How To: Stand-Ups Tutorial (Calisthenics, Freeletics, Crossfit)

Hey everyone, my name is Tykato and this is
my tutorial for the stand up, and as you can see, the stand up is a combination of a sit
up and a deep squat where you go upwards. Now, this is a very good skill for a calisthenics or bodyweight fitness beginner, and it is also very good if you are advanced
already and know this skill, and can do it repeatedly without problems. So, i hope you
learn this today, and let’s get started on the different movements that you need to pin
down this skill and master it. As you can see, you start in a laying position and let
me give you a form tip really quick: before you start, make sure that your back is not
arched, but in a hollow position, like so; and let’s start with the first movement. You
go upwards like in a sit up, point your knees to the outwards, and come up, and then go back down again, and come up again. You repeat this movement ten times, and you can do up
to five sets until you learn the proper movement. Now make sure, when you come up, that your
feet are not pointed at each other, like this, but that they are next to each other and straight,
pointing forward. The next movement you need, is the same position like before, but
sitting, and then stretching your back and your hips, for thirty seconds; and repeat
this again up to five sets to increase your hip flexibility in this position. The next
movement is while standing, then you squat down into a deep squat, and again extend your
arms before you and stretch your hips and your back for about thirty seconds. Again:
you can do this up to five sets, and then you come up again very quickly. Now, if you
lack the hip or ankle flexibility to do the deep squat for the stand up, you can take
a chair like this and use it as tool, to help yourself, so that you won’t fall over. Do
this really good stretch again, and then you come up. Now, this is every movement that
you need for the stand up, and you should work on the part where you yourself need the
most work. I hope you will nail down this skill, and have fun learning this. It’s a
very cool skill! Now please consider subscribing to my youtube channel, if you didn’t know
the stand up yet – and i hope to see you soon. Goodbye everyone!

9 Replies to “How To: Stand-Ups Tutorial (Calisthenics, Freeletics, Crossfit)”

  1. You sir deserve a medal!, until this video, I couldn't do half of a repetition, but, right after seeing your technique, I managed to stand up, (wasn't perfect but 1 rep tho!), thanks!

  2. Thank you Tykato, I can determine what areas I need to improve, I am new to this, and few problems I have are the following:

    So far I cant reach past my toes with my hands (my muscles might be rigid.)

    My foot angle is close to the ground; however, still at an angle where it wants to meet the other foot.

    When doing the deep squat, my heels tend to rise above the floor and balance with the front of my foot. If I try to do a deep squat starting with feet firm to the ground, then I cant reach the floor.

    I think it's my belly that is getting in the way.

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