51 Replies to “I Had Enough of Painful Knots! 3 Things That Worked”

  1. You won't hear it from these two. UNLESS YOU REPENT OF YOUR SINS AND FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST YOU WILL BURN IN HELL, escape hell fire, same for you bob and brad, you will never preach the gospel because that'll mess with your money right? Can't buy your way into heaven

  2. As always this is my reality! Bad posture along with frozen shoulders in the past plus menopause, it hurts. Have you heard of the Shakti Mat? I lay on it every day and it helps!

  3. I love using a tennis ball for my knots. It's not as intense when you're on a mattress. A PT gave me that tip for sciatica 6 yrs ago and it worked great. I love the thermotex heating pad too. I've been using it over the past year ☺ Thanks for the tips!

  4. Soo I do this often with the lacrosse ball on the floor, no towel. It doesn’t hurt, it feels great! Is that worrisome that it doesn’t hurt?

  5. Thank you so much for the tip with the tennis ball gents, my son is angry at you guys because now he lost a tennis ball…he’ll be OK.

  6. You guys should advertise Bemer Pro Set. They make a Bemer PEMF cushion you can sit on that pulses your body to relieve discomfort.

  7. Just a question. About once a month I get a severe muscle cramp in my calf in the middle of the night, that literally causes me to fall on the floor grabbing my calf and pushing my foot against the wall to try and get relief? Any thoughts on how to get rid of these cramps once I get them?

  8. If I'm too sore to do it on the floor or don't have a space to lay down, putting the ball on the wall and leaning onto it helps too.

  9. You guys are goofy but really really awesome every time I have an issue it seem as though you guys looking to my situation animated video
    Thank you very much

  10. You Know. My neck bending in the bad posture does trigger the knot. But sometimes the knot kicks in just from tension. Will get a chiropractor.

  11. Love your clips! 👍 Rather than a tennis ball, and since your segment using balled up socks as spot pressure on your back as you drive, I’ve found my quick go-to is a small water bottle. The way plastic bottles are manufactured thinner today for better recycling, they have nice give. I think it feels pretty good on my back, and it’s easier to handle and position. The water heats up naturally in the sunlight or you can easily fill the bottle from the hot water tap, if desired.

  12. What in the heck, the last couple weeks I’ve had some knots in my back from lifting and I’m pleasantly surprised to see a new bob and brad post lmao

  13. Thank you fo the video. Would it be helpful to do strengthening exercises a well, or stretching is enough? And what do you think about crossed syndrome?

  14. So if the infrared heat reaches almost 2.5 inches, what that effectively means is this modality actually dehydrates the person. NOT GOOD. NOT ADVISED.

  15. Swear to god I had my right side rhomboid muscle tear while sitting still in the back seat of a car. I’ve been working out in the gym and feeling pretty good. I was in a car and just stretched my arms over my head and have had serious pain develop right away. It’s slowly getting better but man! WTF?!

  16. I would like a link for the infrared heating pad that Brad wore. I looked all over your website but couldn't find it. I checked Amazon and I think I located it but not sure.

  17. Most plug in imverters only give 175 watts. You need to check the data sticker on the thermote to find out what the power consumption is. Anything over that will blow fuses/breaker. Am a truck driver and have plenty experience with inverters. You can invest in a larger hardwired inverter. But that needs to be installed by a pro. Those things can cause problems like unintended fires.

  18. why would you tell people about a good heating pad and not tell them where to get it, people are asking and you are not answering them.

  19. Do you have a video showing a quick morning stretch routine? I’ve been looking for one that is a 10-15 minute basic morning stretch without the yoga contortionist moves.

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