How to Watch the Open Announcements

(music) Hey CrossFit Games fans. I’m Rory McKernan here in the Update Studio. We’re just days away from the first Live Open Announcement and the start of the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games Open. As your host for these events, I’m here to tell you what to expect when you tune in. At 4:45 Pacific Time, tune in to for a Pre-show from right here in the Update Show Studio. At 5 p.m. Pacific Time, the show goes live from the venue. We’ll join the athletes, learn the workout and get down to business. This year it’s not just top Games athletes we’re going to see go head to head. We’ll have Teens, Masters, Scaled athletes, as well as some members of our Armed Forces throwing it down live. After the show, stay tuned for tips from Nicole Carroll, CrossFit’s Director of Seminars, as well as the Cool Down Show, presented by our partners at Airrosti. We’ll sit down with the athletes for an interview in a relaxed environment, and get insights on upcoming workouts from Dave Castro. We always incorporate your questions from social media, so if you’ve got something on programming, strategy, whatever, hit us up and we’ll get you in the show. Now, after the show, pop over to Facebook where you can watch me and my frenemy, Boz, throw it down live from the venue. You can also catch instructional content, highlights, and some good old shit talking from the community. We’re just a few days away. Get excited. I’ll see you on the Leaderboard.

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  1. All of this will be for nothing if HQ can't get their streams figured out. The open announcements and Games coverage have been pretty rough the past few years.

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