HOW TO Work Out & Train Like a Cirque du Soleil Performer | “O” Aerial Artist | Cirque It Out #12

Hi, I’m Laurie Hernandez and welcome back
to Cirque It Out, direct from Cirque du Soleil
in Las Vegas Stick with me as we go
through the paces with one of Cirque du Soleil’s
elite performers and their coach. Today you’ll be sweating it out with Cirque artist Pierre
and his coach Artemis. Hi, my name is
Artemis Scantalides, I’m a performance
conditioning specialist at Cirque du Soleil. If you’ve ever wondered
how our artists can do the extraordinary
things they do, the answer is easy: they train a lot and they do it
the CirqueWay. Today we’ll be sweating it out with Cirque artist
Pierre Cottin. Pierre performs
the aerial hoops number in O, one of our most popular and long
running shows here in Las Vegas. Thanks to his fitness regimen, Pierre performs 10 shows a week, week-in and week-out. Are you guys ready to workout? Before you start any workout or
engage in any physical activity, you want to make sure
that you go through proper warm up and movement prep in order to prepare both your central
nervous system and your body for the exercise that
you’re about to do. The first thing we’re gonna start
with today is just some breathing. Most of us in today’s
fast-paced world, we forget how to
breathe properly, we’re breathing in
our chests like this so this is all about
the belly breath, diaphragmatic breathing. It helps to reset your system. So you want to do about
5 breaths here nice and relaxed to start your workout. I’m just gonna have you take it
into some head nods. I’m just gonna have you first
roll your head right to left keeping your head on the floor, good, just warming up your neck and I’m just gonna have you
lift your head off the ground and then lower it. And as you do this,
it’s about 5 breaths and then about 10 head nods
right to left and then up and down. So let’s have you turn over, this time I’m gonna have you
take head nods up and down and go ahead and bring
your head center, Pierre, and then I’m gonna have you just
turn your head right to left nice and easy,
just as far as it will turn, don’t force it. The breath should be about
3 to 5 belly breaths in this position, head nod should
be about 10 total up and down, right to left. We’re gonna go into some rolling. What I want you to do is look and then rollback and then rollback up, look and roll and then
come back up to seated, good, there you go. Let’s get 2 more here, we’re gonna do about 5 of these, let’s get one more. Good. Now I’m gonna have you
take the eggroll side to side, head and neck should be relaxed
through this whole thing to help to prepare your body for the workout that
you’re about to do, let’s get one more right to left and these you want to do
about 10 total so 5 to each side. We’re gonna go through
some cat cow tilts, what I’m gonna have Pierre do
is just inhale and as he inhales, I’m gonna have him extend
his back and look up, yes, exactly, and then exhale and I want you to actively
push the floor away with your hands and
round your back, good,
using your breath to go through
warming up your spine. Inhale and on exhale
push the floor away, round your back, good, and relax. Nice. We’re gonna do one more
warm up for the thoracic. Place your left arm on the floor,
palm faces down and bring your right
arm behind your back. So what I’m gonna have Pierre
do is use his breath and inhale and open up his right shoulder
and look up to the ceiling really using that breath
to help you to warm up. You want to do about
5 to each side. So go ahead and inhale,
lead with that shoulder, open up. Exhale,
relax down, really relax into it,
good, inhale, open up and exhale, relax down. More here. Great. We worked on a upper body
a little bit so now we’re gonna
work on our hips. So I’m gonna have you
take it to half-kneeling, just go ahead and place your
right leg in front and left leg in back and I’m gonna have you take it
into some hip rocks, so just rocking forward
nice and relaxed, good, for 5 so you want to get
about 5 forward here. Good. Now from here I’m gonna have
Pierre take that front leg and bring it out to the side and he’s gonna keep
his chest and hips square but he’s gonna rock to the side. So in this position,
you should feel this in your inner thighs,
your adductors and wherever you might
be tight actually but primarily here
in your inner thighs. Good, you’ll get about 5
in this direction here. Then after Pierre gets 5, I’m gonna have him
use that same leg and stay on that same knee and he’s gonna extend
that leg out straight, hold foot on the floor, toe points forward and then I’m gonna
have you hinge over and place your hands
on the ground and then you’re just gonna
take those hip rocks back into your heel
and then forward. After he gets 5 here, I’m gonna have him move
to the second side and go through those
hip rocks forward on the second side
for about 5, to the side for about 5. I’ll just have you switch legs and we’ll just demo
the other side so just coming forward
and then back and forward and back opening up those hips about 5 each direction, go ahead and bring
that leg to the side, good, and keeping your hips
and chest square, good,
yeah. And now go ahead and
extend this leg out into that kickstand stretch,
hands down, you’re gonna come
forward and back. Great. Today’s workout is focused
on the aerial hoop and we want to make sure that Pierre’s shoulders
and his upper body are prepared for the workout
we’re about to do. So what I’m gonna have Pierre do is grab hold of this dowel here so as he goes through
these arm circles, what he’s gonna do
is take the dowel and he’s gonna bring, there we go,
the dowel up and back while trying to maintain
neutral spine here and then up and forward. What you might find is
if you have really tight shoulders, what you may find is that you need to have
a wider grip on that dowel and as you go through
these circles up and over
and up and back, you can move those hands
closer and closer together. But does it Go with the range of motion that feels comfortable
to you at first and go through about 10 of these back and forward, back and forward. The next thing I’m gonna have
Pierre do with the dowels, I’m gonna have him bring
the dowel down in front of him. I’m gonna have him bring
his hands closer together and then from here, I’m gonna
have him keep his arm straight and circle his shoulders
backwards for about 10, good, just warming
those shoulders making sure that he
has the mobility to go through
everything overhead that we’re gonna do today. And that’s good right there. So this warm up
should prepare you for the workout that
we’re about to do today. How do you feel Pierre? – I feel great! Awesome, ready to work out? – Yes.
