Identifying your 2017 performance limiters

Welcome back to another episode of knowledge bomb in this week’s episode we’re going to talk about the mistakes you’ve made this season. Okay over the course of the next couple months I’m excited, i’m going to start building out some episodes that are going to be meant to be viewed or understood in series right. I want to go into details, about program design, about how to structure your week’s skeleton, how to talk about periodization and how you should be progressing through the season but before we even get there I think it’s really important to talk about you know the 2017 season right maybe it’s over for you, maybe it’s not, maybe you’ve done better than you think you have but you’re still not where you want to be in the future or maybe it was a complete disaster and everything fell apart and all your hard work just didn’t actually show up for competition and can start to help shape what 2018 should look like the first thing is take time to digest what’s happened and start looking at yourself objectively. We have a lot of emotions wrapped up into what’s happened, what didn’t happen, what could have happened and none of that is really beneficial in terms of becoming a better athlete, relative to your training, now emotions, psychology, mindset all that is really really important pieces of becoming an athlete but when we talk about structuring training being able to look at what we’ve done objectively is HUGE HUGE. So this is what I suggest; take a look at 2017 open workouts and don’t look at how you did relative to last year, look at how you did relative to the field and start using that of a little bit of a litmus test on the characteristics that you need to improve right. So here’s the big difference right maybe you’re not that good at wall balls right it’s not the wall balls that you’re not good at right so stay with me here, it’s the characteristic in which you hit the “wall” with the perfect example I can use is that if you’re doing wall balls maybe for some for one person it’s breathing, the breathing gets out of control and you just can’t do the work. For another person it might be actually lower body muscle endurance with the legs right your legs just blow up and you just can’t actually drive out of that hole as efficiently even in some extreme examples it could be skill, right you missed the target it’s all over the place when you start getting fatigued and so that’s what I’m talking about and what you’ll start to find is that those characteristics that you start identifying in all of your training and competition you’ll start to be able to put them together and categorize them right and so you’ll see that the limitations in wall balls start to come up in chest a bar and they start to come up in double unders right totally different movements but the limitation of the same and so this is what I encourage you to do, ask yourself for questions; was it my breathing? was it my muscles? was it my mind? or was it my skill? Your limitations nine times out of ten is going to be one of those four and if you look across your training and across your competition experience and you ask in each workout, in each movement what your limitation was you’ll start to be able to connect common threads that will help define the type of athlete you are and the type of priorities you need to be working on. So maybe you don’t need to be working on all those wall balls maybe you need to be working on breathing efficiency or maybe it’s a skill thing right, coordination and so identifying the characteristic outside of the actual movement is the first step in really being able to lay out a successful 2018 season. So here’s some homework for you guys take a piece of paper, pull up the last four weeks of training, okay, before the open and then pull up all your open workouts and I want you to go through and remember and think about each workout session you had and start writing down, in more of a brainstorming type of style, what the limiters were with very little thinking right so all right 17.5 what’s your limiter? Is it skill? Is it breathing? Did the thrusters become so heavy? Was it mental? You started tripping up you know got frustrated so just start identifying the limitations one of those four–in four weeks of training prior to the open and through the open workouts. You can take that list, think about it, fine tune it but what we’ll be doing in the weeks to come is we’ll be taking that list and I’ll help you formulate a plan for 2018 right week by week, month by month, cycle by cycle, even season through the season right offseason, preseason, in competition season and so forth and so on. So take the time to do that we’ll be back in a couple weeks with the beginning of this series where you can really start to understand “okay, how do you become a better athlete?” and how do you not make the same mistakes you made in 2017.

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  1. I am curious how you will approach the "breathing" aspect as I feel this is where I fell apart in this year's open.

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