How to Start Calisthenics | Beginner Guide

Calisthenics is great to build up an athletic body, increase the strength get more mobile and improve your coordination, stability and body perception Instead of only showing you exercises and movements like push-ups, pull-ups and dips Which you can see in every beginner video this video will show you a comprehensive overview of Exercises which will prepare your whole body in different areas This is not only about improving strength or building muscle; these exercises will also work on your mobility Which is important for skills like the handstand, the l-sit, pistol squats and many others They will also allow you to build a well prepared tendons ligaments and joints This is important to stay free of injuries especially when you progress to advanced movements later The first kind of movement we take an eye on are supporting exercises Supporting can be done in many different positions. It’s everything where you are above the place you rest on You can support yourself in a dip support position, in a handstand position, in a bridge position, in a push-up support position or in a side plank position They all have one thing in common You have to stabilize your body against the gravity because the center of gravity is above the point where you rest on This is really important because if you don’t activate your muscles to stabilize yourself You have to deal with unnecessary pressure when the joints get compressed under the load The different support positions will activate different muscles and have different benefits in A push-up support position you will activate your whole anterior chain by pushing your arms into the ground Move your shoulder blades forward tilt your pelvis backwards rounding your spine and keep your legs straight From this position you can easily move into the side plank the concept remains the same Just stabilizing your body against the gravity Now your body will activate other muscles that support this lateral position The opposite of the push-up support position in terms of muscle activation and of course spine Shoulder leg and arm movement is the bridge position You will now work on your whole posterior chain while stretching the anterior one In this position you extend your spine and your legs Your arms are extended and behind your body The goal is to raise your body as high as possible while bringing your shoulder blades together You can do this movement with bent or extended legs while the extended version is the harder one The next position is to dip support hold Here you push your shoulder blades down keep your body on the tension and extend your arms without resting in your joints The last basic position is the handstand support For a beginner we suggest to do the pike stand because it’s much easier And you don’t have to deal with the high pressure of your whole body weight and the difficulty of balancing Here you push your shoulder blades upwards and aim for a vertical upper body and open shoulders For the most people it’s very hard to open up their shoulders because of their lack in shoulder mobility and stability in this position in Addition to these exercises we suggest you to push up and hip support hold on rings Now you might think that rings are not for beginners, but you would be surprised How quick you will improve when it comes to stabilizing yourself in those positions Doing your support holds on rings will increase your inter muscular coordination and joint stabilization a lot This is really great for all upcoming tasks your body has to deal with when doing calisthenics So start as early as possible with it If you get used to these positions on rings you can also add an external rotation This looks quite easy, but it’s really hard the external position will work on your biceps Strengthen all ligaments around your elbows and will activate your rotator cuff, which is really great for a strong and stable shoulder All those positions focus on straight arms and it’s important to learn them first before you start with movements like push-ups or dips But of course you can also support yourself with bent arms Later when you progress you will see that there are many options for supporting positions All right, that’s it for the supporting positions now we move on to the next important movement which is hanging Hanging is not only important if you want to do a pull-up. It will also improve your grip strength Decompress the spine help correcting the posture increase core stability open up the shoulders while stretching the pecs and the lats in the passive hang and Strengthen your back when doing the active hang Before you start with an active hang you should be able to do the passive version first We recommend to achieve about 20 seconds passive hang before you should start working on the active version Instead of the support hold where the passive version has a negative impact on your joints the passive hang is no problem for the joints it’s even the opposite a Passive hang will lead to joint traction and this can be positive if you have shoulder and mobility problems When it comes to the passive hang you should aim for a hollow body position This means you tilt your pelvis backwards, engage your abs, flex the spine as much as possible and open your shoulders This position is very good to work on your shoulder flexibility by stretching your lats and pecs But it also requires that you can let your latissimus loose while contracting the ABS which might need some practice in In the active version you do the opposite this means you pull the shoulder blades down and together while extending your spine and your lower body This will activate your whole posterior chain The active hang is very important because this is the first movement you should do when you learn the pull-up Without the active hang you won’t be able to stabilize your shoulder and produce enough strength at the bottom of the movement Later when you progress you can also try one arm passive and activate hangs This is really great because with this unilateral exercise you can work on imbalances and you can increase the intensity of the exercise if The one arm active hang is still too hard you can shift from pulling with both shoulder blades To pulling with one shoulder blade in the active hang Therefore you need to place your hands a bit further apart The last movement is about the lower body, and it’s no surprise that we recommend the squat a Deep squat hold offers many benefits like improving ankle and hip mobility Working on your body alignment especially in the spine keeping your knees healthy and increasing back stability Most people struggle with the flexibility when it comes to the deep squat they compensate the lack of flexibility and mobility By lifting their heel from the ground By bending their bodies forward By rounding their backs And by rotating the knees inwards There are a lot of exercises which will help you to get the necessary flexibility to be able to do the deep squat But the simplest in our mind best exercise is the deep squat position itself while you hold yourself onto an object The object allows you to get into the position without falling backwards So grab a bar a beam or something else and go as deep as possible while holding the tension extend your spine and aim for an external rotation of your legs your Feet are evenly placed on the ground and your knees travel slightly forward The deep squat position is important to train if you want to continue with Archer or pistol squat training some day But even if you don’t have this goal you should include it into your workouts as a beginner start with the exercises of this video until you created a solid foundation of your strength And then you can move on If you now ask yourself how to continue after your preparation with how many sets and reps and how much rest time You should take a look into our workout programs from level 1 to 5 Train with them for up to one and a half years and improve yourself step by step with the right progressions methods and rest If you have further questions on the topic, please leave a comment. Thanks Alex

