How To: T-Bar Row

What’s going on Nation? I’m gonna demonstrate for you guys how to do a t-bar row now some gyms Don’t have a t-row machine our gym doesn’t so I had to make shift my own So you guys can do the same exact thing now to make your own t-bar row all you need is a squat rack okay? If you don’t have a squat rack just you can use a wall It’s a little harder to anchor the bar so what you’re gonna do is hook the bar off the squat rack Then I put a couple plates behind, so I can level the 45 and put the bar in the corner right here And lay the plate on top just to kind of anchor the back now when I do this with the bar I like to use 35 pound plates because if I use a 45-pound plate it’s gonna Hit me in the chest before I can get you know the full Benefit of the exercise and bring the bar all the way up to my belly button okay So make sure you can do it for the full contraction So next thing you’re gonna need is just a simple handle like this Every gym has them usually doing it for low rows on the cable machine what we’re gonna Do is put it on the bar like this and complete our t-bar row Now what you want to do is make sure you stand with the kind of a wide stance with your feet And you want to keep your chest as parallel to the ground as possible While maintaining a neutral spine and keep your core nice and tight too. Okay, and arch your back Breathe out on the way up Pull as tight as you can come down nice and slow keep your core tight breathe out the way up Okay, I don’t want to see this make sure you bend over get as parallel as you can bring the bar up Breathe out come down one more breathe all the way up keep it core tight Just like that that’s how you do a t-bar row hope you guys enjoy this demonstration video and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  1. fucking lord. his videos are helpful , but everytime i see it all i can think of is that i better turn down the volume his he fucking loves to yell.

  2. Scott, I have to say … EXCELLENT videos ! All of 'em ! Straight no BS to the point, excellent illustrations !

    Thanks to your videos, I have learned simple things I never thought of before … like kicking the leg out to the side to anchor the body when doing bent over dumbbell rows. I REALLY appreciate your work !

    Keep up the excellent work, pal ! And, great body, BTW 😀

  3. Tweaked my back doing these today smh. I think it was because i did it exactly how you said in the video you shouldnt lol fml

  4. wrong..that's to low your suppose to have a slant if you have that form your better off doing a bentover barbell row

  5. i would like to send him my gratitude for his kind teaching of how to work out but his way of exhaling, the strong sound, i feel uncomfortable about. apart from that, he is great.

  6. Sorry but I will continue to stand at a slant.  Parallel to the floor hurts my back even with super light weight.  Who knows maybe I have some sort of a back injury but standing at a slant feels comfortable and works my back hard with heavy weights.

  7. i really don't see how this would work the muscles different than a cable row, just uses more legs, thats it

  8. sorry but when your lifting like 5 or 6 or more plates do not I REPEAT do not do it like this or your going to snap city I lift like 6 plates so I have to do them like ronnie coleman and jay cutler.

  9. in this Video that guy says you have to bend over. your upper Body has to be in 90 degrees to your legs. In other Videos from other guys they say your upper Body should be in 45 deggees to your legs. So what is true now ??

  10. The Body Building website,, has an upright upper body and you extend arms and bring it way up to under chest, different than your complete bent over positron at the hip. Why such difference between both of your forms? Or is it just hitting different parts of the back?

  11. Dear Scott Herman,
    I have a big question about this exercise. Are you leaning back, and pushing through your heals? of you were to let go of the bar, for example, in that stance would you maintain your balance? Or should you use the weight of the bar to help balance during the exercise?

  12. why do you have to stand as parallel as possible ? man ! 😳 i just did the t bar row standing a little bit more upright pressing my feet in to the ground and maintain a flat back and a good scalpula contraction.

  13. Hey bro thanks for all the insight. I've been mimicking your videos and they've helped me progress throughout the years. I appreciate the hard work you put into making these videos. It takes the bro science out of it.

  14. ummmmm that form was shit….wide stance hahaha….everyone do yourselves a favor and watch golden era pros and not these novice nobodys

  15. I mistakenly did them in more of an upright position and now my back is phucked apart from when I used to be heavier my back has taken a toll for 8 plus years.

  16. This is the most worthless thing you can do and puts un-needed strain on your back. Use the proper machinery to get the proper results.

  17. I don't like keeping my chest parallel to the ground as it puts to much stress on my lower back. I do it his "wrong" way and it is very effective I have gained much strength.

  18. My gym has an annoying round thing in the middle of the grip that makes it shift a little to the left or the right

  19. That's how I do them as well man. I prefer max time under tension pausing at the chest, and using slow negatives as well. Way more back and grip intensity that way!

  20. Isn't this a "V-Bar row"? "T-Bar row" means, that handle and bar should make a "T", therefore, the handle should be perpendicular to the bar.

  21. Btw Scott, I really wanna get stronger in those pull ups , what's the best approach? Rn I can do 5,6 reps without weight ..I wanna touch 20 , is it right to do them in your warm up everyday ? Or just leave them for your back workout ?

  22. Thanks for the instructional video, i was calling them Between Rows and while bent over lifting the entire barbell between my legs! Haha! It was kinda hard, but calling them T-bar Rows and lifting one side of the barbell between the legs i think is better.

  23. This guy is a fraud .. he has great body, but i don't think he's giving the right advices, but again as The Joker said "if you're good at something never do it for free"

  24. Is there any way to do this without the handle, or is the handle essential? It's so often used at my gym i don't think i'd ever be able to get it

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