– Excellent. What we’re gonna do is
a Pilates glute bridge which helps you to focus
on working your glutes, your pelvic floor and your core and bringing
everything together, that whole trunk from
your shoulders to your hips. So from here Pierre
I’m just gonna have you rest your head on the floor and then I’m gonna have
you squeeze your glutes and I want you to
lift your hips up, see how his upper back
is on the floor and just go ahead and
lower your hips. So he’s gonna do these glute bridges
for about 30 seconds. So you can go ahead
and relax Pierre, I’m gonna have you transition
into a floor hollow. You want to make sure that
you learn the hollow position. The hollow position is key because it helps you to learn
how to engage your abdominals for your hangs and
your pull ups. Pierre go ahead and bring
the dowel above your head and you see he came right away
into this hollow position. So Pierre I’d like you
to pull that dowel down like you’re a pulling
a pullup, right,
a pullup bar, there you go. So for this you want to
do these floor pull ups, this floor hollow pull for about 30 seconds. And you can go ahead and
relax Pierre, great. And then I’m gonna have him
move into side planks. Now you’ll notice that here
in this side plank position, Pierre’s shoulder
is lined up with his elbow and he’s actively pushing
the floor away with his arm and he’s activating
everything on this side. So we do that for 30
seconds on each side 3 rounds, and relax. How do you feel Pierre? – I feel pretty good.
– Awesome, nice job. So this part 1 and we’re gonna move on
to part 2 next. Since the aerial hoop
is a dynamic hang, we want to make sure that you
become comfortable with hanging and you build that hanging
strength from the bar. So step 1 would be
to get comfortable just with hanging so Pierre I’m gonna have you
just do a relaxed hang. And this is something
that you can do for about 15 to 30 seconds, just relaxed hang
just starting out. Then you would make
it an active hang so what I’m gonna have Pierre do is pull his shoulders
into his sockets and then I’m gonna have him
get into that hollow position so go ahead and tuck
your hips under and he’s gonna hollow
his mid-section out here so his shoulders are packed,
his lats are engaged and he’s holding
this hollow position so he’s holding this
with some tension. Go ahead and relax Pierre and again, you want to start
with like 15 seconds, add on 5-second increments
up to 30 seconds. The next thing would be
to actually work on pull ups so a good way to start
is with a band. Minimal equipment
here with a band, it’s really easy to purchase. Attach this to the bar. He’s going to place
one foot in the band. Now why have
his feet in the band so that he can maintain
his hollow position. So go ahead and get into
your hollow position for me Pierre and now from here
he’s gonna pull up into a pullup and the
band is providing him with a little bit of assistance. You can put the pull ups aside and we can work on
some hanging leg raises. For the hanging leg raises, you want to start them
on the floor. You can use a piece of furniture that you have at
home to hold on to or if you have a training
partner and you have a dowel, then you can use the dowel. So from here he’s gonna, just like we did in part one
the hollow position, he’s gonna bring the
dowel above his head and then he’s gonna bring
his legs up straight and then I’m gonna go ahead and
grab a hold of this dowel. I’m gonna apply a little bit of tension
and pull back, so go ahead and bring
your toes to the dowel, good, and then come
all the way back and I want you to return
to the hollow position. Notice how his feet
do not touch the ground, they just come back to
the hollow position. So this is a way to train
floor leg raises before you take them to the bar. Start with 3 sets of 5 and then build up to sets of 10. If you don’t have
a training partner, what you can do is
substitute this dowel for a secure piece of
furniture at home. Make sure it’s secure and
it doesn’t move around and you just grab hold of it with
your hands behind your head. So moving on to
the next exercise, we’re gonna work on
some pushing strength and trunk stability strength. So step one would be to
work on some hand walk-outs so I’m gonna have Pierre just
go ahead and face this way and I’m gonna have you
hinge over, place your hands down
and then walk it out to a straight arm plank for me, so hinge over,
hands walk it out, you can just give me
one shoulder tap right, one shoulder tap left and then go ahead
and walk it back then softening your knees, yes coming back up to
standing, good. So for this you want
to start with 5 and work up to sets of 10,
again 3 sets. Now if that’s super easy,
the next progression would be to take it to some wall
assisted hand stands. You can kick up to
a wall at home, so Pierre I’m gonna have you
kick up to that wall assisted, you should be wall assisted
single arm shifts. So always using that
wall for support remember safety first so here we are wall assisted, he’s leaning his legs
against the wall here and he’s just shifting
his weight side to side practicing how to balance on one
arm without wall assistance. Again start with 10 seconds
3 rounds, 5-second increments
up to 30 seconds per set. Now we’re going into part 3
of today’s workout. Part 3 we’re gonna work through
some kettle bell carries. What he’s going to do is he’s gonna grab it
with both hands and he’s gonna bring it into
what’s called the rack position. From here, Pierre is just
gonna two-hand press that kettle bell overhead so go ahead and get
those knuckles to the ceiling, go ahead and pack your shoulder
as much as you can having your arm overhead. Now from here what I’m
gonna have Pierre do is just take it for a walk, so he’s just gonna stabilize
that kettle bell overhead and go for a walk. He’s going to do
30 seconds on the right side and then he’s gonna switch and do 30 seconds
on the left side and he’s gonna do this
for 5 rounds. Great.
How do you feel? You’re glad this workout is over? That was quite a workout. We hope you try it again
and that it helps you to be the best that you can be. Remember, you don’t have
to be a part of Cirque for this workout to benefit you. Stick with it,
you won’t be sorry. Don’t forget to get active
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