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So today I’m answering an email from Christie. Christie writes: “Hi, Kristin. I’ve been watching
your videos and was amazed at the changes you underwent in just 10 weeks. My husband
and I want to transform ourselves by May 1st. So that gives us about 11 weeks to get it
done. We’re interested in cleaning up our diets and incorporating some of the simple
ideas you offered. I’m 125 pounds, 5’3″ tall. I generally run between 10 and 15 miles a
week, though it has slowed over the last few months due to the cold weather.” Yeah, I’m
familiar with that. “I’m not a gym member, but I do have hand weights of varying sizes
that I can incorporate with lunges and squats. I’d love ideas from you on the kinds of exercise
to do at home to get similar results to yours. I know a diet is only part of the equation.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m pear shaped and carry a lot of excess weight
in my butt, thighs, and hips. I’m also somewhat muscular underneath my blanket of fat. I need
direction as I have never accomplished this goal. I was down to 117 last summer, but it
wasn’t enough to give me the phenomenal results you mentioned. I have to put on a bathing
suit on, ” Excuse me. “I have to put a bathing suit on in May in front of our friends and
neighbors. Nightmare thought for me. Please help me. Christie.” Christie, I love your
email. I’m so glad that you’ve asked this question. Now, while it’s hard to really make
an assessment based on the limited information that you gave, because sometimes it’s a lot
more helpful for me to have photos and learn much more about what kind of a diet you have
right now and your full exercise plan, there were some nuggets of information in your email
that I can make some assumptions on, and I think I can offer you some really good tips
from there. Some of those nuggets are, one, you mentioned that you’re a runner. Okay.
And that’s great because you’re already exercising some. That’s wonderful. You mentioned that
you’re pear shaped, and then you mentioned that you have some hand weights at home and
that you could lunges and squats with those. What’s oftentimes the case with the pear shaped
individuals, and I can say this with a whole bunch of confidence because I’m pear shaped
myself, and I’ve faced this challenge all of my life is that, as a pear shaped individuals,
we oftentimes think that we need to exercise the heck out of our thighs and butt and legs
in order to size down. But the truth is, when we’re training our legs really hard because
we’re pear shaped and we think we need to work our legs in order to size them down,
what happens is, oftentimes, we’re actually building up the muscle underneath. And you
mentioned in your email that you’re pretty muscular, and I’m going to make the assumption,
I’m going to bet that you’re probably pretty muscular in your legs, your butt, and your
thighs because you’re working them so hard. What we wind up inadvertently doing is, by
ignoring our upper body with weight training, by not weight training our upper body, our
upper body actually shrinks. It gets smaller, and if we’re focusing on our lower body, and
we’re weight training with our lower body, we’re increasing the muscle mass in our lower
body and we inadvertently exacerbate our pear shape that way. So, Christie, for my first
tip for you, I want you to start weight training your upper body, and I want you to start weight
training with heavier weights than you have. If you have hand weights, oftentimes as women,
we have like 5 pounds, 10 pounds. Well, as you get stronger, you’re going to need to
get up into the 15-pound, 20, 25-pound range. So you need to get yourself a home set of
dumbbells, because you mentioned that you don’t have a gym membership. That will get
you up into that range. Now, you could buy something on Craigslist. That’s a great way
to do it, or you can look for the Bowflex SelectTech, I think it’s called. That’s one
of my favorite home adjustable weight sets. Now, my second tip, Christie, has to do with
the fact that you’re a runner. I have boatloads of runners that write into me all the time
and they want to get into bikini model shape, and they just are not able to accomplish it.
And some of that probably has to do with the fact that you are a runner. Now, you’ve mentioned
that, I think you said 10 or 15 miles or 10 or 12 miles a week that you’re running; that’s
not a ton. That’s not like a marathon runner, per se, but it’s still quite a bit. Now, please
keep in mind, I’m not saying that long-distance running is bad because it is great cardiovascular
activity for your heart and lungs, but if you’re trying to achieve that bikini body,
it is going to be very difficult. All you have to do is look at long distance runners,
ones that are really serious about it. Look at their bodies. They’re long, they’re lean,
they don’t have a lot of muscle mass, and they’re not very shapely because of that.
Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. All of our bodies are beautiful, right? But to
achieve what you’re trying to achieve, that hourglass shape, that bikini-type body, you’re
probably going to have to change things up a little bit when it comes to your cardiovascular
activity. For tip number two, what I want you to consider is cutting back on that long-distance
running, increasing the weight training, like we talked about earlier, and then for cardiovascular
activity, consider putting into your exercise plan HIT, or high intensity interval training,
like sprints, for instance, where you’re going faster for a few minutes and then you take
a rest or you go slow for a few minutes, and faster for a few minutes and slow for a few
minutes, and not so long as you do, or not as long as you would do for long-distance
running. That should be more effective for fat loss and maintaining or building muscle
at the same time. And, Christie, for my third tip, I want to focus in on the fact, again,
that you’re pear shaped and what you said about eating, that it’s only part of the equation.
The clean eating, Christie, is a huge part of the equation. It’s gigantic. It’s 70, 80
percent probably of the equation. In order to get that bikini body that you’re desiring,
you’re really going to have to focus in on your clean eating. You need lean proteins,
healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, and you have to have a calorie deficit. You need
to be taking in less calories than you’re burning. The key here is you need to do it
consistently. Yo-yo dieting simply does not work. Now, what I know, Christie, also based
on the nuggets of information that you gave me is that this is an area that you’re probably
struggling with, and the reason I can say that with confidence is because you’re already
exercising. I can tell that, and you’ve gained back some of the weight that you lost before.
That’s probably due mostly because of your diet. So out of all of these tips, that’s
the biggest thing that you’re going to have to focus on. The second piece of that is that
being a pear shape simply doesn’t matter when it comes to your diet and fat loss. All that
being pear shaped means is that the first place we put it on is in our lower body, our
lower half, and the last place to take it off is also in our lower half. If we were
an apple shape, it would be around here. If we were more of a broccoli shape, it would
be up here, but it simply doesn’t matter where we’re carrying it. 15 pounds of fat is 15
pounds of fat no matter what. The key to understanding about being a pear shape where we carry it
is that that is going to be the last place you take it off, so you’re going to look amazing
in your upper body. You’re going to be ripped and you’re still going to be carrying some
fat in your lower body. All that means is you just got to keep going. You will take
it off. You just have to have trust and confidence in the process and stay consistent. So that
wraps up today’s episode. I hope you enjoyed this video and you got some value out of it,
and if you did, please go ahead and hit that “Like” button below because that tells me
and others that this video is valuable. I’m Kristin Shaffer, founder of FAB-University.com
and FigureAndBikini.org, and I can’t wait to see you next time.


