How to Use a Cable Pulley Machine. Basic Gym Tutorial

Hey what’s up YouTube! Today we’re going to talk about the cable
pulley machine. Its probably one of the most versatile pieces
of equipment in your gym, it’s got a crap ton of different handles, and you can pull
it any which way. But right now, in this video we are only going
to talk about pulling it down and curling it up. First of all, you’ll probably see a tree full
of all these different handles, and you think to yourself, : man I don’t even know which
one to use.” Well it really doesn’t matter, you can use
any of them and still get the same motion. When stepping up to the cable pulley, you’ll
know whether you want to do biceps or triceps and whether you want to start low, or start
high. And you move it by pulling on this little
handle right here. You pull that out, it unlocks it and then
you can slide it up and down the bar and lock it into place again. Next if a handle is not already attached you’ll
have to pick one and then attach it to the cable by the carabineer. You unlock the carabineer, put it on and close
the carabineer, and you’re ready to go. You can adjust the resistance of the cable
by moving the pin in the weight stack below right there. Triceps with the straight bar. Starting position looks like this. Feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly
bent, tight core, and you’re going to pull down keeping your elbows in one spot by your
side. Then in a controlled manner you return the
weight to the starting point. And pull down again till your desired number
of reps are complete. You can also use the straight bar in an underhand
motion like this. Once done go ahead and unhook it and you can
switch handles. With the new handle on there, go ahead and
pick a new weight and go back to your exercising. With the pulley in the bottom position, we
can now work biceps It has the same principles as working triceps. Feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly
bent, tight core, and now we curl the bar, rope, or handle up with our biceps. Well that about does it for the basics of
biceps and triceps on the cable pulley machine I hope you learned a little bit that you can
use on your next workout and look forward to seeing you on the next video. Be sure to comment like and subscribe below. and as always thanks for watching.

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  1. I'm tired of being a cardio bunny, and tutorial made the machine less intimidating. Thank you so much for this!

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