perfect form, exacly like if you were doing it with a barbell, so if you position yourself right you wont cause any jointpain, its not like your overexagerating any joint with more force than you would with free weights. haha english aint my main language either so were on the same page 🙂 i guess your one of those who think that the legextension machine is bad to. The smithmachine is not bad, it follows basic physics, just like good form.

  9. @besttyler well its not a barbell row, its a smithmachine row. i cant see any damage beeing taken using this exercise, and why do you think that it would be better for beginners and not more advanced, if you lack common sense you should not awnser me.

  10. @Jsavolainen Free weight are always better,only use machines until you get the hang of it.And I never said you'll get injured dumbass.You can stick to smiths since you're not as advanced.

  11. @amirus1 its all meal plan regulated. granted its hard below 7%, but you can bulk at anytime because in theory as you eat more your body fat will go up 🙂

  12. @ScottHermanFitness 0:43 "doing overhand grip we are still working our lats, still working out rhomboids, we are also going to be feeling it A LOT more in our forearms and out BICEPS"

  13. @suicide814 ya he said biceps are being worked more in this one. The other variation to this is underhand which will obviously work biceps more.

  14. @laxguy22655 he said the difference is we still feel it in the back, but feel it more in forarms and biceps. Im just saying theres no way more in the biceps compared to underhand, but ya of course biceps will be worked as well

  15. @ScottHermanFitness hey scott im 5'10 185. whats the ideal weight i should go down to? i lift regularly and have a little excess chubbiness.

  16. @boby6 Bent over row is primarily a latissimus and rhomboid workout but also works secondary muscles(Biceps, forearms)

  17. Don't use the smith machine, it's stupid compared to free weights. Just go lower weights on dumbells / barbells and use a good form, way, way better.

  18. @ScottHermanFitness Different muscles, of course, due to the exercise variations there is, but it's not in any way better to use a smith machine compared to free weights, you'll put alot more muscles into part of the exercise that would otherwise be left out, correct me if I'm wrong 🙂 I'm just trying to share what i've learnt.
    ( I'm talking about the muscles you need to use to stabilize the weight and be able to control it during the movement with free weights )

  19. Why Wud u nt just use a barbell instead if the one plane of motion. It's like ur asking for muscle imbalance. Or to snap sum shit up

  20. I am in such a sh*tty studio they don't even have a smith machine. I already cancelled my contract but it still running until the end of Jan. 2012 🙁 Can't wait to try this exercise in my new studio though 🙂

  21. @DrmrGuy1979 Yeah, I signed a one-year-contract with them in January. 12 month is usually the minium time for such contracts here in Germany. It's an all ladies gym and when I signed I didn't know anything about weight training and they didn't help either, telling women to do endless reps with the lightest dumbbells. Only now that I've learned a bit more about training and working out did I realize how crappy a studio they are.

  22. SCOTT .. i love you .. i'm a hug fan and supporter .. i try many of your excersizes .. BUT this excerize i went and tried it yesturday … it's fucking SHIT ! and I HATE IT ! i almost snapped my shoulder doing it … i'd rather do it with a bar u know .. i agree with everyone about how shit the smith machiene is !

  23. nice vid, i am having problems with this workout and hitting lats, another workout with which i have problem is lifting weight from the floor for the back musles, because i am not so sure whait is the proper way, please give me link of your video because i dont know what is name of exercise on english, tnaks a lot, you are my idol

  24. @DrmrGuy1979 That isn't excatly true, and Scott misjudged the point I was trying to state, It seems rough since I called it 'stupid' But I meant that more rather then using the smith machine (a machine 'locked in place') It's better to use free weights such as dumbells or barbells to build up the stabilizing muscles that take part when you actually have to CONTROL the weight, rather then just moving it in a decided motion, by lowering weights and using it freely you'll get a way stronger body.

  25. @alshares Just what I said mate, it's not good at all compared to using a barbell instead. Just lower the weights and do the same movement to perform it perfectly. Glad atleast you understood my point 🙂

  26. dude…. I owe alot to you…. I've been following your workouts since 3 months and I have totally transformed… people at the gym used to make fun of me when I used to do those wierd looking exercises but now thet come to me asking for tips and I recommend SHF… great job brother , you rock ! 🙂

  27. Quick question. It's gonna be my first time dong a bb bent row, so can I use a Smith machine without any weights attached to the bar, you know, for the sake of maintaining proper form?

  28. It's best to use the Smith Machine for a proper form of bent-over rows. Many people go into the"free weights are better" slogan, and often do bent-over barbell rows improperly, hurting their backs

  29. Sup, have you seen this plan called the Fat Blast Furnace? (google it). My father in law says it helps people lose weight easily.

  30. You can. I used to do this when I first started but do remember that the bar without any weights is only 15 lbs instead of the normal 45. It'll weigh almost nothing. I used to do this to start off the exercise so I know how the form goes. Good luck!

  31. Says the Scott who by his own admission, his own deadlift form sucks and doesn't know much about the mechanics of any exercise.
    I respect that you try to inform people on fitness, but the reality is that you're not doing that, you're promoting yourself.
    And in that promotion, you end up misinforming people at the same level that a fitness magazine does.
    The worst part is that you're so ego-drunk, you'll never admit just how wrong you are.
    Standing flyes, Scott. Standing flyes.

  32. Id say if you can use free weights then do, but some of us go to gyms where the only option is smith machines.

  33. Great job, Your instructions and form are always very clear and echo what my personal trainer advised very closely. This is a good refresher.

  34. The only reason im watching this is cause the hotel im at doesnt have any barbells and has a smith machine. To others out there, smith machine are a waste of time

  35. You have to use what you got. while I would love to do this with a free bar, my gym only has Smith machines (four of them) for Rows, Bench press, Squats, Deadlift.

  36. I use the Smith a lot because we have one power rack at my gym and I've only been able to use it a few times. I have noticed gains still on the Smith though. I do modify a bit. I do the rows like you show on this video. I bench with my elbows tucked and go just below the nipple line. If I do a wider grip (free or smith) I hurt my shoulders and elbows. I squat on the Smith by taking a step forward so I match the angle of the Smith. I only do dead with free weights since there are barbells available for that. I do, however, don't count the weight the same. When I use the Smith, I don't count the bar. What I notice us I can be consistent with weight when I switch to the free weights. Only thing is getting balanced which only takes a few warmup sets to get on the free weights. Anyway I just wanted to say that the Smith gets a lot of crap but it certainly has helped me and allows me to workout more consistently since no one at my gym uses the Smith much 😁

    Thanks for the videos Scott. I'm a new subscriber!

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