How to Train with a Bosu Ball : The Bicycle Bosu Ball Exercise

Bicycle or criss-cross is one of the most
effective core challenges that we can do. It makes the whole body work in a unit and
it fires everything at once. You’ve seen it done on a mat on the floor. We’re going to
take the Bosu and add in a little balance challenge here. Like, a stability ball, only
it’s half of one, on a dome. It’s actually a good way to start as a beginner before you
progress to a stability ball with basic crunches. However, the Bicycle is a little more advanced
so you want to get your basic stuff down before you would go do the Bicycle or the Criss-Cross.
I want that cushion of air here to support the low back, I’m going to come back, bring
my knees up at about 45 to 90. The more I bring them in the more leverage and momentum
and balance I’ve got to maintain. The movement is initiated from the waist line. You’ll see
my shoulders, preferably not my elbows move. As a result a flexion in the lateral oblique,
just make sure you move into it really slow and controlled, don’t hold your breath. If
you start losing your balance, bring your feet up a little higher and then you’ll have
less leverage and distance to control that momentum. Make sure you try it on the floor

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