  1. This is so helpful Kristin and you have so much knowledge to impart on us all!! We're lucky to have you! Thank you! GO TEAM PEARS! x

  2. Thank you for this! I'm a pear through and through. I started weight training about a month ago and I see great progress in my abdominal region, but I haven't lost an inch from my hips and thighs.  It's frustrating, but I'm going to trust the process and hopefully the fat comes off soon. 🙂

  3. I'm pear shaped as well. I am going to the gym more lately. Much more consistently. Like about 4 days a week and what I do for Cardio is my version of HIIT on a Stairmaster. My diet isn't the best but it isn't the worst and I'm trying to eat at a caloric deficit. I am not necessarily looking for a competitor's body but just enough to be comfortable in. Does my diet have to be absolutely clean or can I just count calories with whatever I eat? 

  4. love the last piece of advise!!thanks for sharing Kristy 🙂 it is often "frustrating"as you can`t spot reduce,but you are right we have to trust the process and fat loss is fat loss, i hope you can post videos more often x

  5. thanks I really have been struggling with my pear shape! I have been on the wrong diet for years, mostly high fat low carb. I just bought leg weights (!) so I am going to go back to low fqt and use the weights for my arms and maybe start dancing.

  6. I'm apple shape, 201 lbs and only 5'2" tall. I do cardio at the gym and walk and use the weight machines. I have no metabolism! HELP!!!! Oh and eat gluten free, dairy free, no soy, no sugar, no wheat basically Paleo eatting and have been for 2 months now! 

  7. @Kristin Shaffer I am a pear shape also and all my fat goes into my back and my sides but I have a flat stomach but my sides poke out and I dont look good in a bikni or ANYTHING it is so stressful! 😔

  8. Kristin, Thank you for tips. I`m typical RunLover. I was loooking for workout for Pear  Shape woman to have much more proportional body. I run a lot more over 40km per week but have no results in lose weight. I read about fat hiden in muscles…is that true?

  9. Hi,
    I really liked your video. I would like to know about what can i do to slim down my calves and thighs. My butt is fine and my upper body is also fine. When i do cardio i lose fat from the face which makes me look sick. I am 5feet5 inches and weigh 56 kgs

  10. Hey Kristin,
    I am a teenager (15), an Indian with a pear shaped body I am 50kg and 5feet 3 inches in height. I was 13 when i started working out, play basketball.I was gaining fat in my inner thigh, hips and butt. I kept working out for about 3 months. I used to do squats, lunges,leg lifts, saddlebag exercises etc. The end result was not satisfactory. I started working out again after 3 months after i studied about a few pear body shape exercise. I started with cardio exercises. I still could not see any good results. I dont like eating a lot of sweet or oily stuff. I started going to swimming classes for a months n continued my exercise and still not effect!! I stopped exercising. Currently, I cycle to my classes which is 4km away, i take only 20 mins (including traffic) for 4-5 days a week which makes it almost 32km in a week. I still see no result! Idk what else to do! Can u give me a few tips or suggestions??

