IMPACT for Life: CrossFit Train 97333

The mission of IMPACT for Life is to
encourage lifelong physical activity for individuals with disability. Finding ways
to encourage and build confidence in that individual and to be able to self
advocate for themselves beyond IMPACT for Life. My name is Bridget Schram and I am a
grad student at OSU. I have helped work behind the scenes
with Samantha to build the new IMPACT for Life program as well as been
volunteering with the impact for life CrossFit class that’s been happening for
a year now. The reason we decided to shift the program for IMPACT for Life is
before it was removing the community and therefore we felt like it might be
removing the goal for long term physical activity, something that they will strive
to do for years and not just temporarily. The new approach brings in these
community classes, building these community partnerships, help those
organizations feel like they have what they need to provide for all individuals.
Therefore, a long term sustainability is more possible. I am Jen Beamer I’m one of the faculty members overseeing IMPACT for Life and I’m also the coach of
IMPACT for Life CrossFit. I don’t like to call it an adapted CrossFit for this
IMPACT for Life because CrossFit by nature is adaptive. It dawned on me that
being able to open up opportunity for CrossFit classes for our IMPACT for Life
participants might be a good option. Mainly due to the mission of IMPACT and
seeing how we can bridge these relationships with our community
partners so one way getting those participants used to other people in the
community that would be doing the same exercises, the same workouts as them. The
most rewarding parts are when the participants are excited to be here and
excited to come back. Seeing them gain personal strength and ability is
probably the most rewarding for me because the strength and the fitness
that they’re gaining will translate to their activities of daily living. I think the group classes have been
great. It’s been able to build like little communities within each class. I
think even within the CrossFit for Life class I’ve been helping with you see the
participants starting to interact and really building that community where their really
looking forward to seeing each other and which makes the working out and the exercise
and physical activity even more enjoyable. They build their skills they build their
independence and that’s ultimately what we want is that they build that
independence to want to do it beyond IMPACT for Life.

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