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  1. That's exactly what i was looking for here… a daily vlog on someone's first try at IF, everything they eat, the mental struggles, etc. Really amazing how much she was still eating AND she lost weight and looked amazing at the end, plus it was only 10 days! :O Seeing her suffer while coworkers were eating at noon made me wonder why she didnt change her eating window to 12-8pm, or 1-9pm (why 2-10pm)?

  2. I love intermittent fasting cuz I can eat whatever I want but still have to fasting for 16 hours. I think it’s not too hard.

  3. Hi Ami, can I ask the day before you start this diet did you eat dinner at 9p.m or skipped it? Cuz I want to try this tomorrow and Idk if I should skip my dinner right now or not

  4. I was like wait what shes speaking in Cantonese cause i just suddenly heard i am so happy to eat now in canto

  5. I'm about to start IF this week. I currently weigh 220 pounds. Does anyone want to do this me? Be my IF buddy? Hehe hmu

  6. I would love to try this but my dad's solution to everything is food. Even if I get a stomach ache from over eating he still says I should eat. I can't even skip a meal even if I tried.

  7. i like your video it looks so doeable…you are such a big eater and yet u could maintain such a good figure (of cause i know it comes with hard work such as intensity workout)…i drink water and probably will put on 1kg of weight my goodness..will try it out and other of your beginner's exercise videos…need to burn belly and thigh fats for my best friend's wedding ahhaha 😀

  8. So it’s basically no breakfast then lunch at 2 snack at 3,
    and then dinner after gym at around 7/9??

  9. So intermittent fasting is basically the Muslim fast , I guess who made this thing take that idea from Islam

  10. Can you also do one day of fasting and then the next day not fasting? Or isn’t that considered intermittent fasting?

  11. Please vietsub all the videos you make so that Vietnamese people can understand better. Thank you very much

  12. I don’t know if my plan is really the best for me. (I’m 16, 5’4) my plan is, wake up at 6am. Workout for 30 mins around either 10 or 11pm. Eating time 2-4pm. Workout again around 7pm. When i say workout, i run on the treadmill for 30 mins, going between running and walking and jogging. that’s my plan, is it okay? And also when i eat, i try to eat healthy things like watermelon, and obviously other stuff like pizza or French toast. I don’t have a planned meal for everyday, i kinda just eat what i have in my fridge, i have a mixture of healthy and unhealthy foods. The thing is, during my eating window, these past two days, i eat at 2, and then that’s it, i haven’t felt hungry after that, until it’s later in the night. So basically i don’t really snack. But i guess i should so i wouldn’t be hungry at night. So is this plan okay? What improvements should i do?

  13. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  14. Can I eat breakfast instead of dinner because I eat in 10:00am and finish the fasting 6:00pm so I skip dinner??? Or should I skip breakfast!?

  15. I have tried several weight-loss programs already but none of them offered me the results like I acquired because of this “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) system. I don’t feel jittery or maybe feel a crash, I am also not as hungry as I used to. I have shed about 15 lbs ever since using this product. .

  16. how do you guys where those zipper sports bra omg— i wear one that’s bigger than my average cup size and it still pops the shit open

  17. Do you have to drink almond milk or can you drink regular milk, water, or juice instead of the almond milk?

  18. I do 16/8 with eating from 10:30am to 6:30pm during the weekdays, however on the weekends if I cheat 🙂
    This is easy for me as it saves me 15min more sleep before school and my first meal is at school during our morning break (recess)

  19. I’m gonna try and do this for the remainder of my summer but idk if it will work bc I have a habit of just snacking through the day which is really bad. My metabolism is also really fast and I’m not good at finishing big meals so idk if it would work for me

  20. Cried at 2:16 where growing up Asian all u hear is "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" and that being the major concern prevents me from trying fasting. Ty Emi!

  21. What are the times for intermittent fasting?
    Like breakfast etc.. or should you jus make sure that you eat within an 8hr window say from 8AM to 3PM?

  22. This made me realize I was fasting without realizing it lol, I’ve been skipping breakfast and having a big lunch and a small dinner (maybe a snack). Mainly cause I’ve been sleeping in but my appetite has definitely lessened

  23. If i get results after 10 days and i became with the expected weight, then can i back to follow my normal meal plan ?? or it will regain my fat fastly 😖😖…. Reply plzz.. coz its not possible to maintain this fasting lifelong…..

  24. Thank you Emi. You made me stronger when I saw that you were saying you were so HUNGRY but you were so diligent and disciplined not to eat until 2. And I don't feel like such a baby because you said you were hungry watching the clock tick. Thank you so very much. You're beautiful inside and out.

  25. For about 5 months I’ve stopped eating at 6pm everyday. So I’ve started intermittent fasting a few days ago, I don’t eat very healthy but I am trying. I start eating at 10am and stop at 6pm since I am use to stopping eating at 6pm. You can choose your own time of fasting but the usual time people use is 16/8 which means 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating. Intermittent fasting is much easier then some diet. If you can get through the first week it’s pretty easy.

  26. so we at once during lunch and snacks at 4 something? but we can still drink water during the whole day right?

