How to Track Your Workout Routine

Hey, everyone! I’m Alejandra from Alejandra.TV.
And in this video, I’m going to show how to organize your exercise routine and show
you what’s inside my gym bag. If this is your first time watching any of
my videos, you can check out my website, Alejandra.TV for more videos and tips on how to get organize
and live a more organized and productive life. OK. So when it comes to exercising and working
out and stuff, I love to use checklists to tract my – like track the days I work out
and stuff to keep me motivated so I can like visually see progress and then use that as
a motivation to continue being consistent with exercising. And so, the way I do that
is I use a checklist to check off all the days that I work out. But I don’t use checks.
I use stickers because that’s just more fun. So, this is the side of the fridge right here
and I have my tracker right here and then I have Ed’s tracker right here and I’m
just going to go through and show you like how we use the trackers. So, these are trackers
that are available on my website, Alejandra.TV. I’ll put the link below and you can check
them out. But basically, I just typed all of the days
inside the boxes for the entire year and then there’s January through June on the first
sheet and then there’s July through December on the second sheet. Now technically, I could
just like if it’s July, I could just have this checklist just from the fridge and then
take this one down. But I like to see my progress so I like to see like, “Oh, I was so good
the first half of the year.” So I like to just keep that here to remind myself that
I’ve been good, I’ve been consistent and just like keep pushing forward because I have
a hard time working out and just like pushing myself. So that really helps me. OK. So, then I use stickers like each day
I work out. And I’m just going to go through and show you the stickers that I use because
I change them each month like according to the season or the holiday because I feel like
that’s just more fun like every month, I look forward to like, “Oh, it’s July.
I get to switch stickers to like a red, white, or blue star as opposed to using all the suns
I used in June.” It just like keeps me motivated. All right. So in January, I use snowflakes
because it snows in January. In February, I use hearts and they’re all like different
color hearts because it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s the month of love. In March, I
use clovers for St. Paddy’s Day. In April, I use raindrops because like April showers
bring May flowers. In May, I use color-coded flowers. And then in June, I use suns because
it’s like the beginning of summer. It’s always sunny. And then in July, so July, I was planning
to do like rainbow beach balls. Those are – I found these stickers and they’re so
cute. But then I found the red one and blue stars. So when July comes, I’m going to
switch them to red, white, and blue stars. And then in August, I’m going to move the
beach ball to August because I’m really excited about the beach ball. It’s just
pretty and you still go to the beach in August. And then in September, there are footballs
because it’s the beginning of football season, back to school. There’s also these little
heart sticker. They’re not heart, apple stickers. So if you’re in school, apples
are more appropriate. In October, there are fun pumpkins for Halloween. In November, there
are leaves because it’s fall and leaves fall. And then in December, there’s snowman
because it snows and you can make a snowman and stuff. So yeah, those are the stickers. And then
on Ed’s version, he has – his hearts are different. And then in June, he has tennis
balls because he used to play tennis and you play in the summer. And then for December,
he has like the male version of the snowman so there are like female stickers and there
are male stickers. So he has the male version. But yeah, it’s just fun to use stickers. And then what I do for – like I track when
I do weight training and then I track when I do cardio because I like to balance the
two. So I’ll just put a little T for the days that I do weight trainings so I know
that’s training. And then if there’s no T then that means I did cardio like running
or elliptical or something. So yeah, that’s how I track that. And then I keep all of the stickers inside
this little poly envelope that’s on the fridge right here. It’s an adhesive poly
envelope and it’s actually like removal. So I could take this envelope and I could
move it somewhere else and it’s still going to be sticky on the back and it’s still
going to restick. But they’re all right here. And then I have markers for writing
down the T’s here. And then I also write down like when I travel
or when I’m sick, my workout schedule is like so up and down. When I’m sick, I don’t
work out. I just rest. And so like this past winter, I was sick twice and it took like
a week, a week and a half out of me. So I wrote down sick on here because then if I
look back, I’m not going to remember that I was sick then I see I was inconsistent so
I write a note to I guess make myself feel better. And then the same thing with travel. So yeah, that goes here. And then – is there
anything else I was going to say about it? Oh, then I labelled Alejandra and then Ed
and I used a clear label with black font so I could still see the border right here. OK. Then let me show you what’s inside my
gym bag. So, to go to the gym, I just use this – it’s like a beach/pool duffel bag
or not duffel bag, a drawstring bag. And it’s from Vera Bradley. I’ve had this thing for
ten years. It’s actually – I looked it up online because I was like, “What is this
pattern called?” And it’s from 2004 and I forgot what the pattern was called but it’s
still holding up so well and it’s just like the perfect size that when I go to the gym,
I don’t like to carry too many things because I’m just there to work out not carrying
so many things and a lot of times, I’m coming straight from home. OK. So, I have my water bottle inside and
then I have my iPod, which is all – where’s my iPod? That’s in there. And then I have
my lock for the locker. I have a ponytail holder. I have medication. So I always reuse
these little bottles. They’re like the travel size bottles so I just refill them. I never
threw these things out. And then I have feminine care. I have a headband,
ponytail holder, and then I have these workouts. So I got these workouts from a trainer for
the days that I do cardio, and she gave me the workouts on like regular 8 ½ x 11 size
computer paper. And for a while, I would take that and I would just keep it in front of
me on the elliptical and like you’re moving off fast and stuff and the wind is blowing
so the paper will always fly away. So, I was like, “Well, let me just – let
me figure out a way so it doesn’t fly away.” So I got home or I took it home and I transferred
it to – like all the information, the workouts, to Excel or to Word and color-coded it so
it was easy to see because when I was on the elliptical, everything is black and white
and I was going so fast and I couldn’t really see the numbers. So I made it all pretty and
big and now, I can see what I’m doing and it doesn’t fly away because it’s laminated
so it’s kind of weighted down by the plastic of lamination. It’s kind of weird. But yes,
so there are two workouts, there’s a 38-minute workout and then there’s a 30-minute workout.
And so, I just put this on the elliptical and then they help me. And I also have deodorant in my bag and everything
is inside of a little pouch like all the deodorant, the ponytail holder, the Advil, the headband
and stuff. They’re just out of the bag right now. And then sometimes if I’m coming from
like running errands and going straight to the gym, I will carry like an energy bar in
here like a mini size. I always have like the mini Clif Bars. They’re like the 100-calorie
ones. I always keep that in here and then just eat that before I get to the gym. But yeah, that’s what’s inside my gym
bag and this is my exercise routine trackers. If you are looking for more tips in getting
organize, you can check out my website, Alejandra.TV and I will put a link to download the trackers
in the description below. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon. Bye!

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