1. Could you do this diet? Do you have any celebrity/idol diets that you’d like to see me try? 🧐 (I MADE A MISTAKE WITH THE CALORIES OF THIS DIET PLEASE LOOK AT MY DESCRIPTION). Sorry for the slightly low quality editing style, I had to edit on iMovie on my laptop loool what a throwback👀

  2. When you do these diets you should do the calories in ratio of height. Like, since she is shorter than you, and you are eating the same amount of calories as her, she technically ate more than you based on ratio of height to calories.

  3. i was so confused on how you were cooking the rice lol but the rice looked cooked so it's all good i guess

  4. Srsly 60% of comments its abt rice cooker chopsticks and how did she cook rice without it wtf
    OK we got it u AsIAnS cook ur RIcE in rIcE CoOkER but u can just cook it in POT YES IN A FREAKIN POT LIKE WHITE PPL DO JEZZZ

  5. im doing this for 4 days dont worry its because i have a track meet on monday so i need to be light uwu

  6. Not having enough calories a day, literally puts ur body into starvation mode, therefore ur body literally stores everything it can, and anything u eat will be turned into fat immediatly

  7. There is a diet called shantokki diet
    3 hard eggs with toast for all meals
    Coke zero if you want something sweet
    I think I might be mistaken on the numbers but I know the coke zero is the snack and I think I spelled her name wrong

  8. Wendy boomerangs (not sure if that's the right term) weight because of her body type, which is just basically losing weight and gaining it back easily after you begin to eat normally. Her diets are extreme, and I feel really bad for her and other idols.

  9. Pretty sure you actually had slightly MORE calories because the Wendy Diet was 1/2 cup of COOKED rice, not uncooked….. which is only 1/4-1/3 cup uncooked. So, so few calories :/

  10. I thought Wendy had lemon juice, lettuce juice and pumpkin juice amongst other things too.

    Great video though and I like the mentality of measure body instead of weight.

  11. How the fuck did you cook rice like that am i that one asian person whos literally never seen that 😂😂

  12. Pretty sure you were supposed to eat 1/2 cup cooked rice not dry cause rice doubles when cooked lol, love the vids tho ❤️❤️

  13. I had anorexia and ate more calories a day then on this diet beacuse I had 200 -600 cals a day and worked out so if you keep this diet up like you start vomiting after eating normally this isn't even a diet 😱 it's an eating disorder

  14. I’m trying to lose weight like 15 kg and I’m 12 and I’m trying to find a diet for me to lose a lot but not die I only have 2 months to lose weight so if you have something for me please tell me

  15. I did the jimmy diet I lost a lot of weight and didn't really exercise as much as he did

    Edit: well I didn't eat I forgot that he ate chicken but I ate nothing at all for almost 5 days and passed out at least once

  16. I realize this is an old video, but I was wondering if you've ever done the OMAD (one meal a day) diet? I am currently on it myself; just started. If you have, never mind. ^_^

  17. Honestly I don't normally luke diet videos, but yours are extremely educational and even enjoyable to watch. (Although I am not so happy about the fa t that you go through pain with it) (but that's just me not wanting anyone to go through pain)

  18. you: Practically dying from malnutrition

    me: Watching you suffer while eating a massive Aldis chocolate bar laughing

  19. okay why did i just find you, you’re doing kpop diets, you’re doing all the diets, and you’re honestly the best channel ever?

  20. Ok but how and why did you make rice in a tray? I’ve never seen that in my life and I’ve seen a lot of weird ways of cooking rice living at uni

  21. I did this diet it was hard at first but I continued to do it I can’t say that it easy after the first few days but I barely eat anyway so I get full very easy but I truly don’t recommend this diet it can be very dangerous for your body

  22. watches the video
    sees her measuring
    sees the measurements
    Me: ….inches?
    googles cm to inch converter
    Me: ohhhh

  23. Before.
    Waist: 28 in
    Thighs: L – 25 in, R – 24.9 in

    Waist: 27.1 in
    Thighs: L- 24.55 in, R – 24.5 in

  24. this would've been leading up to red flavour comeback i'm sure, she was so unhealthy and lost so much weight that comebak

  25. I feel really bad for these artists. They're forced yes forced by their contracts to do these diets and over exorcise to keep their , a lot of the times. Anorexic frame that for some reason is considered attractive in Korea.

  26. Me: I'm Pudgy I need to lose a few pounds.
    Also Me: Oh Mac and Cheese, Yes please! proceeds to eat the entire pot by myself

  27. I'll do this on Monday for 3 days maybe 2 God damn I'm still a kid but this is just out of it….ik about kpop god damn I cant do this for more than 3 days bc ion want to damage my body

  28. i am dieting because like i think its time lol but like im eating around 320 calories and i literally burn it all off by exercise and i really dont think this is healthy thats why i am doing it for like a week so atleast that lol but i exercise regularly
    im 163.5 cm tall and i weight 52 kgs and damn im fat but i dont like weighting myself like that but what can i do lol but i lost around 2kg so like great lmao

  29. To be honest I would try IU's diet I feel like the diet your doing is more extreme then IU's but if you wanna here's a link to someone who had tried IU's diet witch I'm also gonna try the diet soon too.

    Link: https://youtu.be/TJJTahPkk4Q

  30. All these K Pop “diets” – they will be so much better off just practicing intermittent fasting and eating proper nutrients at the end of the day. Also takes care of loose skin.

  31. I decided to do this diet for five days. Like honestly, NEVER do it for more than three days. I felt sick, unenergised, my skin dropped to a striking pale tone and my body weight dropped immensely considering I don’t eat a heavy lot neither do I snack a lot. But on the fifth day, I actually ended up passing out in the gym and I woke up in my house. Thankfully, my aunt came in to the gym and found me just when I fainted and took me home. Honestly, this diet is the most unhealthiest and I felt so disgusting, and horrible. I was a mess of tears when I woke up. The day I finished the diet, I had a full mukbang with my family and I was so relieved that I was alive. I can’t imagine how Wendy felt, honestly. The pressure of becoming an idol is fking intense.

  32. I kinda tried this type of diet (except I only ate dinner and no breakfast and lunch) when I am in school just because I digest food quickly (sometimes very slow but sometimes very quick) and I don't want to poop at school, I did that for almost a year now and ended up losing 3 kgs (from 45kg I am now at 42kg).

  33. I once went a day not eating anything and I lost some weight but I got real tired and thought I was gonna faint so I just went back to not starving myself again and loosing weight the normal way (not eating as much and exercising more)

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