  27. -intermittent fasting is so haaaard!!
    -muslims who are used to fasting in ramadan : dude, u get to drink water

  28. So heres my journey as someone who's done this twice in the past 2 years.

    The first time i started intermittent fasting was in the beginning of 2018, i was already planning it in 2017, because my prom was in 2018 and i had just cut red meat from my diet, when i started i did a 16/8 and it didn't hurt that much because i was never a fan of breakfast, it makes me bloated gassy and tired to continue studying during the day, so i break my fast(no pun intended haha) at lunch. Five months into it and i lost 4kg, i was also playing football and jogged, but that helped tone my body. So after that time i had school break, and because i abruptly stopped going to school and no football(cause it was at school) i kinda stopped the fasting, and i ate much more, because i bake and cook, and that led me to gain 10kg by the end of 2018, i weighed 60kg and started weigheting 70kg.
    By the beginning of this year i decided to return to this lifestyle, i did spinning classes for the first four months of the year, while doing a 15/9 fast cause spinning required a lot of energy so i ate really early in the morning, but i had to stop because of school, and during that time i gradually raised my fast and now i do a 20/4 and right now I've lost a total of 6kg and weight 64kg.

    So fasting works but i suggest you eat healthy, you can eat something you really crave here and there, but let your diet consist in nutrient and vitamins rich foods. And drink a lot of water.

  29. I started on 7th July, 2019 -> 66kg
    Today 10th July,2019 -> 64kg
    Lost 2kg .
    Give me thumbs & remind me
    I will upgrade the result .
    promise 💙💜

  30. I’m doing this so I don’t eat late at night because that was a bad habit and made me gain weight. I do 16:8 which is easier coz I get up early for college and I just have a coffee till 12 (college lunch is at 12:30 and I get home at 6:30 so it’s perfect timing). It’s helping me drink more water and eat more filling meals with protein and carbs. Good luck to everyone on this journey

  31. I got used to not eat breakfast since I hate being rushed
    And I got used to not eat since I would be rushed so
    I could go to school and I don’t eat lunch food sometimes I’ll
    Drink milk but I’m lactose so I rarely do especially if I don’t take my pills

  32. Hi guys so i've been doing intermittent fasting for quite a while now, so i always wanted to lose weight but wasn't the type of person who had the motivation to excercise. So like from mid april to end of may this year, i did 20:4 fasting, meaning i ate during a four hour period during the day and fasted the rest 20 hours. From this, my weight went from 81kg to 74 kg. I didn't even excercise on my own, but i did have 2 hours of P.E. each week at school. I didn't completely restrict the kinds of food i ate, but i did decrease the amount of food i was eating. For the whole of june i was on vacation so i was just junking the whole month without fasting. Now from beggining of august, i've continued and I'm 72kg now. I find it that despite me fasting for the same amount of time as i was in april and may, i wasnt losing as much weight that easily. I would say probably because the initial weight i lost was water weight, and to burn the fat, you actually do need to do a little excercise unless your okay with losing weight at a slow rate. But then again, i think it varies from person to person. I'm 5'7" and currently 72kg, and I'm aiming for 60kg, because for my age and height that is what is recommended.

  33. I'm only on my 1st day of intermittent fasting and surprisingly I didn't struggle or feel hungry at all. If anything the hardest part was alternating coffee + milk (my typical morning routine) with black tea. That way I don't get the headache from the lack of caffeine. I'll be doing the 16:8 for 5 days and throw in the 2 alternate days for optimal results. Like this comment if you want me to post a one-month update! 🙂

  34. I know this is an old video but for those new here and reading comments…you can always adjust your times so eating times are more convenient. For example: if the rest of your co workers eat around noon just stop eating earlier at night so you can join them. It doesn't have to be complicated. I stop eating at 6pm and can eat by 10am if I do a 16 hr fast. Really she could have eaten by 1pm.
    Side note: The food looks amazing ❤

  35. I tried intermittent fasting and honestly, I look fatter than before =/ I eat mainly fruits, veggies and protein. I've been off soda form about 3 months now for bladder issues and no difference. I mainly drink tea, water and juice. there isn't much I can do to work out because of my chronic stomach issues and seizures, but I try to walk for at least 30 minutes every day.
    no positive difference. my waist is 3 inches rounder now and I'm losing hope.

  36. Just my experience. I've been IF for a month now. HFLC foods. *One meal a day at 5:00p*. I eat enough fats to not be hungry for 24 hrs or more. Two times I wasn't hungry and extended fast to 28 hrs and 40 hrs. One time I had so little hunger, I could only ate 1/2 my meal. I stopped eating comfort foods/snacks and have a clearer vision about nutrition in my life. My weight during this time went from 308 to 281 lbs. I now have no physical or emotional need to stop this fasting. I kinda like it. I was worried about having cheat days at the start, but now I feel that for myself, I don't need or want a cheat day. Hope this continues to be my situation in life. Best wishes for all those trying to live a heathier life. Actually best wishes to those who don't too.

  37. I did intermittent fasting unknowingly, skipped breakfast for about 3-4 months, ate junk food but still lost about 12 kgs

  38. I'm sooo relieved knowing that i can skip breakfast. My mom always made me think that breakfast was the most important meal and i should never skip it and if i got hungry i would get fatter bc my body would keep everything i ate etc..

  39. All of the food that was shown in the video, I feel like I’d visit just for the food alone. Everything looks great. I noticed there was no numbers attached to the video as in how the fasting affected your weight, whether it caused you to drop any or gained or maintained. I heard that you were less hungry the more you stuck with it which is great, but how sustainable is it to continue doing it just eating mostly whatever you like?

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