  11. hey Kristin, I don't knw the shape of my body but I have huge hips thighs and butts heavy saggy lose arms stomach out I look weird. I am 5.3 inches with 75 kgs/165 lbs, age 22 years I was a sports person at my elementary school and high school time and I still had heavy body at that time but now my body is even worse then before I left workout and my body became fatter and fatter. I don't know what to exercise to have shape like yours 2 months back I was 85 kgs and with clean eating and Leslie's power walk I lost 10 kgs in a month that is 75 kgs now but the diet and exercise is n more working on me and whenever I look at my body I feel to suicide. please help.

  12. i want to lift weights but i just want to tone my arms but i don't want to have big man arms. It is hard being a pear shape

  13. I really liked your insight & guidance in this vid, can you pls show us a sample workout that would be good for a pearl shaped individual … A HIIT & weights 15-20 minute circuit ?!?

  14. I'm pear shaped and I can't lose the fat on my love handles. I'm tracking my food but wasn't doing much hit workouts. After my pregnancy I lost weight in my legs and stomach

  15. I want to lose my inner thighs wanna get that gap in between am peer shaped too please help 😶😶

  16. As a pear shape this is such excellent advice Kristin. I have changed up my exercise routine and diet to suit your advice and I'm finally seeing results!! Thanks a bunch! Love your vids 🙂

  17. hello kristin love love love ur chanel i have to ask im a pear shape but am slim what i mean is that i like the size of my butt and hips but my top part is the problem im very skinney its scary i can see bones of my cheast so im eating healthy foods to gain wight but im woried im going to gain more wiaght were i dont need please kristin what should i do?? xxx

  18. hi, I have an ?……. I wanna lose 40lbs and my hips are 44inches (with no ass) and I don't wanna lose them. so how can I lose the 40lbs and not lose my hips?

  19. Hi Kristin I'm also a pear shaped woman, but I have large shoulders and strong arms. But my question is how do I lose some weight in my tights and down my butt, cuz it look like cellulite. How do we lose weight down without making muscles? Please help me Kristin.

  20. No Soy, No Sugar, No Plastic bottles, No Teflon, No cows milk only Organic, grassfeed dairy and meat ….more crucius veggies like broccoli, cauliflower brussel sprouts..

  21. I have been doing full body workouts for months now I have lost a lot of weight as well as gained muscle in my upper and lower body….but my stupid hips are so stubborn…they still show👿

  22. hey im a pear shaped body and i have skinny arms small boobs a flat stomach and my back is so skinny too but i have big love handles big hips big booty and thighs 😣😣😣😣what do u guys think?😑

  23. Hi Kristin, I am pear shaped , 18 years old, 5.5 feet tall and 110 pounds. I practically don't workout at all (except long walks, if it counts :D). The biggest problems I have are butt fat and small bust. Could you please recommend me workout plan, sport or diet? Thank you in advance. love you <3

  24. too bad these people think that pear shape is bad… to me as a man its much more attractive than other types. wish there were more of them

  25. Im a pear shaped, the worst thing is that i have varicose vains even though im quiet young, so its kind of difficult to do exercises for lower parts of the body, struggling all life with pear shape 😭

  26. Hey!!ma'am..iam also pear shaped..iam very much stressful about my body😭!!
    iam just a teenager (16)n my butts n thies r full of fat..my weight is 45?so can u give me some suggestion?to what to do?n how much weight shall I loose?

  27. Would cardio like inclined walking or elliptical with higher levels cause a lot of muscle formation in the lower body? Also could you tell me if cycling causes muscular thighs?
    What kinds of exercises can I incorporate into my leg routine to get slim slender legs?

  28. Hi your vids are really informative Love what u do! However being pear shaped myself, I wanted to know if it’s possible I could get rid of my hip fat, love handles and thigh fat by cardio alone and a few exercises ? Would that help me look slimmer and less of a pear shape ?

  29. Oh my God I lost faith in becoming fit and beautiful I was very exited to do workouts to slim my lower body and to get toned in my upper body but now I think I will not have the body that I always dreamed of having

  30. I am pear shaped but when I try to exercise cardio my knees and ankles start to make craking noises
    and then people are like don't drink milk regularly

  31. All this girls in the comments that have a pear shaped body, girl you are beautiful. I know it’s hard to find jeans and clothes that makes you look good, especially if you are short, have meat + some muscle on and have a pear shaped body type. Try to love yourself instead of hating how you look

  32. I’m slim and all but I just wanna lost a little of my Inner thigh fat cuz it rubs and it’s annoying

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