I planked every day for one week. When it
comes to ab exercises, I’ve always enjoyed planking. A plank is
a simple but effective core exercise that helps you build stability and
strength throughout your entire body. It requires no equipment and you can do
it pretty much anywhere. The current world record for the longest
planking session is 8 hours 15 minutes for men, and 4 hours 20 minutes for women.
Now I’m not trying to break any world record, but I thought it would be
interesting to find out how long I could hold a plank for, so I decided to give
myself a 7 day challenge where I would try to work my way up to a seven minute
plank in seven days. Will I rise up to the challenge or will I fail miserably?
Let’s find out! So today is day one of my seven-day
plank challenge and most likely it’ll be my favorite day because I only need to
plank for one minute. And for the record, today is Thursday, February 6th. Alright,
let’s do this! So I just got done planking for two
minutes and it was pretty tough. At this point I am wondering if I will be able
to plank for seven minutes on day seven. Because planking is a lot harder than it
looks and the most I’ve ever been able to plank for I think is three minutes or
maybe three and a half, but definitely not seven. So I’m starting to have doubts
that I will be able to complete this challenge, however I’m going to continue
what I started and I’m just going to do my best every day and see what happens.
And also I’m a strong believer in mind over matter so I’m just going to think
positive and go from there. I’m happy that day two is complete and I’ll see
you guys tomorrow! That was hard, I almost died! So today is day 4 and I planked for 4
minutes. I surprised myself because going into it I was feeling really sore. On top
of doing this challenge I’m also continuing my daily workout routine, that
involves lifting weights. So yesterday was lower body and so my legs were
really sore and then the day before I was doing upper body so my arms and
shoulders are still feeling pretty sore. So going into the plank this morning I
was really worried that my soreness is going to get the best of me, but
surprisingly I was able to push for 4 minutes so I think that I broke a
personal record today, because that is the longest I’ve ever planked for so
that’s pretty cool. So right now I feel pretty proud of myself and I’m happy
that I pushed myself and it proves that my body is getting stronger every day.
So I’m just gonna keep at it and continue to progress. Day five is over I am so glad. That was
really brutal. I wanted to give up so bad the whole time. My bones felt like they
were going to break and my legs were just so ready to give up, especially the
last minute, and my arms were shaking. It was just so hard but I stuck it out and
I lasted for five minutes so that is pretty awesome,
high-five! That was so so hard. So after three
minutes I was so ready to give up and then I told myself, “no, I can’t give up
now, especially since I planked for five
minutes yesterday, there’s no way I’m weaker today. I have to be stronger than
I was yesterday,” so I kept holding on and then four
minutes, five minutes, I wanted to just collapse, but then I told myself, “well I
only have one minute left, I can’t give up now,” so I kept pushing and pushing,
five minutes and a half, I was like “okay, five minutes and a half is better than
five minutes so I can give up now.” But then I thought “well I only have 30
seconds left I can do it, I can do it” so even though I was in so much pain I told
myself “this pain is going to go away, thirty seconds are going to pass, I’m not
gonna die so I just kept holding on and I did. I lasted for six minutes I’m so
happy and we only have one day left of this challenge so I will see you guys
tomorrow! Good morning, it is day 7 and I just wanted to show you guys it is Wednesday February 12. I started this challenge on
Thursday, February 6th, so today is day 7, the last day of the challenge and I
need to plank for seven minutes. So wish me luck,
let’s plank! Ah! Challenge complete! I planked for seven
minutes in seven days. I told myself I’m gonna do something and I did it. I
challenged myself and I lived up to the challenge. So what did I learn from doing
this challenge? Number one: mental toughness. Whatever it is that you want
to accomplish in life, it all starts with a strong mind. The thought of giving up
crept into my mind so many times during my planks, especially when it got really
painful. I kept thinking about how good it would feel to just stop and relax but
I knew that was just my body feeling weak which meant that my mind needed to stay strong. I had to focus all of my energy on positive thinking and not pay
any attention to negative thoughts. Your mind is extremely powerful so use it
wisely. I now have a better understanding of how
much control my mind has over my body. I learned to use my mind to tell my body
what I want it to do and then let my body show me what it is capable of doing. Once your mind and your body are in sync with each other, you will be amazed at the
things that you can accomplish. Number two: do your best and leave the rest.
I got this thing from my husband and I think it’s an awesome one. When I thought
about how long I needed to plank each day, it got me really stressed. So instead
I switched my focus to doing my very best every single day. Looking back at
the footage now I notice that my form wasn’t always perfect, however that
doesn’t make me feel any less proud of what I accomplished because I know that
at that moment in time I gave it all that I had, and that’s what truly matters. Your goal should always be to be the best version of you so never compare
yourself to others and just focus on being better than you were yesterday. To be honest, this is something that I
still struggle with on a daily basis. I put a lot of pressure on myself to
always be perfect and a lot of times it prevents me from doing the things that I
really love and the things that I really want to do. I hope this video inspires
you to do something you never thought you could do because you never know
until you just do it. And a lot of times you are stronger than you think.
Until next time believe anything is possible and always believe in yourself!

9 Replies to “I PLANKED EVERYDAY FOR A WEEK This Is What Happened”

  1. There are so many things I love about this video. I just want to express it by saying "Just well done. Very very well done" πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ

  2. Oh man I gotta do this I try to do it again when I was working out back in the day I was doing so well thanks for the motivation I need it no lie ✨

  3. That looked so painful. I can barely plank for 1 min haha. Great job that was impressive. Glad you did t give up and collapse

  4. Dude your a flipping power ranger !! Can I just say I hand a free consultation at my gym (literally been avoiding ALL the trainer lol) finally I say fine to one of the trainers, he told me let’s try to plank I kid you not I started to do it then I started sweating, ankles starting shacking, my boobs start feeling heavy. So when I finally fell & looked up at the trainer with the how’d I do face he was like β€œsuch a great start one min point 8” πŸ˜‘ I was like okay byyye great workout! Your flipping awesome!!! So proud of you !!!

  5. Planking seems like it would work a lot of different muscles at the same time. I was up to 10 mins maybe longer about 6 years ago when I was loosing weight

  6. You had me in tears with this video. If I wasn’t inspired before, I definitely am now. Comparing yourself to others is never a good idea. So glad you were able to give this your all and you did an amazing job. I pray you reach every one of your goals in life!

  7. Great job girl! I think the longest I've held a plank is 2 minutes. That's enough for me. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ I also like doing side planks.

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