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  1. Servus Leute, super kanal, tolle tutorials uvm. Bin nun seit ca. 8 Monaten dabei und habe tolle Erfolge erreichen koennen und hatte viel Spass dabei. Habe nur das Problem dass ich bissl uebertrieben habe mit den pull ups und nun seit fast schon 2 Monaten keine pull ups machen kann od den muscle up ueben kann weil dieser grip nicht funzt mit dem Tennisarm. Chin ups und front pull ups gehen und die mache ich auch weiter um nicht raus zu kommen…Aerzte sagen immer nur mach ne Pause was ich nicht unbedingt befuerworte…evtl nur abs od armferne dinge….nur will das nicht weggehen…habt ihr ein calisthenics injuries vid? Ideen?
    Beste Gruesse u weiter so.

  2. That squat section really made me feel like I wasted so much time doing squats wrong and now I know why my squats don't give me proper results despite of me feeling like I just demolished my hip muscles!

  3. God dammit, ever since my shoulder got busted (a tendon doesn't work so good) I haven't even been able to reach cereal from a shelf 🙁 this has become unreachable

  4. Love you guys, maybe checkout my channel! I did fitness for about 3 years and recently switched to calisthenics, because is saw these awesome skillss and I would like to learn them al! So i started a youtube channel to share my journey with as many people as I can, and maybe inspire people just like many inspired me!

    Checkout my youtube page and show some love!

  5. What do you do if you have a wrist injury and can't hold your weight anymore. I broke my wrist many years ago, and I can't hold a press-up any more. Any advice?

  6. Is this good for women to do as well, or is there a different program for us? I'm 46 and I've just lost nearly 50 pounds but I'm so weak! I really want to get strong enough to do some of the activities that my teenage sons enjoy doing. I no longer want to sit on the sidelines and watch life go by.

  7. Thank you so much for this! I can see now how my lack of mobility has caused so many injuries in the gym, even with next to no weight! I did a shoulder press with like .5 kg like 3 months ago and hurt something and am trying to repair it and had a PT smashing me in the gym with squats and hurt my back and thought it would go away if I got stronger but my mobility is shiiiiit. I feel I’m more confident doing workouts!

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed the beginner Guide however if you have had knee replacements will that be a problem. Thanks Jane

  9. well in my humble opinion, without the desire to offend those who think different from my point of view, but looking at it in depth, taking into account the characteristics of each person I honestly think….I forgot what i was going to say..

  10. I was told I have the body for this type of exercise. All the other videos just throw you in. This one is way more informative. Thanks😄

  11. Guys i want to buy a bundle from calisthenics its good or no ? Did it have progression or no? Plus relpy me 🌹🥰🥰😘🥰🙏🏻

  12. Hey guys! Thank you for you videos
    Are these preparation positions sets and rest interval included also in the mobility program?

  13. Great explanation! And what do you think about leg raises with 1 bend from hanging position. What is the difference betwen raises to the right and to the left diagonal,when the inner leg is raises or the oposite-the outer. Is it more correct when raising is to the right , then the left leg(inner) should be bend?

  14. Bro srsly im a beginner and i would need to call an ambulance after a session like this. i get craps by just getting out of bed. but these are good exercises i just need to start way easier.

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  16. Hi guys, i saw an add with this guys face in it, just letting you know

  17. These modern exercises ALL have their roots firmly based in ancient Chinese chi qung. Which begs the question, why reinvent the wheel?
    Oh yeah, I know…… too MAKE MONEY!!

  18. Give me some exercises to do while I am still fat 😀 I first need to lose my beer belly before doing stuff shown in this "beginners" video 😀

  19. I was setting a voice recognition password for my new phone and a nearby dog barked and ran away. Now im barking trying to unlock my phone.

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