How to Transform Yourself Like a Celebrity : Celebrity Transformation: Treadmill

So today we’re going to talk about the treadmill.
This is just a regular, streamline, commercial treadmill. Most of your injuries are caused
by the way that you use this machine. Your knees, lower back pain, torn hamstrings, knee
surgeries, ankles, they’re all caused by this one machine. So let’s show you how to do it
correctly. So the biggest problem with this piece of equipment is that people get on here
and they turn it up. So that you’re going way too fast. You haven’t warmed up your muscles,
your knees are now walking behind you, you’re not walking heel to toe, and the best thing
to do on this machine is to start off slowly. Turn the machine down, get comfortable on
it, and take the incline up. It’s a lot better to work on an incline than on a flat space,
or a flat surface when you’re on a treadmill. We walk everyday on a flat surface. Challenge
your body in a different way. Turn the treadmill down on its speed and take up the incline.
Hold the abs in, and press back through your heels. So the next piece of equipment is the
tread climber. I think that this piece of equipment is fantastic. It burns three times
the amount of calories per the minute of work, and it’s a fantastic workout. It works your
glutes, your abdomen, and it keeps you off balance slightly. So this is a more advanced
piece of equipment, and at any place that you can find a tread climber, is where you
want to be.

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