How To: Standing Barbell Calf Raise

I’m gonna demonstrate for you guys how to do a standing barbell calf raise. It’s a really great exercise What it’s going to allow you to do is either help you build more strength or muscle in your calves begin the exercise by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and the barbell resting across your traps if Possible stand on a sturdy elevated surface, so your heels are elevated off the ground we’re going to use a plate for this video as You perform the exercise push through the balls of your feet and extend your foot as high as you can Return back to the starting position slowly and in a controlled manner So there you have it that’s how you do a standing barbell calf raise more great tips exercises and routines feel free to join us on and as always guys More good stuff coming soon. See ya

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  1. The weight of barbell needs to be higher than your body weight to even be considered adding resistance since you can do one leg calf raises with just body weight easy .

  2. I broke my right arm (my wrist and elbow to be specific) over the summer and was in a cast for six weeks. I just did plenty of machine and dumbbell work with my left arm and legs and obviously no barbell work.

    You will lose muscle in your broken arm and the other body parts on that side of the torso (pecs, lats, etc). There's nothing you can do about it. You'll be disproportionate when you get out of your cast for a month or two before you balance out.

    Comment back if you have any questions.

  3. Scott, would it be as effective to use the Leg Press (seated), while raising just the toes, so similar to this video but on Leg Press and seated?

  4. Thanks man! Just hoping that muscle memory and hard work are enough to build strength back up on the broken side once it's healed.

  5. If you're sore after doing 5 sets for calves, lessen the intensity ever so slightly and try doing 4 sets instead. That might lessen the soreness and enable you to hit calves again sooner.

  6. Hey @Scott I have these really thin legs and at my gym we have only Smith Machines…So Can you just tell me how many reps and sets to blast them and make them GROW??

  7. i havent watched ur videos in a while but when did u start doing Voiceover/commentary on the clips? i liked it when u screamed during the whole video 😀

  8. I don't know how many days ago you broke your arm but wait for yourself to be in a hard-shell cast, not a sling, before doing anything physical.

    Oh yeah, and soon after you get your cast you'll be able to type on a keyboard, put on your clothes, and do other things normally again. I remember spending 10 minutes just putting on my socks on that first day of being in a sling. It's terrible.

  9. thanks for the video, gonna add this to my carf workouts from now on as my calfs are worst part of my body and barely grow

  10. Yeah I've been in the hard cast for a few days now. Just writing this comment takes a good 5 minutes, especially since my dominant hand is casted. I've been doing some leg lifting and light dumbbell work with my healthy arm. The doc said that was okay buy to try and keep from sweating too much since it will make the cast all itchy.

  11. WOW, you are the first person to EVER say this.. you are soooo clever. I hope to one day be as clever as you, you clever clever guy… so clever.. amazingly clever…. just can't believe how CLEVER YOU ARE BRAHHHHHHHH 😉

  12. Thank you for the kind words and support my friend. So happy to hear we have been able to help you achieve your goals. I can't wait to see your epic transformation photos! 🙂

  13. because YouTube doesnt always tell all your subscribers that you uploaded a new video. IT is actually quite annoying. What is the point of subbing to a channel you don't get notifications from right? But I solved hat problem in the SUNDAY UPDATE, check it out 🙂

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  15. Agree with Scott. Rest and talk to your doctor/physio. I would also recommend avoid all leg pressing exercises, lunges squats etc. Swimming is ok also if you have good technique. Though avoid breast stroke and fast kicking backstroke. These strokes can irritate discs in low back. Use rest period to work your chest back and isolated core (planks hanging leg raises etc. Crunch with caution!). Good luck

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  17. man fuck this guy. HE DOESNT EVEN HAVE ANY NOTICABLE CALVES….why learn from a guy who doesnt even have the muscle he is trying to teach us to get

  18. Please dont listen to this idiot. This balancing act is dangerous. You dont need any extra height off the floor to do calve raises. Im sorry, but this guy is just another PT poser that regurgitates what hes heard…He obviously has never worked his calves in his life, look at them!… id be embarrassed. 

  19. Personally I love these. I tried seated calf raises and some machines and they always felt uncomfortable and I couldn't really feel it in my calves. I started doing barbell raises with 225 pounds (I weigh 175 ad squat like 255) and did 10-12 reps for multiple sets, felt great, and unless my mind is playing tricks on me I felt like I've improved after only doing this a few times.

  20. Lol I have the same type of calves like yours, no matter how much I lift on those things (350 lbs for 40 reps per set) they still look pretty small compared to others.

  21. good exercise this one, it worked the stabilizing muscles as well. I have been doing for couple months now and can already see the results.  but Scott, you don't squat much do you

  22. scott has no calves, true. mine are bigger.

    however, his video and advice is 100% spot on. so it doesnt matter. everyone who disliked has the iq of a goldfish.

  23. Jesus, I'm guessing people think you shouldn't listen to a boxing coach that's older and clearly not ripped because of "look at his body" mentality. -_-

  24. I don't know how anyone can balance any type of bar while doing calf raises. I started using a smith machine and I think it damaged my low back. Can standing calf raises wreck your lower back?

  25. This video is hilarious, and is NOT how to properly hit the calves. The amount of weight on the bar isnt even enough to build anything lmaooooo

  26. Reading through the comments makes me laugh so hard. I think I'm the only one who can trigger calves. 6 plates each side when I do it on the Smith machine with proper form and a 2 second pause at top. Also turn your feet outward and inward to hit outter and inner calves

  27. This guy is trying to help people and he is doing a great job. If you know better than I don't know why you are watching

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