How To Train Retrieve Over A Hurdle #2 (With Dumbbell)

Hi back with me kenny rao from the blackface club channel this afternoon, back again I will make tutorial regarding retrieve over a hurdle namely how I train dogs to jump over 1 meter hurdle take a dumbbell and jump back ending with come before position and finish position if you’ve seen the video beforehand about how I train dogs to jump, then this is the sequel almost the same just add dumbbell but some dogs do hesitant to jump away or jump back this is it how do I train my dog and I will show it to We in the tutorial about how I train retrieves, I will always use aira, because for now it’s only aira that is more I use exactly as an example which will make it easier for you guys in seeing how I train it but of course in another video tutorial I will use another dog For example I always start from hurdle about 60 cm and I put 1 piece box there that is the point what I did the first time was I will put the dog over there with a dumbbell in her mouth and I just stand here ask him to jump and get a reward in the box that’s the first step second step, I will put my dog ​​in a position like this facing there and i stand here threw the dumbbell ask him to take it and jump back towards the city over there to get a reward after that, I will stand over here and the dog is next to the shipment I ask him to jump take a dumbbell and jump back to get a reward then the next step is I will stand around maybe 5 meters or 6 meters and I’ll throw the dumbbell ask the dog to jump take what I’m doing is a little advanced and motivate him to jump back and I immediately retreated back and finally the dog must be in a position before why did i do that? because of some dogs that I have trained as soon as I throw, he takes, he doesn’t want to jump back but sideways through the side direction then what i do is I move forward around here and provide motivation for him to jump back in the next stage, then I will raise it the height of this hurdle is 1 meter because in the previous exercise he was able to jump 1 meter if I’m sure of the way I throw a dumbbell he took it and jumped back I just raised it the height of the hurdle is dancing 1 meter how step by step will I do? Let’s see if your dog when he jumps back he releases the dumbbell it’s okay because he really is must release the dumbbell to get a reward after several times I try to reminding him with a jump back first then I will throw a dumbbell from that position not from the delivery position this is what is called a system called back chain progress several times after I practice this exercise and there is no problem for him to take and jump back then now the position of the dog is next to it shipping section if it was divided to take next to the board now in the shipping section if it happens when we throw this dumbbell the dog jumps first, then we can to obstruct his direction to jump, because otherwise we block it will become a habit later on the exam when we throw dumbbells dumbbell hasn’t fallen yet the dog has run to get then that will be reduced by about 3 points, this is very quite a lot for his assessment I do, if I throw it like this he wants to jump, so I close immediately towards him, and say no and repeat again so also when I throw from the side of the dog I usually hold the necklace or the rope, to hold him some of my friends some are training the retrieve over a hurdle routine by placing several barrier or fence on the left and right hurdle so that the dog doesn’t sideways or some use ropes and use the back strap not the wrong way, but I do not don’t really like to use that method I tried it 1 or 2 times the effect that I got from that training is dog’s confidence and speed of the dog to go it or back slightly reduced due to the rope and for me it is a little force training so I was after that I decided to gives freedom to dogs to go take it and jump back without a rope where if he really did mistake by sideways, going and returning from the side then I will repeat it again now i will try throw from side beside the dog one or two attempts I think this is pretty good then I can raise already height of the hurdle to 1 meter and i don’t put this ball anymore in box, but put inside my vest, so he is come in comefore my position there is one thing you need to know in exams or competitions when we throw dumbbells and this dumbbell is out of position hurdle tilt left or right and felt quite difficult for us for sure that the dog will take by jumping then may ask permission from the judge to repeat repeat throwing but the dog must remain seated in his position if when we walk like this and the dog sitting there following us then there is already a reduction of about 3 points so this is very you really should pay attention and there is another one the dog follows us walking exceed the hurdle’s distance then this routine is straightforward rated 0 so you have to pay attention how to throw a dumbbell must also learn To stay, you also have to study therefore I’m used to training if the dog can, sometimes I throw accidentally tilted and asked my dog ​​to sit down and i take it back after I was confident with my dog ​​for jumping away and back doesn’t matter I don’t need anymore help motivate him to jump back friends that’s the tutorial from me How how to train retrieve over a hurdle required on the exam or competition igp 1,2,3 I hope what I share today can be useful for you good luck don’t hesitate if there are mistakes if there are things that are difficult repeat again from several previous steps once again may be useful Thank you for watching don’t forget to subscribe keep practicing, stay motivated go ahead dogsport indonesia

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  1. Aira syantikkk kembaran Sparta
    I love you syantikk🐕😘
    Semangat latihan ya syantikkk Tuhan menolong & menjagamu selalu Aira 🐕😘
    Terus semangat & Tuhan memberkati mas Kenny😇

  2. kok sukaakk liat aira kalo jalan lincah banget kayak mentul2 gimanaa gituuhh kakinya saking lincahnyaa…qiqiiihh

  3. Jadi ke vlog B.Kenny terus nikh..sukaaa liat Aira…lompatnya kayak terbang ya..kereenn bngt ..Sukses B.Kenny..sukses Aira sayang..Sehat2 ya..❤❤

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